Friday, November 21, 2014

[PHOTOS] 141121 Junsu spotted walking around in Tokyo

Junsu was spotted in Azabu-juban this afternoon

I was taking a walk in Shibuya, and there was JYJ's Junsu (*_*) From his back side w

I met JYJ's Junsu and shook hands with him♡!(f.yk_yk_t)

Junsu together with Junho was at the Shibuya intersection! (c.miiika)

Junsu and Junho were at the Shibuya intersection. Junsu took pictures of Hachiko happily like an elementary student~ (c.T5home)

Credits: As tagged + wonderwall_1021 + ayamecafe
Translated by: yunhosmiley + bigeastonao
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