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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141102 Tohoshinki - Bigeast Fanclub Event 2014 「THE MISSION III」 in Osaka (Day 2)

  • During Superstar, the front of Yunho's pants tore apart and so he took off his jacket & tie around his waist to cover.
  • Tohoshinki made miso soup during the cooking segment today. Changmin said he'd made jjigae before but never miso soup. In the end, the tofu was thrown in without cutting. Yunho cut the tofu inside the soup bit by bit using chopsticks
  • Yunho said usually in the morning he is less energetic and this time, to him, is consideted morning. His face is slightly swollen too.
  • Changmin: Moving on the next song, Bigeast: Eh~ Changmin: If we were to stand on stage all day, Yunho will be pitiable
  • Yunho's underwear is green with black spots

  • MC: That's Yun-chef's manner I see.. Yunho: Yes, I'm the chef! Yun-chef! Changmin: I'm the teacher. Yunho: ...yes, I'm sorry. (cr. tepunna)
  • Yunho: Changmin-ah, Changmin-ah... Changmin: You don't call me sensei (teacher)? (cr. tv1510xq)
  • During MC part after singing Miss You, when Yunho was talking Changmin looked at the drinking water with a scary face www (cr. proudofjyjcy)
  • Yunho spelled something wrong again XD Correct: Aburaage (deep-fried tofu) Yunho: Afura-age (cr. proudofjyjcy)
  • YH ripped his pants and the underwear was seen and he said, "I wore eye-catching ones today!"
  • During the borrowed thing corner..... Yunho: Ichigo! Ichigo! Ichigo! Ichigo! Yunho wanted to get strawberry thing the most (cr. wolf5j)
  • Like yesterday, I Love You was also played as BGM during the cooking session wwww wondering if the staff purposely did that (cr. tntnyncm)
  • Yunho's progress from yesterday 1. Said 'Time Works Wonders' correctly! 2. Identify Red Ocean correctly (fanlight --> penlight) (cr. tepunna)
  • The miso soup they cooked at the cooking session was scaled 3 stars from 10 by Hiroto (dancer) XD (cr. ranchanlulu)
  • Yunho said that maybe the miso soup would be more delicious if they put natto into it and the whole venue went 'eeeeeeh~' (cr. 24Love7)
  • CM: To the next song.. BE: Eh~ CM: If we keep standing here like this, YH would be so pitiful (after his pants ripped) (cr. tigerbambi0212)

  • The front of Yunho's pants ripped during Superstar so he used his jacket to cover up RT@ tvxqyoonmin RT@ tvxq_kanna
  • There was a young male Bigeast in the skipping rope segment. Yunho said: You're handsome! You look like me when I was young RT@ tvxqyoonmin
  • Menu today - bean paste soup. Chef Changmin, assistant Yunho. Changmin: It's fun to be giving instructions RT @ tvxqyoonmin
  • Yunho said that his pants tore because he danced very hard as he could not clear many missions today RT@ themax218
  • C: So the next song.. BE: Eh~ C: If we keep being on stage today, it would be tough for Yunho (coz Yunho's pants were torn) RT@ tvxqyoonmin
  • Y:I will get scolded by the outfits staff. C:It happened when you were putting in effort, so it's not sth to be scolded for
  • Time Works Wonders Y:It is a genre which virtually didn't exist among TVXQ songs todate,"It is a weird song amongst TVXQ songs" RT@ Shooongi
  • Yunho ripped the inner thigh part of his pants during Sweat and his underwear could be seen so he said "I wore eye-catching ones today!"

  • f: tvxq_kanna when introducing the new song n asked wht kind of song it was (∵ ) it is of a strange genre.
  • Ho’s Kitchen did miso soup today, Changmin was teacher, Yunho, assistant. RT @tvxq2ho6no
  • Yunho’s leather pants were torn by accident ww RT @HNL0717
  • For e jump segment,there was a young handsome boy chosen & e venue was. Yunho: Cool. He resembles me when I was younger.ww RT @tvxq_kanna
  • Skipping rope segment: Changmin was behind Yunho Yunho was spinning as he jumped. Changmin was firmly watching Yunho’s eyes. RT @MotchStyle
  • yunho’s underwear was green RT @ayanotvxqexo
  • there was a frying pan during the ‘borrowing items’ seg. Changmin: What did you come here to do? RT @ranchanlulu
  • bc Yunho was spinning while skipping, he came face to face w Changmin who was behind him ww RT @10belle_aya20
  • fans pointing out the duo’s behaviour while cooking was v natural. w changmin often saying ‘taste’ ‘taste’ to yunho. f: thsk2816
  • so fans would not have realised yunho’s pants had torn after SWEAT if mr obvious didn’t announce it himself during the MC…
  • when yunho’s pants were torn during the live final segment - (∵) it’s okay if the first one is torn, there’s another in tt. f: shiukujj
  • qtp yunho during borrowing segment calling out ‘skull~! skull~!’ ‘scarf! scarf’ RT @yajoong413
  • changmin kindergarten teacher letting kindergarten yunho (5yrs old ww) freely play w the ingredients and cooking utensils ww f: magenta_26
  • While singing ‘Miss You’ and ‘White’ Tohoshinki walked insanely close to the fans, like right beside. f: tvq2ho6no

