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[PHOTOS + TRANS] 120719 Jaejoong - Star Selca: Message From Dr Jin’s Jaejoong‏

The message left on the filming set by Jaejoong, who have been into the character of Kim Kyung Tak since May. Hi everyone, I am Jaejoong who is acting as Kim Kyung Tak in Dr Jin. Everyone has been keeping up with the broadcast, right? ^^ I received a lot of energy from every viewers’ passionate attention and love. Even under such a hot summer, wearing hanbok and perspiring, I am still smiling while filming. As this is my first saeguk drama, I felt unfamiliar from the speaking tone to the costumes and hairstyle. But I adapted to it with the help from seniors. I am finally gotten used to the top knot that binds my forehead but the drama is ending soon. Such a pity~ Do love Dr Jin to the end~ I will also do my best till the end! 
1) Are sideburns Kim Kyung Tak’s pride? ^^ I don’t really use the mirror while filming, but I will neatly arranged my sideburns after putting the topknot on.

 2) Even for a while, the make up artists will come over with their brushes and touch up. You’ve worked hard. Applause.

 3) Manager Sung Ho piggybacked me. Sung Ho ah, I am not that heavy, don’t give such a tiring look!

4) I re-realised the beauty of hanbok after filming Dr Jin. Even more handsome with the fan, right.

 5) I got infatuated with horse riding recently. Every time when there’s a break, I will console the horse who had a tough time filming.

 6) Though I practiced with Yoochun but wearing the top knot is still difficult. TT I’m so lucky that I don’t have to stick on moustache.

 7) It’s always joyful to film with Yi Han hyung. I always wanted to laugh when I meet him.

 8) Teacher Kim In Soo who is acting as my father. His own character is in fact 180 degrees opposite from the character~ I’m thankful that he’s always taking care of me.

 9) This is the scene where I relayed my one-sided love for Young Rae. The mushy romantic lines aren’t really suitable to me.

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[NEWS] 120719 Details about Junsu's English track revealed

Junsu is very busy with his promotions for his "Tarantallegra" album as he recently flew to LA in order to start recording an English track and MV for the repackaged edition.

His agency indicated, "Although the title and genre cannot be revealed yet, we can tell you that Sony Music's songwriter Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer. He has worked with many big name artists such as Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, and Leona Louis."

Vanderveer praised Junsu, stating, "What would have been done in two days was finished in just one. I'm very impressed with Junsu and working together felt really good."

Furthermore, the music video team is strong as well. Some key players are Marc Klasfeld who claimed the first place on the Billboard chart with the video for "We Are Young." He has also worked with stars like Eminem, Far East Movement, Beyonce, and Jay-Z.

Kim Junsu commented, "Having the world tour and repackaged album really boosted my self-confidence and working with such amazing people makes me really happy."

This new album is scheduled to be released sometime in the middle of August and Junsu will be going on the European and American branches of his tour from late August to October.

Source: Nate
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[PHOTOS] Junsu for 10asia+Star Vol.14

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[NEWS] 120719 Kim Junsu’s New English Single and MV Assisted by Big Names

Details of Kim Junsu’s upcoming English-language track have been revealed. 

As previously reported , Kim Junsu will be releasing a new repackaged album with an English language single and is recording the song and music video in LA.

C-Jes Entertainment revealed additional details onthe new single on July 20, saying, “Kim Junsu is currently recording his English-language track for his world tour and will soon film the music video.”

Regarding the track, the agency shared, “The upcoming new single’s title and genre have not yet been revealed, but its composition was assisted by Sony Music’s composer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer who has worked with Christina Aguilera, The Wanted and Leona Lewis.”

Composer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer revealed his sentiments on working with Kim Junsu saying, “I was very surprised at XIA (Kim Junsu). He’s an artist who sings with his heart. I had actually originally thought the recording would take at least two days, but one day was more than enough and throughout the recording I kept finding myself making exclamations. I’m very happy to have worked [with Kim Junsu].”

In addition, Kim Junsu’s music video will be directed by Marc Klasfeld who recently directed the music video for the Billboard-topping We Are Young by Fun and has previously worked with Beyonce, Eminem, Jay-Z, Far East Movement and more.

