Thursday, November 13, 2014

[TRANS] 141113 Kyuhyun on Changmin writing the lyrics for his self-composed song "My Thoughts, Your Memories"

On why Kyuhyun asked Changmin for a favour to write the lyrics for this song

Kyuhyun: We meet very often and have conversations about this and that. I can't write my own story well. The time of that dating took place too long ago so it was difficult to recall the memories. Although it is also possible that the fans may dislike it, it is impossible to sing songs if one has not been in love before (the term used literally means "a person who has not dated since birth"). One will have to only sing about one-sided loves. One must have experience in dating before one is able to convey the emotions well.

Kyuhyun: 3 years ago while having drinks, the melody surfaced so I composed this song. I recall secretly recording without anybody knowing it at the park below our dorm. It is a song which I created as practice and left it as it was, and I asked Max Changmin for a favour to write the lyrics. I thought that since we meet each other often and we hear a lot of stories about each other so our emotions are on the same wavelength. If I were to write my own story, I probably won't be able to write it well. Dating was so long ago that I can't recall it well. I have to continuously think about the past while singing.

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