  • When they were asked about the new song... YH: It's a song from a wonderful genre.
  • YH: Just now Minshiro-san mentioned about someone who said "Fan-light" yday, it was me... BE: (WE KNOWWWW! You are the one!!!)
  • YH mentioned: Now is not Tohoshinki Live! (The live) is next year!
  • dancer, Hiroto-san was one of the judges during the cooking session. Out of 10 stars, he gave a 3~
  • CM: Call me sensei! RT @tv2xqjamocha
  • Forgot which mission was it, but YH said [Dameyo~ Dame Dame] @tepunna
  • On YH wearing his apron MC: Is this Yunho-style? Y: This is Yunho Chef (style)! C: I'm the Instructor here!!! Y: Yes, i'm sorry..
  • When introducing the song White, CM: This song is a present from us Tohoshinki to everyone here]. So cute!
  • CM Sensei famous line to YH today - "You're not the chef here!" @7426Ajyh
  • During the Borrow Item Mission, YH goes "STRAWBERRY!! STRAWBERRY!! STRAWBERRY!! STRAWBERRY!! RT @Wolf5J Not sure what did YH put into the dish, BE goes EHH~~ As if they are a married couple, he said [Let's try putting it]
  • In HoMin Kitchen, CM was not familiar with the dish, so YH did most of the work, as expected of an elder bro! It was a mess tho
  • YH wore black-rimmed glasses today RT @All_About_Yunho
  • YH who cut the tofu with chopsticks after CM put it into the pot. MC: I like how Yunho is being careless!

  • Yunho had his black hair w/ bangs dangling down, while Min w/ his fluffy(bit curly)brown hair RT@tvxq2ho6no
  • Yunho's torn pants trousers‥( ̄▽ ̄) So I saw it...( ̄▽ ̄) Green( ̄▽ ̄) RT@tvxq2ho6no
  • Tohoshinki's Miso Soup is absolutely spicy🌶. RT@tvxq2ho6no
  • Yunho,w/ his trousers torn, had to wrap his jacket around his waist to be able to sing the last 2 songs. RT@t_oir_nme_e

  • Yunho frying rice BE:Let's leave the rice alone now! Y: What are you guys saying!I am Chef Yunho!I will decide if to leave the rice alone!
  • Yunho put in pineapple etc in his messy fried rice, Changmin could only say: "I can only stand by and watch" RT @ tvxqyoonmin
  • When Chef Yunho reclaimed his chef spot, he had a majestic overlooking gaze and Changmin knelt before him RT @ tvxqyoonmin RT @ yunho_love4
  • Changmin could not swallow Chef Yunho's fried rice and said "No taste! / not delicious" and rinsed his mouth with water. But when the lights darkened and they were leaving the stage,Changmin put his hand on Yunho and wordlessly cheered on Yunho RT @yuki2min
  • The new WITH album contains many good songs and we are working hard to prepare for it, so please watch out for it. RT@ 5gnusey
  • Yunho: And through next year's Dome tour, let's have a lot of fun together! RT @ tvxqyoonmin RT@ 5gnusey
  • Yunho: It will be the end of this year soon too. Because next year, we want to show everybody a "gift"-like performance which will allow everybody to enjoy themselves much more, we are conversing a lot with the staff right now. This means that you guys can anticipate it! [cr: spectrum_TVXQ]
  • Although they did not clear the skipping rope mission, the MC rounded up by saying that everybody had worked hard. Pointing at the dancer who had failed at the skipping rope mission, and asking Bigeasts: (∵) Yunho: This person will not get lunch tomorrow, will you guys forgive him? *Bigeasts clapped.* (∵) Yunho: Good, good. They said it's okay even if you eat! \\ Yunho was the one who set the rule that if they failed the mission, they don't get food. [cr: tvxqyoonmin, kyoumo0206]

