Friday, August 24, 2012

Jaejoong: We were like this.. Haeundae's stylish guys

Jaejoong: Continuing from last year.. The aquarium is mysterious..

Jin Yihan: ㅋㅋㅋ

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Look here, Young Whee. Isn't this too cute~

Jaejoong: I'll never be able to forget these memories

Jaejoong: It can't be helped even if it's embarrassing.. The world!!!! has changed.

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Ko...Ko-Takie.. I got it DaengHwi. (T/N: Jin Yihan made a typo)

Jin Yihan: @mjjeje Dae..Daenghwi???..I'm sorry, Kyungtakie...

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin I'm...I'm okay.. The heavens were never on my side..

Jin Yihan: I'm sorry for the typos. This friend ("tingu") what are you doing in Busan? Return with me. Stop and return! (Note: He RT Jaejoong's tweets)

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin You...Did you drink wine? An explosion of typos..

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Oh, look at this guy.. Ti...ti..tingu? Did you say that? Listen up, capture this guy immediately..! ㅜ

Jin Yihan: Aren't we childhood friends? Let's respect each other... You're not Gangnam style but "Kongtak GangNyam Stual".

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin Isn't Busan in Gyeongsang Namdo? So you're "Oppan GyeongNam Style"

Jin Yihan: No...Younghwi Kongtak Style!!!

Jaejoong: @YiHan_Jin In Busan...What are you doing? Return with me...Hey friend..Go back ㅠㅠ

Jaejoong: Lonely Ddaeng-whee..

Jaejoong: In total solitude Kyuntakie..

Jin Yihan: @mjjeje Are you comfortable!!! Kong Takie!!!

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