Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[NEWS] 141008 TVXQ Yunho shows ‘boy bands can act’

Singer-actor Yunho has broken free from the common skepticism that boy band actors lack acting skills.

In the initial airing of MBC’s Ghostbuster epic television series “The Night Watchman,” his debut into K-drama, the actor was criticized for unnatural eye contact and poor vocalization. Fellow lead actor Jung Il-woo, on the other hand, was crowned as “the best fit for epic romantic dramas.”

Yunho showed fast advancement in his acting skills, as demonstrated has shown in the 20th episode of “The Night Watchman,” in which he plays the betrayed royal swordsman Moo-suk. Forsaken by the king, Moo-suk was severely injured by the king’s assassins.

In this episode, the actor showed some natural interpretation of the character’s inner feelings. Realizing that his lord only took him as a disposable pawn, Yunho acted out the deep-rooted despair and hollowness that real Moo-suk would have felt.

Yunho’s improvement is expected to lay a good example for young musicians who seek to grow their career in acting.

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