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Yunho is performing with BoA for her comeback song Only One.
The show will air on 28 July. More info here

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Right now under this moonlight... so beautiful..^^ Me seeing this scenery is such a thankful thing..

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The height of the idols of SM Entertainment have been unveiled.

Do you have any idea who is the tallest in the company??

Check out the photo below for more information regarding the height of your favorite idols.

#1. Changmin - 190 cm
#3. Yunho - 186 cm

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Kim Jae Joong held a fan meeting with his Japanese fans on July 22 in which some 1,500 Kim Jae Joong fans from Japan came to Korea to spend time with their favorite singer/actor.

The fans were first brought to the set of Kim Jae Joong’s MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin, where the fans got a first-hand look at the set.

The fans also showed their appreciation for the hardworking staff by pooling together their money to purchase the staff members snacks and beverages.

The fans later gathered that night at a theater in Yonsei University for an official fan meeting with Kim Jae Joong.

He opened the event by singing his track Even When Living, Living Like a Dream from the drama’s OST. An extensive introduction on Kim Jae Joong’s drama character, Kim Kyung Tak, was presented before Kim Jae Joong spoke about his favorite and most difficult scenes as well as a look at some of his big scenes and the special hidden stories behind them.

Three lucky fans were also chosen to try on the same costume that Kim Jae Joong wears for the drama and take pictures with the singer/actor, while a few additional lucky fans received autographed scripts and the bracelet he wore for the drama.

Following the conclusion of the fan meeting, Kim Jae Joong expressed his gratitude to his fans saying, “I’m thankful the fans came despite the hot weather. I’m happy to have closed today on a touching note. I will do my best until my very last scene.”

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[TRANS] @shfly3424 Yesung & Yunho Y style!!

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A cafe within an internet portal site has come under fire for buying and selling the cell phone numbers, social security numbers, and Kakao Talk IDs of idols such as TVXQ, JYJ, and SHINee. In addition, buyers were even able to attain the phone numbers of the artists’ managers or close acquaintances through the website.

Exact prices were not specified, but it is said that the price of each piece of information differed greatly depending on the idol group.

As controversy over the site began to grow, access to the cafe was finally blocked.

Netizens who came across the shocking news stated, “It’s a pity their personal information is leaked just because they are celebrities. Although they are public figures, I think we should protect their privacy”, “Buying another copy of their album would be much more helpful to the artist than buying their social security number”, and “That’s crossing the line of fandom and approaching criminal offense. I hope they realize that sometimes less is more and that their actions can actually be a disservice to the idols they admire”.

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Cleaning up of the heart, finished!!!^^

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Rasheeda Ameera (stylist): @jdmgrl on set today for Junsu music video.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jaejoong: The present from everyone (^_^) I was really happy (T.T) I didn't want to go back

bums1313: Eh?? He's here already! The places where he hurts himself seems to be fine! This is a relief~ Today too he've worked hard~~ It's been a long time with Jaejoongie! At Bum's~~~ Also thank you to those who came all the way here!! ^^*

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  • Start of part 2~ (cr:chaehui1226)
  • JJ singing "I'll Protect You." (cr:chaehui1226)
  • They showed A-nation and Tokyo Dome clips. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Quiz corner~ (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ said when he's resting at home, he wouldn't shower. XD (cr:ryoJJ)
  • He has 12 piercings on his body. (cr:chaehui1226)
  • His Kitty underwear today is Black~ cr:ryoJJ)
  • JJ laughed at out when he saw the script book. (cr:chaehui1226)
  • There is something like a medicinal plaster on JJ's shoulder. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • JJ: What kind of present do you guys want? Fans: We want Jaejung~ (cr:shachong)
  • His right hand hurts, so he has to use his left hand. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Because he hurt his left shoulder yesterday, for the high-touch he is going to use his left hand. (cr:shachong)
  • They are going to take the commemorative photo now~ (cr:shachong)
  • Fans go up on stage, high-touch with JJ, then sit on the chairs for the photo together. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Even though they are doing high-touch and picture taking, the fanmeeting was about 2 hours. I am so touched by Jaejung who slept for 2 hours a day on average this week but still wants to bring happiness to his fans. (cr:ailovejj33)
  • Because the plaster could be seen the photo, JJ removed the plaster... (cr:jeje_reico)
  • He removed it himself before the high-touch because fans could see it. (cr:jeje_reico)

