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[NEWS] 141120 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Feels Like Crying When He Sees His JYJ Members

JYJ’s Kim Junsu expressed his affection towards Kim Jae Joong and Park Yoo Chun.

The JYJ members launched a press conference prior to JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie, which took place on November 19 in Tokyo Dome, and shared their thoughts about each other.

On top of promoting as a singing group, the JYJ members have been carrying out individual activities in various fields, such as dramas, films and musicals. About coming together as a group to perform on stage in a long time, Park Yoo Chun started, “It’s exciting. It’s been a lot of fun. Since I don’t have be chased by time and can act comfortably, that gives me more room to relax.”

Park Yoo Chun said, “When the three of us perform on stage together, I feel very grateful. During yesterday’s concert, we didn’t discuss what to do on stage and just said, ‘Let’s try to go for this feel for opening stage,’ but we naturally created an atmosphere where we talked to each other so I enjoyed it so much,” adding, “I felt like I was being comforted during yesterday’s concert, instead of having fun. Being together with the members itself is enjoyable.”

About the members who are always by his side, Park Yoo Chun said, “The moment I was the most thankful for the members is not something huge, but very personal. I feel thankful when they try to talk to me first when a problem comes up or when I need to talk to someone. I feel thankful when they are there for me when I really need someone to talk to.”

Kim Jae Joong said, “There have been many moments recently when I felt grateful,” adding, “Since we are close, we don’t really contact each other very much. But now we have a group chat room where we talk to each other when we’re bored or send weird pictures and although it’s just a messenger, I feel supported just to have a place to lean on. I wasn’t like this before but now I lean on them when I struggle. They ask to meet up for a drink when they struggle. Even though that makes it harder the next day. I think those things energize me and make me courageous.”

Kim Junsu said, “I always feel grateful towards the members. I always think about it and feel it but the reason I was able to come this far is all thanks to the members. I would definitely have struggled and be exhausted if I came this far alone. I’m thankful and can depend on them just because they walked with me in the direction I wanted to head to.”

Kim Junsu revealed, “I felt it yesterday too. Actually instead of the moments when we do something big for each other, I get the urge to cry when I feel that we’ve spent the past ten years together when we sing together on stage or look at them next to me during a talk. You could say that I’m still young but since I’ve promoted for a long time, my mind got weaker with age. I think that’s why I feel the urge to cry more.”

Kim Junsu added, “In the past, I used to worry about how long we can be together but I’m not afraid of that anymore. Our meetings became natural. We used to be upset if we met each other after a long time but now, even if we meet each other after a month, it feels natural as if we just drank together the day before. Because of this naturalness, I’m looking forward to our 30’s.”

Meanwhile, this will be JYJ’s third dome concert, following Thanksgiving Live in Dome in 2010 and The Return of the JYJ last year. It adds meaning since the group will begin official promotions in Japan after having gone through the period of not being able to promote freely in Japan.

Following the Tokyo Dome concert on November 18 and 19, which gathered 100,000 fans, JYJ will continue the dome tour in Osaka Dome on December 13 and 14 and Fukuoka Yahoo Dome on December 23 and 24. Through the tour titled ‘Ichigo Ichie,’ which means ‘the meeting that comes once in a lifetime,’ JYJ will be presenting upgraded performance and steady live stages.

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