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Billboard Japan stated that TVXQ's performance at the 'A-Nation Stadium Festival' to be a perfect act.

Today, Billboard Japan stated, "TVXQ's performance was great and their vocals and talents were perfect. They captured the hearts of the audience."

Their songs, "Why? Keep Your Head Down" and "Somebody to Love" received much praise as well.

They ended by saying that their last comment of, "2012 A-Nation's main focus are the fans!" was the perfect way to end their performance.

The seats were filled with 54,000 of their fans, showing the success of their concert.

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Jaejoong: Sleep well our baby^^

kkjj4: Uncle please play with Hyunah too. I also like uncle...

Shie486: With our family members~~Happy holiday~~Hehehe The uncle likes Hyunah, but she keeps bouncing away... Seohyun (the niece Jaejoong tweeted) likes her uncle and.the uncle also likes Seohyun hehe Cute..hehe

Shie486: Jjoongie(Jaejoong) is struggling...Between Hyunah and Seohyunie.. Cute~~^^ Hehe in the end..What will be Jjoongie's choice?!?

Shie486: @kkjj4 Hehehe now slowly..getting angry..Cute...Hehehehe Hyunah glare~~~Ddiriririri..

T/N: Shie486 is Jaejoong's 8th sister & kkjj4 is the 4th

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On August 30th, JYJ‘s Yoochun received the ‘Outstanding Hallyu Drama Male Actor Award’ at KBS‘s ‘2012 Seoul Drama Awards‘ for his performance on SBS drama ’Rooftop Prince‘.

Yoochun saddened viewers when he stated with a hint of tears in his eyes, “I am glad to have received an award for such a great drama. I want to dedicate this award to my father, who was not able to watch“.

Yoochun’s father unfortunately passed away this past March. Yoochun participated in filming ‘Rooftop Prince’ after the funeral service.

In addition to the ‘Outstanding Hallyu Drama Male Actor Award’, Yoochun also received the ‘Netizen Popularity Award’.

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@mjjeje Our lovely niece~ Grow up prettily~^^  

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The SBS drama “Deep Rooted Tree” was awarded the grand prize at the Seoul International Drama Awards 2012 (SDA 2012).

(Irrelevant portions omitted)

In the individual categories, the only Korean actor (in the international category) and JYJ member Park Yoochun was awarded the Netizen Popularity Award. Following his win at SDA 2011, this is the second year running that he has won the Netizen popularity award. In the Korean (domestic) drama category, the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince” bagged 3 awards. Including Yoochun’s victory in the International category for Netizen Popularity award, “Rooftop Prince” shone with 4 awards, the most awards won by a single drama.

In the Korean drama category, “Rooftop Prince” won the Best Drama Award, while MBC’s “The King 2 Hearts” won an honorable mention. Also, Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min were awarded Best Actor and Actress respectively.

(Full SDA 2012 awards list omitted)

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JYJ member Park Yoochun has expressed his thankfulness towards his fans’ unchanging love and support.

Yoochun had been awarded with the Netizen popularity award for his role in SBS’s “Rooftop Prince” at the “2012 Seoul Drama Awards” held on the afternoon of 30 August, at the National Theatre in Seoul.

When posed with the question “Do you search for netizens’ responses and comments?” Yoochun replied “I try not to check as far as possible..”, causing laughter. When asked “What kind of comments make you happy? 1. He’s handsome. 2. He’s an acting genius 3. I will be Oppa’s fan forever,” he said “I would want no. 3.”

Yoochun said, “Following last year, I’m thankful to have been chosen again (this year). Voting is not as easy to do as one may think, so I’m thankful for everyone who has been giving me love, and I will work even harder,” expressing his thankful emotions towards his fans.

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Gotanda U-port Hall September 1-7 Musical Goong! Please support and love it a lot~^^ Sungmo-yah fighting

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At 10:30 AM prompt, on the 29th of August at the DoubleTree Suites in the heart of Time Square, the doors opened and in walked in XIA Junsu of JYJ and C-JeS Entertainment, confidently and poised. He was dressed in an immaculate buttoned-up white shirt, beneath a black sweater, covered over by a navy-blue blazer. In his comfortable slip-on loafers he took the solo seat at the table. The XIA 1st Solo World Tour press conference in New York City had begun.

Junsu was introduced to the press as the first solo K-Pop artist to do a world tour, so when asked if he ever envisioned a time when he would essentially have outgrown his name Xia, which means Asia without the beginning A, and be performing a solo tour in New York City. He responded that initially he felt much pressured being away from his band mates at JYJ, pursuing the solo album, and then subsequently the world tour. However, he has been very honored by all the attention and accolade he is receiving.

Junsu later confessed that the main challenge in terms of breaching the American market was bridging the cultural gap. However, he felt that with a lot of successful artists already in America he did not want to be a copycat. That it was important to him to maintain his originality and be true to his talents.

Junsu continued to answer questions with the ease of a professional, even though the questions came in English and Korean. He was asked the inspiration for his new album Tarantallegra. He reminisced about his recent role in the musical Elisabeth where he played Death, and how the role inspired his new album. The musical Elisabeth is a story about the life and death of Empress Elisabeth of Austria who lived in the 19th century. In the musical, the character Death is a dashing young man who has a love affair with Elisabeth throughout her life until her eventual murder.

In continuing with his album, Junsu responded to a question about the theme of the album saying that the premise of his new album was that of an urban pop and R&B "bad boy" - but in a good way. So his musical videos have all been shown to portray this theme.

In conclusion when asked what his plans for the future and how he envisioned himself for the future, he responded in his calm, sonorous voice how his goal was to continue to show his unique style and color as an artist to the world.

