Friday, October 10, 2014

[PHOTOS+TRANS] 141010 Jaejoong at Gummy Live Concert Fall in Fall

Few fans were at Gummi concert n JJ asked them how come they were there. They said didn't know he'd come out. He said he was involved in only few relationships n asked fans' confirmation, right? Also said His body's romantic cells all died off coz he hasn't been in a relationship for so long... He added, "If anybody find me attractive, come visit me, I live near Gannam District Office." Fans screamed and he told them, "Except you guys!" LOL So cute... Tomorrow's guest is Bobby Kim. JJ met him at a cart bar once while drinking alone. He had some comforting words for JJ. JJ reas a few letters of propose (fans sent, I am guessing, to be read during the concert) and left after about 20 minutes

Credits: As tagged + pop_popster + 0trash + DC KJJ
Translated by: crystalmoon64 + yunjaery
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