Thursday, October 16, 2014

[TRANS] 141016 SHINee's Minho mentioned Changmin in his Cosmopolitan magazine interview

Q: In order to be like that, it seems like it is also important to spend your personal time pleasantly.

Yes, I meet often with TVXQ Changminnie hyung and Super Junior Kyuhyunnie hyung, but it is not that we talk about work in a serious tone. We are the types who always find trivial subjects for conversation. It seems like we mainly talk about light conversations which enable us to burst out laughing while chatting away noisily.

Q: After the concerts this time around end, is there anything which you especially want to do?

I really want to leave on a vacation alone. I really want to enjoy a vacation which belongs to me solely alone, where I personally settle all the matters from the plane ticketing to the local accommodation and food etc. Some time ago, Changminnie hyung left for a vacation to Europe alone. I want to inherit Changminnie hyung's well-thumbed travel guidebook as it is and leave (on a vacation).

Source: Cosmopolitan
Translated by: mug_ping
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