Thursday, November 13, 2014

[PHOTO] 141113 JYJ - Aparna Dasgupta Instagram Update

4 years ago 3am. (The hour when all awesome things happens but everyone looks like a zombie :D) Everyone was tired and spacing out except #Yoochun who was actually unwell during the #JYJ US Tour but was the life of the photoshoot. #Jaejoong & #Junsu napped during makeup, Yoochun entertained us all by playing the rhinestone encrusted grand piano, chatting with us in English, and encouraging me to join Twitter so we could connect (which I did). It was nice to work with idols who didn't have a huge ego - they were just down-to-earth, hardworking professionals, and really nice people. Plans are in the works to release the full behind-the-scenes storybook, so please follow me & stay tuned :) ©Aparna Dasgupta. Do not remove credit @soundcolorlife.

Credits: soundcolorlife
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