Thursday, November 27, 2014

[TRANS] 141126 JYJ - 7th World Water Forum Photoshoot

Recently, I am getting experience and earning money through part-timing at a studio. This week, I met some special people. It's JYJ!

JYJ was selected as ambassadors for the 7th World Water Forum, right? Because of that, they came over to shoot for the promotional video and photos.

I timidly took a photo from afar. I am nervous as this is the first time I'm seeing celebrities up close. All three of them are tall and handsome. As they are experienced, filming progressed fast and we did not realize that time had passed because of their pleasant personalities.

I feel that they are cool since DBSK but this time through this opportunity, I feel that they are even better. I hope that these three people will march on and flourish through the 7th World Water Forum activities as ambassadors.

We are recruiting volunteers to volunteer at the 7th World Water Forum for April next year. Those who are interested, please enquire. Site:

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