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[TRANS] 141124 "International Market" Director, Casting U-Know Yunho in the role of Nam Jin.. Satisfied with all his qualities

Director Yoon Jae Gyun has revealed his reasons for casting group TVXQ's Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) in the role of Nam Jin.

At the media distribution preview cum press conference for movie "International Market" held in the afternoon on 24 November, Director Yoon Jae Gyun said, "Jung Yunho was well-equipped with all qualities".

He explained, "In relation to Jung Yunho's casting, because I wanted to make the movie realistically in my own way, because Nam Jin ssi is a singer, I thought that it would be good if one of the singers took on the role. In addition, in reality, if one were to take on the role of Nam Jin sunbaenim, because he is the representative singer of Jeolla-do, I thought that it would be good if it were someone who is able to perfectly grasp the Jeolla-do satoori (dialect), so I looked for a list (of those people who would be a good fit)."

Following that, he conveyed, "Jung Yunho's hometown was Gwangju and after meeting him and speaking with him, I thought that he was the most suitable actor in all aspects with regard to his respect for Nam Jin, and his passion for the role, and the perfection of his satoori (dialect)".

Source: Osen via Naver
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U-Know Yunho, Challenging the big screens through his role of "Nam Jin" in the film "International Market"... Explosion of his "sense of presence"

U-Know Yunho, member of group TVXQ, has made his strong big screen debut through a small but indispensable role in the movie "International Market".

In the afternoon of 24 November, the media distribution preview for the movie "International Market" (Director Yoon Jae Gyun, produced by JK Films) was held at the Wangsimni CGV in Sungdonggu, Seoul.

U-Know Yunho made a special appearance in "International Market" with his original name Jung Yunho. He played the role of a Korean soldier in the Vietnam War, and in particular, he took on the role of the singer, Nam Jin and evoked laughter and touching scenes in the movie while having extraordinary chemistry with Hwang Jung Min, who took on the role of Dok Soo.

-movie details omitted- "International Market" opens on 17 December.

Source: TV Report via Naver
Translated by: mug_ping
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