Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[TRANS] 140922 Ryeowook Mentioned Changmin on KBS Cool FM Kiss The Radio


Ryeowook said that everybody is resting, only he himself is alone doing the live radio broadcast. He then said that through text messages, he was teased (jokingly taunted) by Kyuhyun and the manager who went to Jeju Island together with him. Ryeowook said, "Now (together with) Max Changmin, our Changmin, the three of them are in Jeju Island..." [credit: charming_bmy]

Ryeowook: Just received a message… “Ryeowook are you asleep?” “What asleep… I am doing bora~” “oh… yah” that was sent by a manager who went to Jeju with Kyuhyun… Kyuhyun and Changmin went to Jeju to play together~ 1 of the manager went along too… Now everyone is teasing me (because he is the only 1 who has to work XD) Source: Giraffe_Girls

Credits: As tagged
Translated by: mug_ping + Elfninida
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