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What do you do to relieve stress?
Yunho: Comics
Changmin: Eat spicy food.

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Junsu stated, "There is about 500,000 miles that I didn't use earlier this year for my mileage, but it does not matter. Wherever my fans are, I will go to see them." JYJ member Junsu is the first K-Pop artist to perform in Mexico. Junsu commented, "I worked really hard not to make anything boring or normal."

Yesterday, Junsu held a press conference in Mexico. Junsu commented, "Although this was my first concert in Mexico, I was shocked to see that all 3,000 seats were sold out. Since I am the first K-Pop musician to perform here, I promise not to let anyone down."

There had been many problems before being able to release a solo album and hold a world tour. Junsu commented, "In reality, it is hard to show someone's face on TV unless it's acting and so I rejected the idea to make a new album at first. I was also casted for a mini drama series, but if both my acting and singing career are on the line, I knew that I would have to choose what I am best at. That is why I gave up my acting role and decided to go on with making this album."

Junsu's new album was a major success with over 120,000 albums sold. His Asia tour brought in 40,000 fans as well.

Junsu believed that his success was due to the internet. He commented, "The days where songs would only become popular through TV broadcasts are gone. Now, it become popular through music videos online. The internet allows anyone to advertise their content online."

Junsu also commented, "Doing musicals helped me change into a more positive person. Certain things I've learned from musicals helped me to make this new album as well. If I had not done musicals, I would not have made this great album. Musicals helped me to express myself freely as an artist."

Junsu was very thankful that he was able to portray his own style and image through this album.

After his concert in Mexico, he will continue on to Brazil and Chile.

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26 August ~ 1 September 2012


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Q. You are the 1st Korean singer to hold a concert in Mexico.

A. This is my first visit to Mexico and I'm so pleased to hold a concert. Though it's the 1st, I'm very honored to hear that more than 3000 fans would come to my concert. When I heard I would hold a concert in Mexico, I came to think again that now K-pop is worldwide known. In return for Mexican fans' support, I hope to show a great performance.

Q. You had concerts as a member of JYJ in Chile and Peru, and now in Mexico. It's said you're especially popular in Mid- and South America.

A. Really? Haha. Fans from Mid and South America are especially passionate. I'm the most active member in JYJ so they might think so. Well, each country has its own preference for style of songs of mine or JYJ. Americans response most actively to club-dance music. Japanese prefer sad ballad songs, Asians like dance music with gorgeous performance. Europeans seems to have diverse preference.

Q. During worldwide tour, what comes in your mind?

A. This year my flight milage is accumulated to reach as many as 500,000 miles. Following a concert in Mexico, I'll have a concert in Brazil. Yet, it was unbelievable even to me that I could hold concerts here. Indeed, it was the same when I had concerts as a member of JYJ in Spain, Germany, Chile, and Peru. I know the power of K-pop and I came to think I should try harder and harder in order not damage the K-pop boom which was born among benign competition of Korean singers and have a sense of responsibility.

Q. Last May you released the 1st solo album and Last August the english single Uncommitted, and now you're on the worldwide tour. How do you feel about?

A. In light that I couldn't do regular activities or promotion via media even though I released an album, I had a negative thought about releasing my solo album in the beginning. Thus, I planed to do drama activities and actually decided a role of mini-series drama. Yet what I wanted to do most is music, and I thought it's right to release an album first before the appearance in drama in response to fans who have waited for me. And, I thought now is the time in which TV promotion is not the only one. So, after careful consideration I gave up to appear in drama and released a solo album and an english single for international fans in August.

Considering that the solo album has received much love and now I can have a worldwide tour, it was a great decision to release the album. This year is the year of hope to me.

Q. Did the worldwide tour after releasing the solo album make any difference to you?

A. When I do activities as a singer my mindset becomes different from when I perform as a musical actor. Likewise, I should show different music during my solo activity from that of JYJ. I made some differences in sessions and make-up and I'm trying to be more confidently and actively during talk time in concerts. During concerts of JYJ, it's members who lead talk time, but, during my solo concert, I meet the audience alone. And having concerts after my solo album shapes my view over music again. In addition, I thought I have to avoid ordinary concept and now I'm trying to show performance much more than before.

Q. Do members of JYJ give any support to you?

A. not only during worldwide tour but also on usual days we asked each other "are you ok? (or is it hard?)." All members are now in hard time but we are happy. We are good supporters to each other. I'm very proud of my members. And we are making efforts to constantly show various activities.

Q. In the latest concert in L.A. you danced a horse dance of Gangnam Style.

A. At the time all fans there shouted "Gangnam Style" as if they promised to do so. So, I danced it twice. All the audience asked me, so, I couldn't help daincing. Haha.

Q. What is different after performing in the musical plays?

A. It was the first time I did acting. I was intoxicated in the role and show performance I couldn't imagine previously. Musical activities dispel my fear about change and transformation. This helped me do try dramatical change when I started my solo activities. The musical also gives me inspiration. During "Mozart!," I wrote the song "Fallen Leaves," and, "Elizabeth" inspired to the song "Tarantallegra." I'm happy because I can experience both stages of musical plays and singer. If I can well balance between the two parts, I think that will be helpful to me.

Q. What image of idol do you want to be remembered as?

A. though I'm an idol singer, I want to show my music is outstanding. And the members of JYJ compose their own songs in order to put this idea into practice.

Q. You might be lonely to do such tight schedule. Do you want to have a girlfriend?

A. I always think it may be good to have a girl freind. I have no ideal type in terms of her look but have ideal type of polite and girlish girl in terms of personality. I've had girl friends before but not now. And if I have a girl friend now, I suppose she's gonna spurn me right now. Haha.

Q. What's your plan after the worldwide tour ends?

A. First, I want to take rest. Haha. I think I can take rest in happiness of completing the worldwide tour well. This worldwide tour is giving me a large amount of energy. I've yet decided what to do after the worldwide tour - to release an album or to appear in a drama or in a musical play. No matter what I choose I'm sure that will give me great energy.

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