Monday, September 29, 2014

[VIDEO+TRANS] 140929 JYJ - Just Us Fansign Event in Yongsan I'Park Mall


  • A fan asked Jaejoong if what is their plan after Just Us and he said that it's a secret. LOL.
  • The same fan gave Yoochun a Mickey mouse doll with an attached letter. But she saw YC's manager putting it inside his pocket lol
  • Fan asked JJ if what he likes better. Bean sprouts/Dried pollack soup? He chose Bean sprouts soup (팬싸당첨된)
  • Fan asked Junsu about the Jekyll (and Hyde Musical). Junsu was like "Ah...that...really...I really don't know."
  • A fan was saying that there was a request to draw a heart in the post it but why didn't Yoochun draw one
  • Aw a fan asked Junsu if whom he likes better. Leo or Tiger
  • A fan told Jaejoong if they plan to do a Dance version of Back seat. Jaejoong said: "Ah no!!! That was really hard! I had to memorize the choreography from the beginning!!"
  • A fan asked Junsu to pick what hairstyle he likes and he chose this~ the current hairstyle. :3 (tagged)
  • Fan asked Junsu if what are his tips in taking landscape photos. He said that it's the 'margin' and laughed eukyangkyang afterㅋㅋ
  • Fan asked Yoochun to draw the wind and he said he'll draw it next time. She then said that she'll go tomorrow too so he'll draw it tmr?
  • Question to Junsu Q: What is your favorite hairstyle? Answer: Xiacula's red hair~♥ (xiappappaya)
  • Fan: To ㅇㅇ야ㅇㅅㅇ♥ (post it) \\ Yoochun: (noticed it and firm expression) \\ Fan: It's an emoticonㅠㅠㅠㅠ \\ Yoochun: I don't like it. \\ Fan: Pleaseㅠㅠ \\Yoochun: No~ \\Fan: Huuuㅠㅠ \\ Yoochun: Isn't this a typographical error? (ㅇㅅㅇ) \\ Fan: A heart!!! Heart too!!! \\ Yoochun: (laughs)

  • Ques written: I've gone into a website called Yuaerubi (DB5K daum cafe). Yes or No? Jae and Junsu answered Yes! 😁😁😁 OMGcr: berryogeurt

  • Fan asked Junsu if there'll be a year end concert this year, and Junsu said YES!! Fan then asked Jaejoong if there are plans for a world tour, other than Gangnam K-pop Festival Con, and he said NO!
  • Another fan asked Junsu if he gives any welfare to fans that stays his hotel... JS: "What welfare do you want?" Fan: "1 free night stay for example!" Junsu: "Eu-kyang-kyang~~ I'll lose out if I do that!"
  • Fan asked JJ to draw a squirrel... He took some time to draw, and it turned out to be a rabbit! 😂 (catherina)

Credits: As tagged + OBSKyungIn + SSTVnews
Translated by: paulisteu + KatHartsJJ + Vichellelicious
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