Sunday, November 9, 2014

[PHOTOS+FANCAM] 141108 Jaejoong - Vienna Airport



I still can't believe Jaejoong came to our cute and tiny Vienna. So let me explain this video since some parts are really crappy.

Jaejoong took a book guide to Vienna in Japanese signed by ALL the fans that waited at the airport. HE TOOK IT.

The 'security' was really nice.

His hair looks so much more perfect in real life.

At 1:07, he takes a teddy bear!!

Near the end, me and my friends started to scream "STOP! Guys let's leave him! Let's stop walking all at once !" And most of us (all of us) stayed and he kept walking and we just screamed "An Nyoung!!" from afar. You can hear us scream (sorry for sucking at filming) WHEN HE STARTED TO LAUGH BECAUSE WE WEREN'T RUNNING AFTER HIM. AND THEN HE TURNED AROUND. AND WAVED. AND SMILED. AND BOWED. And that made us so much happier then any autograph or the few meters we could have spent more with him.

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