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[VIDEO] 120728 Yunho & Changmin SBS BoA 4354 Cut

[TRANS] Kyuhyun: Boa is pretty, danced good, and also sexy. She has everything.
Changmin: Except the height, a little bit....

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[TRANS] 120728 Jaejoong Twitter Update Part 2

[Written on the paper] To: Nakamuri Yuki. Yuki-chan, Ganbare (Gain strength)! Win the illness!

Dad's skill!

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[NEWS] 120727 JYJ Jaejoong Ranks Number 1 out of all Hallyu Stars in Japan

JYJ Jaejoong's previous drama "Protect the Boss" has been gaining much attention in Japan.

Jaejoong's drama "Protect the Boss" has released a special DVD, "Jaejoong Special Making DVD" that will be released in November. Reservations for the special DVD has already ranked number 1 on album sales sites.

: An official stated, "Jaejoong is known as the top out of all Hallyu stars. His drama 'Perfect the Boss' has been gaining much support this summer."

Also on July 22, Jaejoong held a fan meeting at Yonsei University for his current drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

This 3 hour event brought about 1,500 fans from Japan.

Although Jaejoong has not been in Japan since their JYJ tour in 2011, his popularity does not seem to be dying down.

Jaejoong has been ranked number 1 for the celebrity annual ranking, Japan Twittter Hot Word, Japan Twitter Retweet as well as many other charts and polls.

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[NEWS] 120727 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' Kim Jaejoong's Acting Skills Improve with Every Betrayal

Kim Jaejoong of K-Pop idol group JYJ is continuously drawing attention for his skillful performances in the MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

Since the start of the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Kim Jaejoong of JYJ has been praised for his impressive performance portraying his character, Kim Kyung Tak. Kim Jaejoong is flawless in portraying the strong and powerful character who is weak and helpless when it comes to true love.

In the first half of the story, Kim Jaejoong revealed his cold hearted character's true side when he meets his true love. At the first climax of the drama, Kim Jaejoong puts his life in danger in order to protect his father's name but only gets punished for his actions.

In "Time Slip Dr. Jin," Kim Jaejoong's character is constantly betrayed by a number of people who he trusts. Kim Jaejoong's acting is intensifying with every betrayal and heartbreak. Now, more than ever, Kim Jaejoong is being praised for his significant improvement in acting and has become one of the "must-watch" actors in the industry because of his incredible potential.

People in the online community responded to Kim Jaejoong's acting with comments like, "I've been crying and laughing with Kim Jaejoong's character throughout the drama" and "It's amazing to see Kim Jaejoong, whose acting skills improve with each episode."

The MBC weekend drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin" features other top stars like Song Seung Hun and Park Min Young.

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[NEWS] 120728 Poster and Teaser of TVXQ Changmin′s Japanese Film Released

The Japanese film Run with the Gold, which gathered interest for casting TVXQ′s (DBSK) Max Changmin, released its main poster and official teaser.

Max Changmin took on the role of Momo, a North Korean spy who is disguised as a student studying engineering.

Run with the Gold is based on the debut piece of Japan′s best-selling author Takamura Kaoru, which won the Grand Prize at the 3rd Japanese Mystery Book Awards. It is about how six men fight to steal bars of gold in the streets of Osaka, Japan.

The film was directed by director Izutsu Kazuyuki, best known for the movie Break Through, and stars such well-known actors as Tsumabushi Satoshi, Asano Tadanobu and Nishida Toshiyuki.

The film will premiere on November 3 in theaters across Japan.

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[NEWS] 120727 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' JYJ's Kim Jaejoong the "Weekend Boyfriend"

Kim Jaejoong of K-Pop idol group JYJ has become the weekend boyfriend of all the devoted female viewers of the MBC drama "Time Slip Dr. Jin."

Featuring in "Time Slip Dr. Jin" as one of the police officers of the Chosun Dynasty who is exceptionally talented in martial arts, Kim Jaejoong has been praised for his skillful acting.

Every episode, Kim Jaejoong's acting has been improving and has been the center of attention in the drama. Kim Jaejoong's character, Kim Kyung Tak, is a tough guy on the outside who has deep emotional scars on the inside. Kim Jaejoong has been receiving praise for flawlessly portraying the lonely character who has never been genuinely cared for.

Kim Jaejoong shook the hearts of the female viewers when his strong character showed weakness when it came to true love. Even when he was a cold and rough character, Kim Jaejoong turned into a soft and romantic character when it came to love.

Kim Jaejoong brings tears to the audience when he skillfully portrays the devotion his character has for his biological father who does not give a single care about him. Throughout the drama, Kim Jaejoong has been bringing tears and laughter to the audience and his future performances are highly anticipated.

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[TRANS] 120728 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Is it that delicious?

Why only me...

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[VIDEO] 120728 BoA and Yunho Dance cut

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[NEWS] 120727 JYJ’s Kim Junsu ranks #1 on Peruvian radio music charts

JYJ‘s Junsu (XIA) is becoming increasingly more popular in South America, as his song has reached the #1 spot on Peruvian radio charts.

According to Peruvian radio’s weekly music chart ‘Teen Top‘, 1,835 people of the 3,014 participants voted for Junsu in a music poll, beating out Big Bang, Justin Bieber, 2NE1, and more.

Furthermore, after Junsu announced the confirmed cities for his World Tour, his fans began posting a video titled ‘XIA SUPPORTING PROJECT BY PERUVIAN FANS‘ on YouTube and other social networking sites, begging for a show in Peru as well.

A South-American source remarked, “Once performances for Mexico, Chile, and Brazil had been confirmed, fans in Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentia became extremely upset. Peruvian fans are especially upset, as there is a large JYJ fan base in Peru. JYJ’s recent visit to the area had caused traffic to become paralyzed, and 3,000 fans stood outside their hotel.”

JYJ’s agency CJeS remarked, “We are well aware of South America’s passion. We will be including South American cities in all of the World Tours in the future, so there will be many more opportunities to meet with them. Kim Junsu’s stops to South America will create a new sensation, and we know for sure that it will reap a phenomenal response.”

In related news, Kim Junsu will wrap up his Asia Tour at the Hong Kong Convention Center August 7th and head to New York to embark on his World Tour.

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[VIDEO] 120726 Tohoshinki Mission Card 10 (Eng Sub)

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