Monday, October 27, 2014

[VIDEO+TRANS] 141027 Changmin - YStar News Interview at LG Twin Match


"LG Twins "Fervent Fan" Max Changmin, "I Will Cheer Hard in Support!"

TVXQ's Max Changmin, who is widely known to be a fervent fan of LG Twins, has stepped up to take the opening pitch for the 3rd game of this playoff series.

This is the Jamsil Baseball Stadium where the 3rd game of the current 2014 Professional Baseball Series between LG Twins and NC Dinos was held on 24 October.

TVXQ's Max Changmin attracted attention for stepping up as the pitcher for the opening pitch.

From the moment when he made his appearance at the game venue, the smile of Max Changmin, who is usually known to be an ardent fan of LG Twins, did not leave his face at all.

Changmin before his opening pitch:
"Hello, I am TVXQ's Max Changmin. I am a fervent fan of LG, I will cheer hard diligently so that LG can be able to proceed straight into the playoffs immediately with the end of the 3rd game today. LG Twins fighting!"

Max Changmin takes a deep breath and threw the ball with all his might while praying for LG Twins' victory.

Although it seemed like he had chosen to throw a curve ball, it was not able to touch the home plate.

After he shook hands with player Choi Kyung Chul, the force trend (ie most popular player) of LG Twins, the very first thing which Max Changmin, who had come down from the game pitch, did was to autograph on the baseball.

Interview with Changmin
What are your feelings after concluding the opening pitch?
Changmin: Really, I was more nervous compared to dancing and singing on the stage hahahaha.

Q: Did you practise a lot?
There is really a world of difference between throwing the ball usually and throwing the baseball on the game pitch. But even so, I think of it as being fortunate that the ball did not just graze the ground. I will cheer (them) on. Fighting!

While shouting "fighting" for LG Twins, Max Changmin immediately went in the direction of the spectator stands.

Going from being the pitcher of the opening pitch to entering into "fervent fan" mode, it is known that he did not leave the baseball stadium until the end of the game.

Max Changmin, who is standing in front of fans for the first time in a long while through this opening pitch, is scheduled to meet with fans through TVXQ's concert in December.

Credits: ystarnews
Translated by: mug_ping
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