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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141116 TVXQ - Best of Best in Guangzhou Concert

  • Joy wanted to thank Changmin because he bought fried chicken for them. Irene also thanked Changmin. ㅋㅋ
  • MC said he will help the fans to tease Changmin till he takes off his shirt. MC we are waiting for you!!! (Cr: beautymin)
  • Yunho said even if he breaks his body and bones, he wants everyone to return home feeling satisfied. (Cr: eric小米)
  • Chwang: Zhang Liyin has grown prettier. We saw many fans at the airport today and we will return your love with our enthusiatic performance!
  • Yunho: 1 deep impression of Chi fans is them building a library. This is great & I am grateful. I hope everyone does better & grow with TVXQ
  • Changmin: Did you think it's cool? Really? Yunho: We are surprised this group TVXQ has already been around for 11 years.
  • YH: We hope fans can grow along with us and be happy together. CM: We have concerts in Korea in Dec. We have in China too, 19 Dec right?
  • Talking about Yunho's drama. Yunho: I am happy to be able to practice martial arts.
  • Changmin passed the bottle of water that he just drank to Yunho for him to drink omg 😂😂 (Cr: pumpkin)

  • Red Velvet was asked which senior they were most thankful for after debut: When filming their MV, Changmin bought pizza for them.
  • Joy answered the question on the senior they r most thankful for - by the way; Changmin also gave fried chicken (+ the pizza). f: Joy-朴秀荣
  • MC had to try and divert attn to f(x) by introducing Amber bc people were cheering for TVXQ at first (thinking it was TVXQ) f: 蛐蛐脸巨黑东蛋全落
  • MC mentioned 東方神起 - immediately CHEERS
  • MC is asking fans what they want him to ask TVXQ
  • MC: any special requests? Fans: TING HAI.
  • MC: Change clothes? No such thing! What if I can’t do it? I STRIP? How about asking Changmin to strip?
  • TVXQ VCR - Something !!
  • MC asking people applaud for Zhang Li Yun - hehehe. people are getting overly-excited.
  • Asking Zhang Li Yin on her opinion on TVXQ. Changmin, handsome, all-rounded artiste. Passionate.
  • Zhang Li Yin on TVXQ. Changmin: passionate, humble. Yunho’s dance is too cool, really envious. f: piaohanshu
  • Introducing TVXQ now
  • Something ~
  • TVXQ - Rising Sun now
  • TVXQ: How is everyone? Hello, WE ARE TVXQ. Yunho: I am U-Know Yunho
  • Yunho: Are you ready? Hope everyone will enjoy the show to the fullest today.
  • Yunho: It has been a long time since we’ve come to Guangzhou. When we think about all you fans who have been waiting for us we r v thankful
  • Yunho: the love i feel for you, the expectations i have towards you, this year next year it won’t change.
  • Changmin: I didn’t expect to be sweating like this after 2 wsongs. It has been a long time since we’ve come to Guangzhou
  • Changmin: We will continue to perform our best for everyone.Hope everyone can enjoy it with us.
  • Changmin also said the fans cheers were too soft.
  • Yunho: We haven’t come to Guangzhou for a long time but still, there are so many fans
  • But we still have your love. And then they introduced the next song: Always With You.
  • How Are You now
  • f: eric小米 Even if i break my body, i want everyone to be satisfied (with the performance) yunho
  • changmin said she hasn’t met zhang li yin for a long time and she has become prettier.
  • changmin: when we came out of the airport, we met a lot of fans.
  • yunho: to me, my impression of chinese fans have always been distinct
  • yunho fans mentioned they were inspired by yunho and that they would continue to do things like that bc of him and hope 2 grow with him
  • they asked about yunho’s drama. yunho said he was happy when he filmed. and that he learnt how to do action scenes.
  • changmin performed a track on young’s drama OST. he also participated in a baseball game.
  • yunho mentioned his impression of the 3rd yunho lib and tt the deepest one was that they built a library under his name
  • he thanked the fans and asked them to grow along with tvxq
  • changmin: act i wasn’t v handsome (during baseball) mc: not handsome? fans: handsome!
  • mc asked changmin to teach but changmin said he actually didn’t do well. mc: didn’t he do well?
  • zhang li yin: i think that tvxq is really great. from debut until now, they have done really well.
  • yunho: we were a bit surprised that it has already been 10 years in tvxq. i hope fans can grow and be happy with us.
  • changmin: we have decembeer concerts in korea. and i think in china there is one on 12/19 MC: Where? Beijing? TVXQ: …. hehehehe
  • Spellbound now
  • MC asked if there were any other concerts in China. Fans: guangzhou guangzhou~~
  • Yunho: is everyone happy? - it is really the last song now- is it a pity? - if you think it’s a pity you must come to our concert! -
  • YUNHO: our concert this time really has a BIG surprise for everyone. if you don’t come you will REALLY regret !!
  • Changmin: altho it is a pity that this is the last song we will do our best for the last song!
  • last song: KYHD
  • MC reminded fans that idols would all come on stage after TVXQ’s last song.
  • they are singing Balloons as the ending song.
  • Changmin shouted: are you happy - IN MANDARIN, surprising even the PD who dropped his script f: 崔土民
  • f: pumpkin_jose changmin drank from a bottle of water and then passed it to yunho to drink.
  • during the ending, yunho was busy talking so changmin went to get water to drink. and then he returned and passed the water to hyung. hyung drank it directly, and then he passed the mike to his dongsaeng. really convenient (t/n: like a pre-arranged routine / cycle) f: 蛐蛐脸巨黑东蛋全落
  • during the ending, changmin was near us. and then when yunho came over to look for him, changmin waved his hand like 'go there'. yunho: ?? he didn't understand so he continued walking over, then changmin kept waving his hand: there, go there! so hyung obediently walked to the other side.f: 蛐蛐脸巨黑东蛋全落

  • CM: It's been a really long time since we met, we really missed you. RT tvxqyoonmin
  • MC: Yunho filming the drama lately is cool right? Fans: Cool.ㅋㅋㅋ RT piaohanshu:
  • Yunho: Recently, the drama successfully ended and it's really cool. What I think about recently filming recently a drama? It was a drama from the past, and because of the historical drama, we had the chance to learn about the country's culture. I really learned a lot, and thank you because of the many love for it. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • MC asking CM to the cool pose he did when doing the ceremonial first pitch. CM: It's something worth not particularly seeing. (tvxqyoonmin)
  • Changmin's pose for that baseball looks smth like of a drunk person'sㅋㅋ Fans' reaction was burning and everyone thinks it's really coolㅋㅋㅋ
  • As for TVXQ's 10th anniversary, how was that? YH: I was really surprised too, I've been a singer for 10 years. The best thing was, I saw that we have a better communication over the 11 years (?) and I think it is TVXQ's color.
  • Future plans, future plans for China activities too? Changmin: There is a 10th anniversary Seoul Concert, In china we have a concert too right? (Yunho: Yes) December 19th. Yunho: Yes, here (too). At the Master Card Center. (tvxqyoonmin: Is it here? Can't hear well lol)
  • Ending Ment Yunho: Everyone, was it fun? Today, there is only one particular song left now! Everyone is sad? If it's sad, will you come to TVXQ's concert? The concert this time will be surprising~(tvxqyoonmin)
  • Ending Ment Changmin: Even if it's for a short time, I'm really happy that we can meet you like this. As much as it is saddening, the last song will solve it (?) Yes! So our last song is, I'll give (or say) it.(tvxqyoonmin)
  • Best of Best in Guangzhou MC's script for TVXQ

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Translated by: snxy + yunjaery + paulisteu
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