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[NEWS] 141120 JYJ Members Share Their Hopes for Life in Their 30s

The JYJ members shared their hopes and dreams for life in their 30s.

The JYJ members held a press conference prior to JYJ Japan Dome Tour Ichigo Ichie, which was held on November 19 in Tokyo Dome, and brought up JYJ’s future.

Park Yoo Chun started, “I hope I can eat well in my 30s. I hope I can be healthy. I hope I can continue to be healthy so I can see you often in a healthy condition.”

Kim Jae Joong said, “This is something I told Kim Junsu in the waiting room a moment ago. We will be 30 soon. We’ve lived our 20s and no matter how much we struggled and enjoyed until now, I’m honestly worried about what our 30s will be like.”

Kim Jae Joong shared, “I don’t know why I began to have this anxiety about the future. Although I laugh about it now, I’ve gone through some extraordinary times in my 20s, so I wonder how extraordinary my 30s will be and whether I will be able to spend good, extraordinary times.”

He added, “I hope I can be healthy and not be sick. I received a health check up two years ago and the doctor said, ‘You must not drink or smoke. It’s all clean.’ I can never know what’s going to happen so I hope I can spend a healthier 30s and become JYJ where the three of us can overcome any obstacle.”

Kim Junsu said, “From ten years ago until now, I never really looked far into the future. I’ve been living by think about what to do right at the moment or what to do the next day. Now that I’m about to enter my 30s, I began to look further into the future. I began to imagine how we would be like when we’re 35 or 40.”

Kim Junsu continued, “I’m not just saying this with empty words, but I think health is the most important. Because as celebrities, happiness doesn’t just come from being able to continue promoting. I thought about until when we can continue promoting individually or as JYJ. Whether we continue our activities as celebrities or not, I hope that the three of us can always gather to eat or drink coffee as we share conversations. And I want to be happy like that until the day I die.”

JYJ also reflected on its activities this year and shared goals for the future.

Kim Junsu said, “I worked on two musicals this year. I performed in December until March and performed 30 times for Dracula for about two months until July. I think I was very happy and did well in Dracula.”

Kim Junsu said, “I’ve heard that Dracula was not an anticipated piece until it began. Numerous cast members, including me, and production team worked together to make the show. Although it was a licensed performance, a lot of work went into the script work, to the point where it could be called an original piece. We changed a lot of things, including the stage set up, to the point where people wonder if it’s the same musical as the ones performed in other countries, but I think the results came out great so I’m happy. I’m glad that I could add a good project like Dracula to my filmography as a musical actor.”

About starring in MBC’s Triangle, Kim Jae Joong said, “I had fun. The drama was extended so it was long but I had more fun as it went towards the end to the point where I wanted to extend it more. It was a drama where I took the first lead role, giving me good experience to begin acting alongside Kim Junsu,” adding, “It was a drama that made me feel like I acted out two different roles. I would like to act out a new character that I did not show on Triangle in my next project. If it’s a good project I would like to challenge myself with a new project anytime to show a good side of me.”

About winning Best New Actor award from The 34th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards for the film Sea Fog, Park Yoo Chun said, “Actually it was my first film so I don’t think I knew the exact meaning or value of Korean Association of Film Critics Awards until now. I ate with Choi Min Sik sunbaenim after the ceremony and as I listened to many things, I realized that it is a very important and meaningful award ceremony. It was meaningful to receive the Best New Actor award from the ceremony. I really enjoyed filming the movie. I fell too deep into the movie. I had fun filming,” and added, “I would like to have a good relationship with all the actors in the future. I would like to have a good relationship with the members, of course, but also with everyone at the company as well as CEO Baek Chang Joo.”

Meanwhile, this will be JYJ’s third dome concert, following Thanksgiving Live in Dome in 2010 and The Return of the JYJ last year. It adds meaning since the group will begin official promotions in Japan after having gone through the period of not being able to promote freely in Japan.

Following the Tokyo Dome concert on November 18 and 19, which gathered 100,000 fans, JYJ will continue the dome tour in Osaka Dome on December 13 and 14 and Fukuoka Yahoo Dome on December 23 and 24. Through the tour titled ‘Ichigo Ichie,’ which means ‘the meeting that comes once in a lifetime,’ JYJ will be presenting upgraded performance and steady live stages.

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