  • Yunho: This fried rice is not an ordinary fried rice, this is Yun-fried rice! BE: Ooooh~ www (cr. simisa1104)
  • The fried rice was scored by Ryota (dancer) and he gave minus three stars. X"D (cr. tvxq_hm_22)
  • YH: Put it! Put it! Put it (the ingredients) all inside! \(^o^)/ (cr. uknowbite)
  • YH: Please anticipate the new album, With. There's a lot of good songs, we're working hard on it. And also, let's anticipate the upcoming dome tours! (2/2) (cr. 5gnusey)
  • Changmin: Hm... Each year's concert has its own fun. We're gaining power from everyone on every live concerts. That makes me very happy. (2/2) (cr. tv26218xq)
  • Yunho looked at Changmin when he was cutting okra (a kind of vegetable) Yunho: that would be spicy. Changmin: that's kinda sticky tho.. Minshil-san: That's because it's not green pepper www (cr. t_boonincense)
  • Yunho: Ok, cut the vegetables. Changmin: Yeah I know. (cr. na_ta_song999)
  • Changmin jumped on the rope and got hit. He let out a single cry. Yunho, in a manly, bass voice said "I'm sorry before" (cr. mudewang_yh)
  • My friend succesfully passed Changmin her red shoes!♡♡ since after that she was barefooted the whole event, her socks became completely black (laugh) When I was trying to pass Changmin my ear cuffs, he smiled and said 'thank you' (laugh) @tomato_nano
  • Changmin, eventhough this person often throws poison to many people (t/n not being nice :p) he's still a polite and friendly person, actually. Today, on a stage in Intex Osaka, there were 8 bigeasts whom towards them he said something he 'wanted to say' (t/n being blunt), but after that session ended, he bowed repeatedly to them. It made everyone there sent applause to him. That time, it was obviously seen in his eyes that he appreciated those 8 persons. Such a privilege. So envious♡(cr. yc____cy)

  • Yunho's final greeting: Osaka-san no Minna-san LOL (He wanted to say "everyone at Osaka" but He's not suppose to say san after *Osaka) RT @tvxq_247 RT @tompicm323
  • Cooking Segment - Fried Rice Yunho Chef started by frying the shredded seaweed... smokes were seen...
  • YH-Instructor, CM-Assistant. The topic was Fried rice, and they put in Pineapple. #東方神起 Dancer Ryota-san score was minus 3
  • YH: Do that to this! CM: Do that as in what/how?? YH: That! That!
  • CM spitted YH's fried rice on a tissue!!! @taaako85
  • BE did not concentrate on him when he was drawing the Shaved Ice. He GLARES! @simisa1104
  • After CM tried the fried rice, he rinsed his mouth a couple of times with water, and the mic picked up the rinsing sound.
  • During the Treasure Hunt, CM borrowed my calculator. I was trembling, he was so near, i passed it to him...the real CM that's in front of me. BE around me congrats me for the encounter. I was blessed!
  • YH: This is not any ordinary fried rice! It's Yun-Friend Rice! BE: O... wwww
  • CM cut the vegetables really quickly, did he hurt his finger? He was covering his finger with a paper napkin
  • Smokes keep coiming out as YH touches the fried rice...
  • Even though YH is the chef today, as usual he's whiny. Minshiro-san said with a cold tone [What are you doing?]
  • When CM said "Ah, i'm chewing pineapples~", he was so cute! @Mie_CM
  • During the cooking segment, YH: Put it in! Put it in! Just put everything in!!!
  • CM: This is horrribleee!! wwww The Judge (Ryota, #東方神起 dancer) gave a bitter smile as he tried
  • [Jumping Rope Segment] YH: Pull up the zipper of his jacket. CM: Pulls down the zipper of his jacket.
  • [Homin Kitchen] YH: The apron was lower near his chest. CM: The apron was closer to his neck
  • Talking about the new song YH: The S at the end is not enough! I also said it as Time Works Wonder! HA HA! The final S is important!
  • YH must have slept before 2nd session. At times he was muttering something that no one understand, CUTE! www @gcm46
  • Yunho's pronounciation of "Happy Christmas" was really good!
  • YH thought the yellow sun visor in the topic list was Autumn Leaves
  • [Treasure Hunt Segment] YH was cute when he keep shouting for items "Neck Pillow! Are there any Neck Pillow?!", "Ear Cuff! Are there any Ear Cuff?!" At the end, YH goes "actually, what is a Ear Cuff?"
  • During Treasure Hunt, CM: I got the belt! Too bad, but i've got the belt! Raincoat is awesome!
  • (idk what they r talking about) C: No matter how i look at it, it's yellow... Y: Uwaa! So bright! *closes his eyes* C: .. Y: ENOUGH!
  • CM was seen properly thanking the person whom he borrowed the item from @lightofchangmin
  • 東方神起 drawing. YH's Camera - A box with a circle in the middle \\ CM's Shaved Ice - Square-ish shaved ice + Sun + Spoon
  • CM drew Shaved Ice, BE guessed it was Cheese Fondue, CM goes "NO WAYY!"
  • In Treasure Hunt, YH wore the strawberry thingy that he found& looked like Duffy (?). He was cute when he goes [STRAWBERRY BEARR!]
  • On CM's drawing of shaved ice, MC: It look a little bit like shaved ice C: A little? You're bad! Can't connect with you!
  • YH: Lets have more fun in next year's dome tour! It'll be good if you look forward to the dome tour!
  • As YH's pant was torn in the 1st session, he wore a gray pant in the 2nd session, that doesn't match his outfit
  • Correct answer is shaved ice and amusement park. BE went EHHH! CM responded "don't EHHH" RT @268242356
  • Y: This! This! Cut all of them! YH & his not compatible ingredients RT @tvxq_hm_22
  • CM borrowed a red sneaker and said to the girl who lent it to him "You are barefooted, ha ha ha" and then he went and smell the sneaker... In front of 5000 fans! RT @LuvTV2XQ
  • YH made all kinds of expression when he wasn't talking... He was seen to have made a regretful face www RT @268242356

