Tuesday, September 30, 2014

[TRANS] 140930 Tweets Compilation of JYJ 'Just Us' Fansign Event

  • Jaejoong put down his fringe in today's fansign. He kept on eating during the event 😂😂 (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • Today it's Junsu's turn to eat whatever fans give! He finished the coffee too 😂 Yoochun seems rather bored, everyone's tired. (Cr: 那个镜子)
  • The elephant that Jae drew for a fan...(pic)
  • Junsu: This may be the last fansign. Jaejoong: It has been rather hard in this period. \\ Jae then turned around and cried like a child. (那个镜子)
  • Youngjun (Jae's manager) was startled when Jae cried but quickly went to get tissues for him. (Cr: JYT)
  • Fan: I am from Ulsan. Yoochun: Busan? Fan: Ulsan. Yoochun: Ah, Ulsan! Where dad worked at before. (Cr: sally_2002)
  • Cameraman told Yoochun he's taking photo and Yoochun fidgeted around for a while before settling down to take a photo
  • Junsu said the concert at Gangnam (5th) might be the last concert. Also, there's some changes in the song list. (Cr: 蜜桃素發)
  • Fan: Oppa it's cool to drink americano but banana milk is healthier \\ Guard keeping away \\ JS: Wait I'll drink now. Help me put straw in thanks♡
  • Fan asked Yoochun why he permed his hair. Yoochun said it was because he was bored
  • "I heard fans cheer each other on, I am very touched, I hope everyone thinks of one another in the future too." Yoochun
  • Fan asked Jae to draw Cony's expression and told him that is her whenever Jae strips. 😂😂 (Cr: rain_0805) (pic)
  • Fan told Jae he can choose one from these and cos Jae hesitated, fan said he can choose two. He chose.. (pic)

  • Jaejoong cried because according to the fans, a fan died after struggling with a disease. ;; (luvjey)
  • Fan: Hi~ do you watch drama these days? JS: I watch Jang Bori is here sometimes! [DC]
  • Fan: Do you not like double eyelids? JS: Eung~ Fan: Why do you not like it? JS: Because~ (in a unique tone of voice)
  • While waiting for Jaejoong's sign, I looked at Junsu's side. I have thought that 'he's really good looking! (My first fansign) And when our eyes met, damn! Me: Junsu, why? You're too good lookingㅜㅜㅜ Junsu: /laughs so much/ cr: sein0909
  • Fan: Oppa, do you still play cookie run? Jaejoong: These days? I still have many friends~~ (in that game)
  • Fan: When will you sing 2:30AM live? Jaejoong: Someday...? cr: sein0909
  • Fan: I have been a fan since I was 9 years old~ Junsu: Really? Thank you~ (She forgot what Jaejoong said though when she told him thisㅜㅜㅜ)
  • Fan: It's going to be my first and last time that I'll see you... Junsu: Last?? Why?? Fan: Now that I have graduated from college, I will go abroad. Junsu: (He looked at me and this time I was already at Jaejoong) Ah...really (sullen face) cr: dpdms12

  • A fan gave a box of chocs to Junsu, he tried it and his expression was like how a baby looks like when he ate something sour cr: 那个镜子
  • A fan also gave a crown to Jae. Jae wore it and took it off lol cr: 那个镜子
  • A fan asked the bodyguard why Jae cried and he said it's because that Jae heard that a fan passed away
  • Junsu said that the Gangnam concert most likely will be their last concert and there's a change in the songlist. Nooooo~~~ cr:蜜桃素發
  • Hahaa Junsu drew a coconut tree for the fan 😁😁😁 cr: dc jyj (pic)
  • Haha Jae drew Brown for the fan 😁 cr:张小旺旺46 (pic)

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Translated by: yunjaery + paulisteu + KatHeartsJJ
Shared by: DBSKnights

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  1. Aww, Jaejoong. :) He's such a sensitive, caring person. I really admire his empathy.