Friday, October 3, 2014

[TRANS+PHOTOS] 141003 Yoochun - Busan International Film Festival Open Talk

  • Fans kept teasing Yoochun's bed scene MC: What if he doesn't film rated 19 again? Yoochun: *immediately* I think rated 19 movies are awesome
  • When asked which actress, other than own company's, does Yoochun wants to work with, audiences shouted Kim Junsu
  • Yoochun said he likes girls who are confident and less talkative
  • Q: What are three advantages to an actor? Yoochun: Voice, shoulders, eyebrows
  • A fanboy said he came from Gwangju and arrived (in Busan) at 9am today. He liked Yoochun for 10 years already
  • All Chinese translations credited to 釜山旅游局^^

  • Omg Yoochun said that Jae is also in Busan hhahahaah
  • LOL Yoochun said that he didn't know that Siwan is an idol singer
  • Q: Which actress do you wanna work with for a romance drama? YC: Jung Yoomi. Her pure image looks really pretty
  • Yoochu said that he has cried before while listening to Junsu singing
  • Yoochun also said that he always keep in touch with Kang Hyejeong noona who is in the same company too
  • Yoochun: I think that Junsu looks the most handsome when he is on stage
  • At first Yoochun thought that Siwan was an actor, but after Jae told him that he's singer only he knew about it

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: yunjaery + KatHeartsJJ
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