Monday, November 24, 2014

[NEWS] 141124 JYJ Kim Jae Joong Considering Role in New KBS Drama

Update: Some news reported that a KBS rep has confirmed Jaejoong as the lead role for SPY

JYJ′s Kim Jae Joong is currently deciding on whether or not to appear in KBS′ new drama, Spy.

On November 24, C-JeS Entertainment told Newsen, "Kim Jae Joong received an offer for KBS′ Spy. We′re currently positively looking into it."

After concluding MBC′s Triangle in July and carrying out JYJ promotions, Kim Jae Joong has been contemplating on his next project. If he gets confirmed for Spy, it will be his first KBS drama. He has previously appeared in SBS′ Protect the Boss, MBC′s Doctor Jin, and Triangle.

Spy is a fictional story about what happened after North Korean politician, Jang Sung Taek, dies. It′s aiming to broadcast in January of 2015.

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Accdg to C-JeS, JJ has received and currently considering an offer to star in a KBS Friday drama called 'Spy'. Broadcast will be Jan 2015. (source:mydaily via rubypurple_fan)

It will be a 16 episode drama, runtime of 50 mins per episode. Time slot is undecided. Spy will be based on an Israeli drama featuring a mother (who is a former spy) and her son. (source:osen via rubypurple_fan)

"It's correct that Kim Jaejoong received an offer for the male lead in 'Spy'." CJES said to an interview with Herald Pop this 11/24. Jaejoong is still not confirmed for the role but they're currently reviewing it and it has a positive feedback according to CJES. Target broadcast of Spy is January 2015. (cr:paulisteu)

Info: Jang Sung Taek was Kim Jong Un's uncle (by marriage). In 2013 he was accused of treason and corruption. Later in December the media announced that he was executed. There was also reports that his entire extended family was also executed.
Read more: Jang Sung Taek | Reports of the execution

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  1. I don't know if i should happy or sad with the news..i expect for Jaejoong new rock songs instead ^^

  2. I am happy to see JJ on TV again. But I don't like Action dramas.
    Who will be the actress??