Thursday, September 25, 2014

[NEWS] 140925 JYJ Gathers 3,500 Fans During Asia Tour Press Conference in Thailand

Over 3,500 fans crowded JYJ’s Asia tour press conference site in Thailand.

On September 25, C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Last night, JYJ held the Asia tour press conference in Central World, Thailand. The press conference, which was held in a open area, gathered over 3,500 fans, proving JYJ’s popularity.”

The agency rep added, “The fans gathered not only in the plaza near stage but the second and the third floor behind the stage, that their shouts almost buried the sounds from the microphone during the press conference.”

During the interview, JYJ stated, “We think it’s been three years since we visited Thailand as JYJ. We’re happy for the warm welcome and the people that we’ve met at the airport, hotel and the streets always seem to be bright, considerate and kind, so we feel good and comfortable.”

When asked about performing during the opening ceremony of the Asian Games and which sports they would pick if they were to participate in the Asian games, JYJ answered, “It was meaningful to be standing at a place where Asia became one and we were thankful that many people were happy to see us.”

Kim Junsu revealed that he would choose archery, while Kim Jae Joong chose fencing. Park Yoo Chun then made everyone laugh by saying he would choose to be Kim Junsu’s manager.

When the MC asked, “What do you like the most about Thai women?’” JYJ responded, “Thai fans have such pretty eyes."

Then JYJ said, “We’re thankful for such a warm welcome and we will return by presenting good music on stage tomorrow.”

JYJ will be carrying on its Asia tour by performing in ‘Challenger Hall 1, Muang Thong Thani’ on September 25.

Credits: MWave + Topstarnews
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