  • Jaejoong singing "I'll Protect You"
  • Attire: black tee, hole-designed black pants, black jacket
  • Q: During break time, you stay at home and not bathe at all, true or false? Jae: True.
  • Jaejoong has 12 piercings. He's wearing a black Hello Kitty underwear.
  • Jaejoong signed the drama script and gave it as present to a fan
  • Jaejoong asked the fan who won the game: Which present do you want? Fan: I want Jaejoong.
  • Another fan got a bracelet, it's a couple bracelet with Jaejoong!
  • Jaejoong said his right hand hurts, so he's using the left hand.... T_T
  • When Jaejoong claps, he uses his left hand more, because his right hand hurts....
  • His right hand hurts because when he fell down yesterday, he knocked onto the right shoulder T_T
  • The autographed script a lucky fan received! Jaejoong wrote "I'm always thankful!"
  • It became a "Left Hand Touch meeting" because he can only use his left hand. T_T
  • Another fan got a bracelet, it's a couple bracelet with Jaejoong!
  • Jaejoong said he once due to composing of songs, he did not bathe for 3 days
  • During the group photoshoot, Jaejoong keep changing his pose. He already looks so tired, but to keep the atmosphere high, he continued on. ;;
  • Jaejoong keeps changing his expression and pose. Jfans followed and copied him too xD Each group is 40 people. So Jaejoong has 35 groups to take photos with!!
  • Jaejoong will hi5 them first, then according to number to sit down then take photo. It's too tiring for him.
  • Some fans cried seeing Jaejoong hanging on for them. Jaejoong smiled at those fans who cried. ;;
  • He apparently looked tired, but he still carried on bowing and hi5ing every fan. His smile never fade at all.
  • Jaejoong peeled off the medical plaster because it will be seen in the photos....
  • A fan said that Jaejoong smells like he just came out from bathing xD
  • A fan: He keeps smiling. When we talk about his injuries and him crying, he tries to avoid. He even said "it's alright, please don't worry." He can't shake hands, so he can only use his left hand to HI5. His expression showed that he's sad and sorry about it. Just to take the photo, he peeled off his medical plaster. Kim Jaejoong, please take care of yourself first.
  • Jaejoong carried a little girl and put her on his knees while taking the photoshoot Jaejoong posed bbuing bbuing
  • It's the 30th group... 5 more groups to go then the fanmeet will end.

  • now he's wearing all black~
  • Dome and A-nation clips in the fanmeet~ what does it mean?
  • JJ didnt take a shower for 1 day when he was at home!
  • JJ laughed after he confessed about not taking a shower for a day
  • Today's gift is a signed script book of Dr Jin~
  • Prizes: 2 signed scripts and 1 bracelet that JJ is wearing
  • JJ quickly covered the part when there is a plaster on his shoulder. JJ still think of fans :(
  • JJ asked which prize you want. Fan: I want Jejung! JJ laughs.
  • Due to his injuries, instead of a handshake, they changed it to a high five with his left hand.
  • JJ changes pose for every group. He's really cute.
  • Everyone can see that he's tired but he keeps on smiling at the fans. Looking at them one by one during the high five. Keep on bowing.
  • Fans getting teary eyed seeing JJ like this. JJ, you made us love you even more.
  • There are around 1400 fans. 40 per batch. So JJ needs to pose 35 times~ JJ fighting!!!
  • Fan: I went~ high five is quick, no time to smell him or check out his underwear.
  • A fan replied: I did. He smells so good like he just came out of the shower.
  • Some fans are crying right now because they are so touched with JJ's actions. Even though he is injured, he still cheers up his fans.
  • JJ called a little girl in the back row, he placed her on his lap when taking the photo~
  • During high five, some fans said "JJ, please show us your muscles". JJ laughed and said "No muscles"
  • Group photo session has just ended~
  • FM ended~
  • there will be a dvd of the fanmeet and will be delivered to the participants~
  • A fan requested JJ to do a cat pose. He was like "Meow~ nyan nya". very cute~ JJ is so full of aegyo~

