Thursday, August 16, 2012

JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong who recently wrapped up his latest MBC drama series ‘Dr. Jin‘ drew a peculiar expression on his face as he talked about the series and his role.

“It’s bittersweet,” he began. “When we were shooting, it was so hard because I couldn’t even sleep but now that it’s over, it feels strange. I feel like I should still be going out to the set.”

The idol group member has only been in two other projects (Japanese drama ‘Dishonest‘ and SBS‘ ‘Protect the Boss), and so many were concerned about Jaejoong being cast in ‘Dr.Jin’.

“I honestly don’t know how I ended up in a historical drama,” he said. “Even while I was filming, I said, why is the second project I am in a historical one? My seniors told me it would be a difficult challenge, but that it would also be better for me to get the hard things out of the way (laughs). I also thought that I would now be able to easily and efficiently pull off my next project.”

Jaejoong who personally calls himself a ‘white board’ is like a sponge that soaks in everything he learns. “I didn’t have time to prepare separately after I received the script. All I could do was really focus on set. I didn’t receive any special training, I just learned from the teamwork and chemistry with my seniors.”

His greatest source of strength was Kim Eung Soo who played the role of Jaejoong’s father Kim Byung Hee in the script. The scene where Kim Byung Hee took his own life in the arms of Kim Kyung Tak (Jaejoong), a concubine’s son treated with contempt, was a heartbreaking scene for both the viewers and Kim Jaejoong himself.

Ahead of becoming an actor, Jaejoong was already a top idol celebrity. There are endless opportunities for growth that await the ‘musician’ Jaejoong, but because he has already been at the summit of fame and success, he had to embrace much pressure and burdens as he took on his new label, ‘actor’.

“When you get into acting after building some fame as a singer, my acting skills are going to inevitably fall short of the expectations people have of me,” Jaejoong said. “So I was pretty concerned. This isn’t something I started with a lot of confidence, but as of now, I’m extremely satisfied that I was able to come across such an amazing project.”

Through ‘Dr. Jin’, the singer was able to forget ‘Kim Jaejoong’ and become completely born again as Kim Kyung Tak. ‘Dr. Jin’ may have come to a close, but Jaejoong’s gaze in the drama that displayed his heartbreaking sorrow, and his passion for acting will forever be buried in the hearts of viewers. Even while filming under the scorching heat, Jaejoong was able to display amazing focus. All these things were new challenges for Jaejoong.

“Whenever I start something new, I get scared and nervous,” Jaejoong continued. “But I like that fear. The bliss and enjoyment that come with trying new things is pretty amazing. I want to try a theatrical piece next time, and since I did a historical drama, maybe something of a different genre.”

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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SM artist filming for Korean Airlines today

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Nintendo Korea revealed that they will be holding a special event titled "Mario Kart 7 Competition with JYJ" on August 19 at Yonsei University in Seoul.

JYJ, the campaign model for Nintendo 3DS's 'Mario Kart 7', will be attending the event and enjoy 'Mario Kart 7' with the chosen 600 people.

The 500 contestants that are chosen will move onto top 32 then the top round of 16, and the contestants who make it to quarterfinals will be able to hold Mario Kart battles one-on-one with each JYJ members.

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(Junsu, 04:46am KST, 120815) Happy birthday Jihyo noona ^^
(T/N: Song Jihyo's birthday is on 15 August, tweet local time 12:46pm PDT, 120814)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Shenzhen, China
2012/9/8 :: Shenzhen bay sports center

2012/9/14 :: Taiwan University Stadium

2012/9/16 :: Royal Paragon Hall, Siam paragon

* Ticketing information will be updated.

*It’s illegal to purchase/sell tickets on on/offline store that C-Jes entertainment didn't notify through Official website and Official facebook.

Thank you.

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