Tuesday, July 17, 2012

[PHOTOS] Shilla Duty Free Fan Festival (Official)

[NEWS] Junsu Flies to LA to Film His New MV

Kim Junsu has set off for LA!

As previously reported, Kim Junsu will release a repackaged version of his hit album Tarantallegra with a new English-language single and music video.

The JYJ Facebook revealed a new photo of Kim Junsu at the airport revealing the singer had jetted off to LA to work on his new single.

In the picture, a sunglass-wearing Kim Junsu in a white outfit was seen waving for the camera at the airport with passport and ticket in hand.

The caption for the picture said, ‘XIA is flying to LA for recording new song and MV Shooting! He will have a great time in LA with the best staffs! Please give a lot of support!!”

Netizens responded, “All the best!”, “Fighting” and “Good luck Junsu!”

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Photo credit: JYJ's Facebook
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[TRANS] 120717 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

What is your favorite pattern?
Yunho: ♡ heart !
Changmin: Leopard,plaid,stripe and polka dot.....

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[NEWS] 120717 Jaejoong donates 15 tons of rice

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently helped starving children.

On July 17, C-JeS Entertainment said that Kim donated 15.68 tons of rice bags from the Dreame to fifty children project on July 16.

Many fans from all over the world sent standing wreaths made of rice bags to support Kim when he attended a May press conference for MBC’s series Dr. Jin. Kim donated 8 tons of rice bags out of 23.68 tons in June. According to the Dreame, Kim decided to support the fifty children project and donated rice bags for them for a long time.

Kim has donated 20 kilograms of rice every month since October of last year to twenty-nine children. He will donate the same amount of rice every month to fifty children in total by adding twenty-one more children for seventeen additional months.

The children were chosen among 141 children, who were recommended from 2,000 children centers in the whole country.

Kim is currently appearing on MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin as Kim Kyung Tak

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[PHOTO] 120717 Jaejoong - MBC Time Slip Dr.Jin Gallery

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[TRANS] 120717 JYJ Official Facebook Update

XIA is flying to LA for recording new song and MV shooting! He will have a great time in LA with the best staffs! Please give a lot of support!!

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[NEWS] TVXQ makes history on the Oricon with ‘Android’

TVXQ has rewritten history on Japan’s Oricon charts once again with the success of their newest single, ‘Android‘.

Released on July 11th, ‘Android’ not only topped the Oricon daily single chart on the day of its release, but went on to top the following Oricon daily charts and now the weekly chart as of the 17th! This marks the group’s 11th time topping the Oricon weekly chart, bringing their total units in sales up to date to 3.1 million units.

The Oricon stated, “In its first week of release, TVXQ’s new single sold 152,000 units and topped the Oricon weekly singles chart. This brings TVXQ’s total to 3.1 million units to date, which makes them the biggest selling international artist to have broken the 10 year and 10 month long record of the Carpenters, who sold 3,002,000 units.”

TVXQ’s previous record includes being the first international artist in 45 years to top the weekly singles chart 10 times with ‘Still‘. Their recent achievement with ‘Android’ has topped their own record once again.

The boys recently completed their 550,000 fan member tour and 100,000 fan member fan meet.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate
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[NEWS] 120717 DBSK Becomes Overseas Artist With Most Singles Sold in Japan

DBSK has notched another first place win on the Oricon weekly singles chart and made history while doing so.

According to Japan’s Oricon, DBSK′s new single, Android has claimed this week’s top spot on the Oricon weekly singles chart.

Android was released on July 11 where it claimed the top spot on the daily singles chart for six consecutive days in a row.

Oricon then revealed on July 17 that the duo had won the week’s weekly chart as well, making it DBSK′s 11th time atop the Oricon weekly singles chart. DBSK’s previous single Still had also placed first on the Oricon singles weekly chart in March giving them their 10th win on the weekly chart, which was a first for an overseas artist and now Android has extended their record.

Additionally, the Oricon homepage revealed that DBSK had made history by selling a total of 3,104,000 copies of all its singles so far, making them the overseas artist with the most singles sold in Japan.

DBSK broke the old record set by the American duo The Carpenters, who had sold a combined total of 3,002,000 copies of its singles.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

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[120716]MBC Good Day Clip On JYJ's Sasaeng Fans

Sasaeng 'fans' have been known to DBSK/JYJ and Cassies all over the world as stalker fans that have no limit and continue to shock us with new actions causing them to be seen as crazy obsessed fans. Although even Yoochun himself has questioned whether they should be seen as fans or not, going to the extent of causing JYJ member's to lash out from frustration. The latest of their actions that was discovered when picture of Yoochun in his car park were found on the internet, which was found to be linked to surveillance camera planned by Sasaeng 'fans' in his car park.
 Recent event has lead to TV shows such as MBC 'Good Day' to take an interest into this, and reported about the actions of Sasaeng fans, they came to found that they were willing to pay up to $100K just to be able to get their hands on their underwear. ( It should be questionable on what exactly they wish to do with the underwear but i am sure they will surprise us with something new).

Also stating they willingly spend around $200 per taxi ride, (where do they gain all this money from?) it was able to spot a few Sasaeng taxis that are charge large amounts of moneys to be able to stalk and follow JYJ around.

Click here for the link to the video.

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[NEWS] 120716 Kim Junsu’s album is No. 1 in Chile

 JYJ member Kim Jun-su’s first solo album topped the Chilean music chart last week. According to CJeS Entertainment on Friday, the singer’s new album “Tarantallegra,” released in May, topped the pop music chart on Chilean cable TV channel ETC-TV on Tuesday.

“It’s the first time that a Korean singer has been ranked in the top 10,” said a spokesperson for CJeS Entertainment.

Kim said he was thrilled by the accomplishment and feels the international appreciation of his music brings with it a “responsibility” to continue pushing forward.

“The fact that Chile is so far from Korea makes this so remarkable,” Kim said. “To think that I have fans who love me and my music over there – it makes me think I have a long way to go and a lot of responsibility on my shoulders.”

The 25-year-old star said that he attributed his world tour to the subsequent success of his album abroad.

Just days ago, the title track from the Hallyu singer’s debut album was also successful in Europe, becoming the No. 1 song on the Asian Music Chart in Germany.

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[TRANS] 120715 Youngpil's Twitter Update (with Junsu)

Youngpil: With Junsu-ssi doing Penzal Q thank you!!Everyone thank you as well!!

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