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  • The fan meeting will start at 7:20pm KST. (cr:ung_uh)
  • It has started~ (cr:prettyhirorin)
  • Jaejung appeared~ White T-shirt and white slim pants~ Very cool. (cr:oksumish)
  • Starting with his OST song. (cr:shachong)
  • His hair is tucked behind one ear. It's a little wavy. (cr:JJ_peace)
  • He's wearing a black jacket(?) that's opened at his chest. Wearing a white tee underneath. (cr:shachong)
  • His average sleeping time is 2 hours. (cr:JAE_MIX)
  • HIs high note at the 2nd part of the song was awesome. He laughed when it ended. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • His hat is very heavy so his neck hurts every day. (cr:yuna6002)
  • Talking about filming "Sageuk" and he said he was a little scared. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • He said that he did not get any special advice from Yuchun. XD (cr:shachong)
  • Mucus(?!) came out from Jaejung's nose. XD (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ asked his fans to watch Dr Jin today focusing on him. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Dr Jin has been extended to 22 episodes~ (cr:JJstar_+JJ_peace)
  • JJ: Honestly, I don't have many NGs. Maybe it's because I'm smart... (cr:shachong)
  • The MC asked if Kyung Tak would have a shower scene. JJ said that recently he doesn't have confidence in his body so he wouldn't be able to take his clothes off. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Something memorable would be filming crying scenes, it was really tough. Also, horse riding is very difficult. I had to practice for 5 times before filming. (cr: chaehui1226)
  • JJ laughed out loud when he heard people calling Young Hwi "Eyebrows". (cr:chaehui1226)
  • Three lucky fans get to take picture with Jaejung while he's wearing Kyung Tak's costume. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • JJ stuck out his tongue as "fan service" during picture taking. (cr:shachong)
  • During picture taking, JJ placed the sword at fan's throat and also pretended to stab his sword into the fan's abdomen. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • Q: No one has given you a real elephant as a present right? JJ: I will decline it. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Q: When was the last time you kissed? JJ got shy and said: Do you really want to know? (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ said that it was a kiss with a guy during a game. A Japanese celebrity. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ's underwear is also Kitty...(cr:JJstar_)
  • He said he received a lot of Hello Kitty presents lately, even his underwear is Hello Kitty. (cr:shachong)
  • JJ laughed when fans said they wanted to see his Kitty underwear. (cr:ryoJJ)
  • He said that he has gotten more wrinkles lately. (cr:shachong)
  • A recent time you cried? JJ: Yesterday when I was filming the movie, I fell from 4 metres high. The shock to my neck and shoulders was quite painful. (cr:jeje_reico)
  • JJ's reading a Japanese poem, Love by Takinawa Shuntarou (cr:prettyhirorin)