Kim Junsu added, “After releasing my world-wide album and going on my world tour I gained a lot of self confidence, which I think is helping bring bigger successes. I’m very happy to work with such great people.”

The repackaged album will drop in mid-August and Kim Junsu will begin touring the Americas and Europe beginning at the end of August.

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[NEWS] 120719 SM Entertainment and JYJ postpone to get a decision from the court about their exclusive contract

The decision from the court on the matter of exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and JYJ (Jae Joong, Jun Su, and Yoo Chun) was postponed.

The decision was supposed to be given on July 19 at 10:00 a.m. at Seoul Central District Court. However, it was postponed again. The decision will now be given on August 10.

SM Entertainment and JYJ have tried to reconcile their differences, having postponed the court’s decision six times since May. However, the reconciliation couldn’t be brought about and they were again brought into court at the end of last year.

They set a date to plead the case in May and made their points to each other, but they couldn’t reconcile because of their clear differences. However, before the decision was made from the court, SM Entertainment proposed a settlement again.

JYJ filed for an injunction in 2009 to stop validity on the unfair exclusive contract between them and SM Entertainment. As the court granted it, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit to confirm the validity of the exclusive contract and also brought an action for damage against them in April, 2010. At this, JYJ also filed a lawsuit to verify invalidity of the contract.

The court dismissed all actions brought by SM Entertainment against Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su in February last year. Through the decision from the court, the exclusive contract between SM Entertainment and JYJ was declared null and void.

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[NEWS] Tohoshinki Becomes Best Selling International Artist in Japan

With the release of their latest Japanese single "Android", Tohoshinki has sold a total of 3,104,000 singles in Japan, becoming the best selling international artist in Japan.

The duo released "Android" on July 11th, topping the Oricon daily chart. The song sold a total of 152,000 copies in its first week, topping the Oricon weekly chart as well.

The previous record holder for most singles sold in Japan by an international artist was the Carpenters. The brother and sister duo have sold 3,002,00 singles in Japan, holding the title for the past 10 years and 10 months.

Earlier this year, Tohoshinki set another record on the Oricon chart when their last single "Still" topped the chart, becoming the first international group to have 10 #1 hits on the chart.

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[PIC] JYJ 3hree Voices new background

Picture can be found in the login screen [x]

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[PICS] 120718 New 'Dr Jin' Jaejoong photos

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[NEWS] JYJ Junsu's World Tour is Heating Up on the Other Side of the World

With the news of JYJ Junsu's world tour, fans are showing their interest from all over the world.

Ever since the announcement of his world tour on July 16, fans from all over the world have been showing their support. Fans in Peru gathered pictures of fans holding up XIA posters and created a collage. Fans in Mexico filmed a 5 minute video showing a huge banner that read, 'Mexico is always waiting for you JYJ.'

This video was made by the efforts of 11 fan clubs by collecting over 1,000 pictures of JYJ Junsu or one that they created themselves. There were also scenes of fans holding signs and screaming JYJ's names, showing their interest and support for him.

South America has been spreading the news of his tour through social media networks such as Twitter. Tweets such as #XIAJunsuenMexico, #CHILEdeservesXIATOUR, #XIATOURinPERU and others all ranked high.
Even before Junsu announced the official cities of his tour, he has been receiving much love from all parts of the world. He will finish his Asia tour in August and begin his world tour.

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[VIDEO]120718 Tohoshinki Ystar News cut

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[NEWS] 120718 Tarantallegra No. 4 on Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking (First Half of 2012)

As we can see Junsu is the ONLY solo-artist on Top 10 Gaon Chart. So proud of him !!!

Source: Gaon
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[TRANS] 120717 Song Seung Hun Mentions Jaejoong in an Interview


Q: The star-studded cast caused a highly-discussed topic. What is your first impression of everyone?

Song Seung Hun: (T/N: only Jaejoong’s portion translated) Additionally, Kim Jaejoong is a junior that I often meet up in private, thus I was very happy that we are working together. Jaejoong, he is really a pretty boy, seeing him in real life! Like a doll ^^.
Source: S-KIZUNA Season 4
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[PHOTOS] JYJ Mahalo Photobook

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