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Part 1

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Kim Junsu revealed his behind stories from the American music video filming.

Kim Junsu has been gaining much popularity as a member of JYJ and a solo singer who swept through many countries through his Asia and world tours. Through the interview held with '@star1' during a photo shoot releasing on the 20th, Kim Junsu revealed the behind the scene stories of filming for his first English single song "Uncommitted."

Kim Junsu worked with the famous American music video director Mark Clarfelt for his first English single album Uncommitted that was released in August.

Kim Junsu said, "In Korea, directors usually specifically tell me what to do before we start, but in America, they didn't do that. He just said, 'Sing as if you're seducing a woman' and yelled 'Action!' right away. I just had to do whatever I could at the moment because the que was already given. It was all on the spot", laughing.

He continued, "I had to do well and finish early before I started getting embarrassed by all the eyes of the staff members that were watching me. The staff members are famous people too. It was their first time working with a Korean artist, so I also had the responsibility to do well."

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After announcing their comeback date to be on September 26th and revealing Yunho's image teaser, TVXQ has released another teaser for their album "Catch Me," this time featuring Changmin!

It has also been revealed that the title song "Catch Me" will have a fresh blend of melodic lines, stimulated with colorful orchestral melodies. It will also showcase Dutch electronic sounds along with dubstep and dance tracks. The lyrics will tell the story of a self-respecting man who says goodbye to his lover, but the woman tries begging him to stay.

An SM Entertainment representative also commented, "TVXQ is prepared to show a powerful choreography with intense charisma in order to create the perfect blend of music and visuals."

In the released teaser, Changmin's image reflects the dark yellow-green tone that Yunho's image took on. Changmin is seen looking off at something in the distance, and some sort of animal image is lightly superimposed on top of the photo.

The "Catch Me" album will be released online via various music portal sites on September 24th, two days before physical album sales begin on September 26th.

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BTS of Vouge Korea

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SM Entertainment and JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun) have once again failed to reach an agreement as they battle over TVXQ’s exclusive contract.

An arbitration session for JYJ’s exclusive contract lawsuit was held at the Seoul District Courts at 5pm on the 18th of September in room 579. This session had been scheduled by the judge’s orders though the final verdict had been scheduled to be made on the 13th.

So that the two sides could end the dispute with an agreement, the judge called in SM Entertainment’s CEO Kim Young Min and each side’s lawyers for an arbitration session that lasted around an hour. However, it ended in failure with both sides doing nothing but reaffirm the differences in their positions.

JYJ’s lawyer met with Star News after exiting the building and confirmed that the arbitration had failed by stating, “There were no results.” The lawyer added, “We did nothing but state our opinions and reaffirm our stances,” and “The differences in the two sides’ stances haven’t changed.”

It is said that the judging panel urged the two sides to come to an agreement during the session. The next court date has not been set, and the verdict has been postponed indefinitely. The reasoning was to give the two sides enough time to discuss and settle the dispute. This has made it almost impossible to determine when this lawsuit, which began three years ago in 2009, will finally come to an end.

SM Entertainment and JYJ’s lawyers have met several times since May, 2011 to come to an agreement and settle the issue. However, the final arbitration session of 2011 ended in failure, causing the case to be brought back to court. Though both sides gave their final pleas in May of this year, a clear difference in their stances could be seen. A final verdict was to be made this month but another arbitration session was held as the courts wish for both sides to end this dispute in an agreement.

(omitted recap of everything that’s happened till now)  

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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Jaejoong: Junsu-hyung~ I'm your fan~~

Junsu: Exactly... What are you afraid of...

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TVXQ is coming back to the Korean music industry.

It has been revealed that TVXQ is set to release their 6th studio album "Catch Me" on September 26th. This announcement comes after the group last released their 5th studio album "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" a year and 8 months ago.

The first image teaser featuring leader U-know Yunho was released via their official website and Facebook on September 18th. Blindfolded with a tilted head, the yellow tinted image teaser gives an intense feel.

TVXQ is expected to release and intense and charismatic album.

Meanwhile, since the release of their last album, TVXQ has been actively promoting overseas including Japan. The duo gathered 550,000 fans during their last Japan tour.

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K-pop duo TVXQ! has confirmed their long-awaited return to the local music scene in over a year and a half after dropping the fifth official local release, "Keep Your Head Down," in January last month.

TVXQ!'s U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin are releasing a new album titled "Catch Me" is to hit the shelves on September 26, just two days after all tracks become available online, SM Entertainment said through a press release.

As the title of the album infers, a teaser photo of U-Know Yunho posted on TVXQ!'s official website shows the member wearing a black leather bandage over his eyes and donned in a black enamel jacket.

TVXQ!, had sweeped Korea and Japan's music charts with "Keep Your Head Down," the title tune off the 11-track album of the same name, last year.

As a proof of their popularity in Japan, the duo attracted about a combined number of 550,000 people to a series of their concerts held there for their four-month live tour "TVXQ! LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~" this year.

The officials have not mentioned further details regarding the release or when Max Changmin's teaser photo will hit online, but noted TVXQ! will actively promote themselves in the Korean music landscape for a while.

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'Catch Me' is the title song of TVXQ's 2012 comeback! The comeback is scheduled on October 6!

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Junsu: Tonight's stars, wind, cooling air...they all have a reason for existing

Junsu: There is a reason for all life, no, its forms because of oneself or others or something

Junsu: I want to become the sunset that lights up beautifully that came radiantly, and sets quietly without anyone knowing...I like sunsets...and also palm trees, clouds and the sea haha

New bio & DP: I like sunsets...

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Junsu: PenzalQ thank you! TonyMoly thank you!

Junsu: Ah! Nii also, thank you

Junsu: We've done quite a few...Nintendo also, thank you ^^

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JYJ has gotten back together again as the new face of the Korean cosmetics brand TONYMOLY.

While actively pursuing their solo activities on stage and TV, JYJ's Kim Junsu, Kim Jae-joong and Park Yuchun have been named the new face of TONYMOLY, C-JeS Entertainment said in a press release Monday.

Under the contract, JYJ members will be promoting the company's cosmetics products for the next 12 months throughout Asia, excluding Japan, and start to appear on TONLYMOLY's TV commercials and other advertisements starting this October.

"JYJ is without a question the most beloved Hallyu idol group in Asia. As TONYMOLY is seeking to expand our market abroad, we are expecting JYJ to help promote the firm's image," TONYMOLY Marketing Director Kim Seung-chul was quote as saying.

Girl group T-ara members were originally the faces of the brand, until they were allegedly rejected to extend the contract due to the long-lasting controversy over the "Hwa-young" incident and inappropriately coping with the public's anger.

Meanwhile, Actress Min-lyn is also on board as she penned her modeling contract with the firm last month.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

My friend. Though it's busy, thank you

Note: Translation on Iwama-san other tweets on Jaejoong can be found here

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