  • Jaejoong sang Living Like A Dream!
  • The last part's high note makes people have goosebumps! He even smiled widely when it ends.
  • Jaejoong's hairstyle today: put behind one of his ear, you can see the shape of his ear clearly
  • The mic Jaejoong used is pasted with a glittery shiny "Jaejoong".
  • Jaejoong is still the good little kid in front of Japanese fans :3
  • Average sleep of 2 hours. His eyes today is bigger and he has a small face. He looks tired. :(
  • Talking with a smile (cr:jeje_reico)
  • Jaejoong said when filming Dr Jin, the hat was too heavy his neck was a little pain.
  • Jaejoong: How was I inside the drama? Fans: /clap loudly
  • Jaejoong humbly said: Even if this drama is without my character, it will be very interesting too. MC: But even only Kim Kyung Tak exist in this drama, it's already one interesting story!
  • Jaejoong: Please let me (Kim Kyung Tak) be the centre of the story/drama today!
  • Jaejoong: I... really don't NG much, my brains is good. MC laughed at that.
  • MC: If only the drama has Kyungtak's bathing scene Jaejoong: Recently I don't have confidence in my body, I'm left with bones.
  • Jaejoong: My horse riding skills has improved a lot!
  • Jaejoong used ウマ (horse) and ウマい(riding very good) connection because both words have the same starting pronunciation. Jaejoong really have daebak speaking skills.
  • Jaejoong: Drama extended, so my resting time is decreased. Feeling a little lonely, but because there's you guys supporting me, extending of drama seems like a good thing!
  • Jaejoong: The deepest impression would be filming crying scenes. It's hard.... and the horse riding scenes. I was really scared. At the start I have to practice 5 times before filming
  • Fan: Jaejoong's Japanese is still very fluent, can even use pun, he's really as smart as what he said.
  • During the chatting time, whenever Jaejoong feels shy he'd put his finger into his pants' little holes. (He's wearing a torn-designed white skinny pants today)
  • Jaejoong says he wants to try acting as a king!
  • Lucky draw. Prize is the clothes Jaejoong wore in the drama. The fans who were being chosen can take a photo with a costumed-dressed Jaejoong.
  • Jaejoong asked fans why did they call Younghwi "eye brow guy" Fans answered that's because his eyebrows are very obvious. Jaejoong laughed out loud.
  • 3 lucky fans taking pictures with Kyungtak. The first two fans are from first floor, so when Jaejoong's choosing the third fan, he chose the second floor's fans (to ensure fairness) ;; this guy
  • Jaejoong back-hugged the fans
  • Q: Why do Jaejoong loves elephants so much? A: When I went to Thailand, I always received presents related to elephants. So I gradually fell in love with elephants. My favourite elephant item is green coloured elephant.
  • Talking about elephants, if someone really wants to give you a real elephant, what will you do? Jae: I will reject.
  • Jaejoong's opinion in love!!! He won't be like Kyungtak, holding on to one person not letting go because if you do not change yourself, the other party will feel annoyed too. He wants to see many sides of himself.
  • Jaejoong said things like love, will also change too.
  • Q: When is the most recent kiss? Q: HAHAH Everyone really wants to know?
  • Jaejoong answered that the most recent kiss is during Protect The Boss filming, after that he became shy.
  • & finally, the real answer to the "Kiss" question is..: It's during a game with a Japanese MALE friend
  • Jaejoong said the recent kiss is with a close friend who is from Japan. If he says out the name tomorrow's headlines will be messy.
  • Jaejoong: I still compose songs and lyrics everyday. But I am a little interested in acting too!
  • Jaejoong: From now on the job I want to challenge most is acting.
  • Jaejoong: Singing is not a job, it's something I'll keep continue.
  • Jaejoong will call Younghwi "Eyebrow guy" from now on!
  • Jaejoong said he received too many Hello Kitty items, almost 70% of daily use items are HK.
  • Jaejoong is considering selling Hello Kitty merchandises xD
  • Jaejoong: I received too many Hello Kitty presents! Even underwear is Hello Kitty
  • When Jaejoong was talking about HK underwear, Jfans shouted they want to see. Jaejoong laughed out.
  • MC: Can we see? & so Jaejoong was shocked at first, then he laughed again
  • There's Hello Kitty underwear and Hello Kitty bra/singlet ._____.
  • Jaejoong: I can only wear Hello Kitty underwears, because 80% of it is Hello Kitty printed
  • Talking about how he cry. Jaejoong said he puts himself in the role of Kyungtak, and he cried.
  • Jaejoong: I don't have skills as to how to cry!!
  • Asking about tips to his beauty. He said he's taking care of his wrinkles too.
  • When is the last time you cried? Jae: Yesterday when I'm filming the movie.. I fell from about 4m. The impact hit my head and shoulder, I felt pain.
  • Jaejoong is reciting a Japanese poem
  • About his injuries, Jaejoong continued that nonetheless, he's fine. He asked fans not to worry about him!
  • The poem Jaejoong recited is Shuntarou Tanikawa's Love.
  • Jaejoong told everyone he read the wrong word LOL
  • Jaejoong said if he gets to rest he wants to go Japan. But drama extended, so it's a pity he couldn't go.
  • When Jaejoong pronounce 'Elephant' in Japanese, he keeps pronouncing it as 'jyo' not 'zou' xD
  • The fanmeet will resume at 8:55PM KST

