Tuesday, September 23, 2014

[TRANS] 140922 Changmin & Kyuhyun at Jeju Airport

(Note: Only Changmin-related parts translated)

I took the same airplane with Max Changmin and Kyuhyun, we even took the airport bus together..

I couldn't see their faces because it was covered with their sunglasses..ㅠㅠ

They were celebrities I wasn't interested in, the kids were wildly chasing after them, both of them ran away while laughing kekekekekeke

It was so cute...kekekekeke

After that, I saw the photo which my friend took; Max Changmin who was wearing sunglasses, laughing while talking to Kyuhyun who was beside him, my heart leapt..hah

Because the other friend greeted the crew well keke

The crew said he/she would let him/her know a secret, he/she said that he/she saw Max Changmin sleeping without his sunglasses on..Ah envious.. I want to see too!!!!!!!


[ Different translation ]

I took the same plane as Max Changmin and Kyuhyun, and I even took the airport bus together with them.
I could not see their faces because they were blocked by their sunglasses.
They are celebrities whom I was not particularly concerned with, but because everybody was chasing after them, both of them ran away from everybody while laughing hahaha. It was too cute hahaha.
after that when I saw the photos my friend took, in the plane Max Changmin wore his sunglasses and spoke with Kyuhyun beside him while laughing.
another friend greeted the flight crew well so the flight attendant said he or she would let that friend know a secret, that he or she saw Max Changmin sleeping with his sunglasses off

Source: eessjj7
Translated by: Shinkipeia + mug_ping
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