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[VIDEO] 120623 HoMin - Music Bank in Hong Kong

Keep Your Head Down + The Way U + Mirotic + Maximum

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[NEWS] 120716 'Time Slip Dr.Jin' Kim Jaejoong Coughing Up Blood Brings Viewers Goosebumps


Kim Jaejoong's acting surprised many viewers.

In MBC drama "Time Slip Dr.Jin" aired on the 15th, Kim Jaejoong, playing the role of Kim Kyung Tak, shocked many with his acting skills.

In the last episode, Kyung Tak fled after shooting Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo) with a gum, but he runs into Young Hwee (Jin Ee Han), and gets taken away after losing consciousness. Kyung Tak, being tortured during investigation, keeps his family and Byung Hee (Kim Eung Soo) safe by keeping his mouth shut.

When Kyung Tak finally succeeds in running away, he tries to commit suicide, but it fails when Young Rae appears.

Viewers who watched this episode commented, "Jaejoong's acting today was so good," "I got goosebumps during the scene when he was coughing up blood," "I love the character of Kim Kyung Tak", "Kim Jae Joong's acting is getting better and better", etc.

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[TRANS] 120716 Jaejoong Twitter Update

On average two hours of sleeping time ..Episode after episode I learnt a lot, and challenged many things which are scary and exciting. I'll work harder for the remaining filming and once again want to try challenging new things which I have not feel before. Dr Jin which is gradually getting interesting, fighting!

"Long legs Kyungtakie"

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[FANCAM] Shilla Duty Free 2012 FAN FESTIVAL Part 2

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[PHOTOS] 120716 JYJ Facebook Update

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[VIDEO] 120703 Tohoshinki on Sukkiri (Eng Sub)

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[NEWS] 120716 Concert sales for SM, JYP & YG artists in Japan revealed

A recent report by TVDaily has revealed the impressive amounts of revenue that the artists from Korea’s ‘Big Three’ music agencies, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, have generated in both Korea and Japan.

In the first half of 2012, SM artists have been confirmed to have achieved over 100 billion won in sales. TVXQ‘s tours in Japan (26 performances thus far) drew a total audience of 550,000 fans with ticket sales amounting to 76 billion won (~$66 million USD). SHINee‘s 20 performances have drawn 200,000 people totaling over 25 billion won (~$22 million USD), and Super Junior has earned approximately 110,000 guests for about 15.7 billion won (~$13 million USD) with just two performances in 2012.

In this same time period, the YG Family world tour concert in Japan drew a total of 310,000 people alone for a total revenue of 49.4 billion won (~$43 million USD). As for JYPE, 2PM‘s Japanese Budokan Concert Tour in Asia drew 110,000 people for approximately 5.8 billion won (~$5.1 million USD).

In addition, Cube Entertainment, DSP Entertainment and many other music agencies are ready to join in the second half of this year.

Source: TVDaily
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[NEWS] 120715 Junsu to Tour Americas, Europe and Release Repackaged Album

Kim Junsu is bringing his music magic to the Americas and Europe.

On July 16, C-Jes Entertainment revealed Kim Junsu would be touring North America, South America and Europe in a world tour with plans to stop at two or three cities per continent.

The agency shared, “From the beginning we targeted not only Korea but also Asia with Kim Junsu’s solo album and aimed for abroad with the music video. We are in the middle of a successful Asia tour but have continued to receive an outpouring of requests from the Americas and other places abroad and we have thus decided to embark on a world tour.”

The agency also added plans for a new album saying, “With the world tour we are currently preparing a repackaged album. This new album will included an English single targeting the world and its music video will be produced in the U.S. We cannot disclose who yet but renowned staff members in America will be taking part [in the album]."

The dates and locations of the upcoming world tour will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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[TRANS] 120715 Jaejoong’s Sister Su Young Tweets About Dr. Jin

Jaejoong sister tweeted about his acting skills in Time Slip Dr Jin episode 16, also by protect the boss director (see other post):

[TRANS] Jjoongie is cute~~ He called up father and mother today and told them not to watch drama (Dr. Jin) because their hearts would ache. So I thought if he’d be beaten up too much (in Dr. Jin)…ㅠㅠ

[TRANS] I cried even twice because of Jjoogie’s look, acting and the lines today… I told Jjoongie about it and also that I had cried even before, then he said he filmed the scene quickly because they had no time. But he was able to be immersed in it! Woah~ Jjoongie… I sink into your drama without even realizing it. It’s so fun to watch Dr. Jin on time every week~ hehe.

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[TRANS] Protect the Boss editor tweets about JaeJoong

[Trans] Jaejungie did really well today ㅜㅜㅜ Tears ㅜㅜㅜ

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[TRANS] Lim Young Pil tweets a group photo with Junsu

Doing “Penzal Q, Thank you!” with Junsu!! Everyone, Thank you!!

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[FANCAM] Shilla Duty Free 2012 FAN FESTIVAL - Why (Keep Your Head Down)

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