  • JJ is now rehearsing~ fans can hear him! (cr:Rinmaze)
  • view from 2nd floor~ (cr:bubu_mk)
  • Fans were surprised to see bibimbap served at dinner since it's not in meal pkg. It was JJ's treat to them~ (cr: kimjj5)
  • JJ is wearing all-white~

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While it was silent, a staff sneezed and everyone, including Jaejung, laughed. (cr:@jeje_reico)

Jaejung said, "Why are you guys clapping?" XD (cr:@ryoJJ)

Jaejung's belt makes his waist look really thin. (cr:@shachong)

Jaejung had an NG while saying his lines. (cr:@shachong)

JJ's lines are quite long~ (cr:@shachong)

Jaejung looks well. When the fans were cheering at the beginning, he shyly hid behind his script book (cr:weibo)

JJ's way of wiping his sweat. He dabbed around his nose to not ruin his makeup. (cr:@shachong)

While waiting, Jin Yi Han pretending to "slash" Jaejung from the back. Jaejung turned around and "dueled" with him. XD (cr:@shachong)

While his hat was being fixed, JJ sat on the railings and said "I'm sleeping." (cr:@shachong)

Jae would sometimes speak Japanese. When a codi was touching up for him, he used Japanese and said "It's so hot!" (cr:@ryoJJ)

Cute! JJ played with the feathers on his head, touching it and saying "shu~shu~" (cr:@ryoJJ)

Kyungtak's brother took a mini electric fan and faced it towards Jaejung. He moved the fan really really close to Jaejung's nose and Jae was stunned for a moment, but laughed after. (cr:@ryoJJ)

Even though there were talks of him being injured, he looks fine ^^ (cr:@shachong)

After the "OK", people clapped again. Towards the end, JJ clapped a little near his stomach. (cr:@ryoJJ)

Kyung Tak's brother did a "Sarang haeyo" pose over his head. Cute~ (cr:@jeje_reico)

Fans didn't want to leave, so JJ said "If this filming doesn't end, we can't go for the fan meeting. See you later~" (cr:@jeje_reico)

I have never seen Jaejung so shy until now. Young Hwi (fans call him eye-brow brother XD) was also really cute. Tak-Hwi was the best! It would be good if he could visit the Fan meeting as a guest~ (cr:@shachong)

Before the filming, Jaejung said, "You guys left at 6am this morning? I am only filming for about 1 hour, is it okay since it's short? Isn't it hot?" (cr:mitsumani)

Kyung Tak is getting kidnapped...! (cr: ung_uh)

