Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[AUDIO+TRANS] 141029 Tohoshinki - Baby Don't Cry Preview + Lyrics


'Baby Don't Cry' is the other song in 'Time Works Wonder' single

Alright baby don't cry
Gently I give kisses to drops of your tears
Clouds are moving away, Light starts shining
This time, I will kiss your smiley face

Alright baby don't cry
Baby don’t cry
For sure, the rain falling in your/our heart(s) will dry up
Dreams will come (true) to you
Love will come to me
Everything should be okay/Please do not worry.

So baby don’t cry
Alright baby don't cry
Any hardships have some meanings (to us)
So please focus on present/this time
Believe in tomorrow
We will overcome anything always together

(You fell asleep) because you were so exhausted from crying
I will watch out for you forever who are asleep in my arms
I love you for eternity
I wish you will be happy forever…

Source: mu-mo
Credits: YODMANOODllllll
Translated by: beriko0214
Shared by: DBSKnights

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