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[NEWS] 141015 Yunho praised to be perfect for his character

Singer-actor Yunho, starring in the MBC drama “The Night Watchman,” is receiving praise from viewers for perfectly portraying his character Moosuk.

In the 22nd episode, aired on Tuesday, Yunho was able to naturally convey his character’s delicate emotions in various situations.

The actor also pulled off several action scenes, wowing fans and adding some fun and excitement to the drama.

In Tuesday’s episode, Yunho gained the ability to see ghosts after returning from the underworld, but suffered from chest pain whenever he practiced martial arts.

As the last episode of the drama will air next week, fans are anticipating the development of Yunho’s character as a true night watchman.

“The Night Watchman” is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on MBC.

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"Night Watchman" Jung Yunho, Perfectly Digesting his Role in his First Period Drama.. Standing Tall as an Actor

TVXQ member, Jung Yunho, has progressed yet another level as an actor while perfectly digesting his character through his natural emotive acting.

[spoilers omitted]

Moo Seok (I think the article intended to mean "Yunho" here) detailedly expressed the Moo Seok who was faced with a variety of situations such as his tormented appearance, and the appearance of him showing off his absolute heartfelt attitude towards Gisangun (Kim Heung Soo), capturing the attention of the small-screen viewers.

From the overflowingly charismatic action scenes of a high level of difficulty, to the detailed and natural emotive acting, Jung Yunho, who has taken on this role of a military officer of the Investigative Department under the direct supervision of the King and who possessed the best swordsmanship abilities in Joseon, is receiving acknowledgement for his stabilized acting abilities.

Notwithstanding that this is Jung Yunho's first attempt at period dramas, he is leading the drama forward together with the lead characters Lee Rin (Jung Il Woo), Do Ha (Go Sung Hee) and Soo Ryeon (Seo Yeji) etc while he perfectly aligns and blends himself with the drama.

Not just that, Jung Yunho is also making female hearts flutter with his heartwarming visuals (appearance) which suit period dramas well.

In the face of the last 2 episodes before the impending end of "Journal of Night Watchmen", the questions of what other kinds of active role Jung Yunho, who has come to be able to see ghosts, will show everyone, and how he will overcome the imminent adversities ahead of himself, are receiving attention.

Meanwhile, "Journal of Night Watchmen" will end its broadcast on 21 Oct, and is focusing the interests of the viewers with its final stories.

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