  • Yunho: Thank you everyone in Osaka~ (cr. TVXQ_homin_)
  • Even though Yunho was the chef today but he was being sloppy. MC: What are you doing? (cr. akkoururun)
  • CM:Night performance r more energetic than e daytime part. YH:All Bigeast's strong at night.LIVE also start frm 6:00 at night (na_ta_song999)
  • YH: Cut the vegetable. CM: Sure (cr.na_ta_song999)
  • [Ho's kitchen corner] Changmin as the assistant, Yunho become the teacher. YH: Finaly~~~~ gohoggohoggoho... Yunho choked (cr.na_ta_song999)
  • The activity of South Korea ended and the first event was in Osaka, it's good. Osaka-san, everyone's passion is... (cr. na_ta_song999) T/N: Yunho want to say Everyone in Osaka, but he said Osaka-san no minna san instead of Osaka no minna san. Don't put -san after Osaka.
  • At cooking corner, during the fried, BE: Please stop~! YH: What do you say! I'm Chef Yunho ok! I'll decided whether it's stop or not! \\ the appearance of the fried rice wasn't good (cr.na_ta_song999)
  • At the borrowed thing section, Changmin borrowed a red sneakers from Bigeast. (cr. simisa1104).
  • The dancer tasted the fried rice and gave minus 3 points! (cr.simisa1104)
  • After tasting the fried rice by Chef Yunho, the dancer's face was painful (cr.simisa1104)
  • YH: It is not a normal fried rice! It's Yunho's fried rice! BE: Oh...haha (cr.simisa1104)
  • CM: The instructions is--- YH: ¥#@$*&¥&¥””[)) MC: Idk what you're saying lol. YH: Hurry up~!!! CM: ......... (c.2618homin)
  • YH & CM cook fried rice.I was surprise at e material used, the rise is sprinkle for some reason.Is this the power of Chef YH? (c.HACHI0519)
  • YH: During daytime i was a little dazed but i'm energetic at night so it's okay. And I've become accustomed to it because LIVE often starts at 6 PM. Night is good~ Night night night~ ♪ (unknown's song) MC........ CM: Thanks goodness! So it wasn't only me feeling that way.(cr.5gnusey)
  • YH: Please anticipate the new album WITH. There are a lot of good songs too, because we're working hard on it. And let's have many fun together in the next year's dome tour! (cr.5gnusey)

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  1. "Changmin could not swallow Chef Yunho's fried rice and said 'No taste! / not delicious' and rinsed his mouth with water. But when the lights darkened and they were leaving the stage,Changmin put his hand on Yunho and wordlessly cheered on Yunho"

    That is so Changmin.