XIA Junsu will be performing tomorrow, August 30, 2012 at the Hammerstein Ballroom located at 311 West 34th Street, Manhattan NY.

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One of the most notable things about "Respond 1997" and its amazing fame is the fact that many of the cast members are singers. Jung Eun Ji, Seo In Gook and Hoya are all idol singers who have been assigned main or very big supporting roles. However, it's not fair to simply doubt their acting abilities because of where they come from. The audience is being shocked by their ability to pull off a natural accent and they are believing every single one of their dynamic expressions.

The dramas in which idols are making themselves visible are everyehwere. Some of the idols are already being talked about just as often as some of the trained actors and many of them score lead roles not based on their popularity but on their acting skills.

Then who is the best idol turned actor? Kookmin News took a poll, asking 10 drama critics about who they think is the most impressive idol-turned-actor. They gave points to the first and second most named individuals.

The one that got the most points was JYJ member Park Yoochun. Beginning with his appearance in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" in 2010, he continued onto "Miss Ripley," and "Rooftop Prince," steadily building his filmography. He was voted #1 for this year's Most Popular Actor at the Seoul Drama Awards 2012.

It seems that many experts are now accepting him as a skilled actor, rather than attach the label of singer to him. They said, "He is definitely the idol actor who no longer faces any sort of acting criticisms or questions." "He knows exactly what kind of acting he is good at." "He has the voice and pronunciation of a male actor." If Park Yoochun has been steadily building his career, Jung Eunji, a member of A Pink, has risen to the top, acquiring 2nd place in the polls with her debut project, "Respond 1997." Though she does need more validation as an actress only after one project, it clearly shows that people are definitely sold on her acting abilities in this project.

One critic said, "A lot of idols are very flat and one-dimensional actors but she, with amazing acting, has created a character that didn't exist before." Another one said, "I can see that she's really focused on her role. It doesn't seem like acting, which is utmost and foremost."

miss A Suzy and T-ARA Eunjung got 3rd and 4th place. The critics seem to believe that they both have potential to grow as actresses after looking at their first projects.

There was a time in the past when almost all the idols were criticized for their lack of acting training but now the controversies seem to be dying down. For most of the idols who want to be cast, they must go through professional acting training before they actually start any kind of production. However, experts did say that it's still difficult to give them very good scores because this trend is only beginning. Experts also did recognize that Park Yoochun and Jung Eunji could have gotten roles that were very suitable for them. They are not sure if there are idols who can pull off great acting regardless of genre or role.

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Photos of JYJ‘s Yoochun at his latest Shanghai fan meeting have been revealed.

On August 28th, photos were posted on JYJ’s official Facebook page with the words, “Park Yoochun’s Asia Fan Meeting Tour Shanghai fan meeting has been completed. It has been said that a joyful day was spent thanks to the warm cheers from the Shanghai fans. Please anticipate the Shenzhen fan meeting too!”

Yoochun’s solo Shanghai fan meeting took place back on August 25th at the Mercedez Benz Arena.

In the photos, Yoochun flaunted his ‘manjjitnam’ charms with his bright smile. ‘Manjjitnam’ is a shortened term used to describe boys who appear to have been ripped right out of a comic book. In May, Yoochun topped an online ‘manjjitnam’ survey and his photos from the fan meeting confirmed his ‘manjjitnam’ status.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I feel as if my eyes have been cleansed” “I’m jealous of his Chinese fans” and “Total prince-like pose“.

Meanwhile Yoochun plans to continue on his Asia fan meeting tour by visiting Shenzhen (China), Taiwan, and Thailand in September.

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Junsu currently having press conference.
He wants kfc for lunch! Lol

Junsu is currently filming an interview for all his fans!
He made about three NGs haha

More pictures at kpopstarz

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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An all-out battle between DBSK and UV is coming and only one duo will emerge as the victor in the end.

The production staff behind MBC’s variety program, god of Battle confirmed initial reports that the show would soon be filming a DBSK Vs. UV special.

According to the production, the two duo teams will film their epic battle on September 11.

God of Battle premiered on August 19 and is a spin-off of the Haha Vs. Noh Hong Chul special that aired on MBC’s Infinity Challenge. Mced by Kim Sooro and Tak Je Hoon, each week will feature two new teams who will battle it out in a wide range of categories ranging from sports to trivia in ten rounds to determine a winner.

According to the show’s director, Kim Min Jong, the always-comical UV selected DBSK as its rival and DBSK agreed to appear on the show.

The show will begin taking applications to be an audience member for the episode beginning on August 29.

In the September 2 episode, 2PM and Shinhwa will battle.

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JYJ member Kim Junsu held his first solo concert in Hongkong on the night of 26th at Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With his excellent singing and praise-worthy dance moves, plus the perfect stage charm, he drew a perfect conclusion for his Asia tour.
Kim Junsu’s singing skill has never been a doubt. He opened the stage with ‘Breath’ from his new album. Junsu’s charming vocal and the powerful dance, plus the supporting cheers from the fans immediately led the atmosphere to a high level.

After performing two songs, Junsu greeted the fans in Cantonese, showing his friendliness.

After which, Junsu’s close interaction with his female dancers led the fans in screams. Junsu who was donning a white long coat, answered fans’ request and made a cute pose.

This made the fans in craziness. One worthy point to mention is how Junsu’s shy expression every time after he made the cute pose, shows that he has a really cute side to him.

Junsu’s incredibly strong vocal was shown during his portrayal of the musical numbers. His great dancing skills is also something missing in many idol groups’ main vocalist.

He is indeed a singer with many strong aspects and indeed possessed what a solo performer need.

After the ending of the Asia tour, Junsu will be starting his world tour and hopefully fans of the countries will be able to enjoy the charisma that belonged to Kim Junsu well.

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