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Source: Junsu's Twitter
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  • @stefanieuncles Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe #work #junsu
  • Behind the scenes... #junsu @stefanieuncles and MAXI
  • @jyjsongforme thank you but I'm not in the music video. I'm working on the video doing hair/makeup/wardrobe. :)
  • @EndlessLoud I'm at work right now and it's dead ass air right now. Until the music video starts.Then that's all I'll hear for the next12hrs
  • @EndlessLoud Junsu . a recording artist from Korea. He's quite popular
  • These fans are going apeshit on twitter. Now that's support.
  • Wow. He's fucking amazing. I had no idea.
  • “@Leia_chan: @rasheedaameera Do you manage to speak in english with him ? Or a translator is always needed ?” translator.
  • “@Leia_chan: @RasheedaAmeera imagine a band where they're all amazing like him... ♥” he was in a band?
  • I have a smartphone. I need to use it and research him right quick. But fact is I'm just wowed by him up close and personal.
  • “@geekachu_: @RasheedaAmeera have you heard him sing yet? ^-^” yes and dance
  • “@noonapi: @RasheedaAmeera Did you know Junsu has a twin brother? :) And his mother was Miss Korea once.” no!!! He's amazing hands down
  • @5irenTemis_W where do u start? Lol he's really talented all around. His voice is so unique and powerful
  • @DB5K_InHeaven @tvxq_enya he's all smiles. Working right now.
  • “@DevjaCaiora: @RasheedaAmeera your phone is probably ringing every 2 sec with all the tweets from Junsu's fan^^” for real though. Lol
  • “@kittypins: @RasheedaAmeera it must be really random to say all these fan messages out of the blue lol! Thank you ^^” it's really inspiring
  • All of these tweets are AMAZiNg. I have to work now but clearly his fans are in LoVe and happy for this music video
  • He's walking around set singing:)
  • Junsu loves all of his fans. Just wanted to let u fans know that.
  • @Gummy_AJ they had to translate all the messages but he's aware and thankful
  • So he does speak English :) he just told me about all the cars he owns. Ferrari. Bentley. And an Audi.
  • I'm showing him all these tweets. So your messages are reaching him.
  • @DevoteRaphar yes he's right here. We are filming the last shot of the day. Then back on tomorrow :)I will post pics after the video release


  • Work today wasnt work at all..Here is the sweet.. beautiful @StephanieUncles #makeup
  • Here we are behind the scenes at the new #Junsu music video with @StefanieUncles & @rasheedaameera waiting to start:)
  • @gorjaeouslips yes !!! #Junsu and all of his people are very nice..his hair is so wild!!! I am working on video for 2 days:)
  • I will!! @AmOo_on: @maximaximaxi @StefanieUncles @RasheedaAmeera Good luck~ tell Junsu that Cassiopeia loves him XD hehe
  • @huskydolphin can't show pictures of #Junsu ...his style for video is a secret until video is released...sorry:(
  • @gorjaeouslips the concept for new #Junsu music video is Also a secret but..I can say...he takes over The United States of America:)
  • Actually he tells us what to do not the other way around:)#Junsu@AMMICKY: @maximaximaxi can you tell junsu to post a picture of himself? Lol
  • It's..not..normal..:)@lindalukita: @maximaximaxi could you describe what is wild hair means? a picture maybe. Thank you very much.
  • Of course:)@BokJJ95: @maximaximaxi you're so kind ♥ Cassiopeia ( name of his fan club) will support all of you ^^ please care about him, ok?
  • I'm sorry Korea..but The U.S. Might have to kidnap #Junsu and keep him for ourselves...
  • I just told #Junsu that his fans love him and wish him well on his new music video:) this made him very happy..he smiled big
  • I'm starting to understand this #Junsu obsession..he's super cute:)@subarashii_garu: @maximaximaxi Oh I want to see that smile~ ~
  • I have worked with #GaGa .. #Christina.. #Eminem..and every other Pop star..but nobody cared..people only care about #Junsu
  • I took a few illegal behind the scenes videos and pictures..I will show all you #Junsu fans after video comes out..he sings one:)
  • I promise..also I will keep taking illegal video clips..@ItsMyFinger: @maximaximaxi lol keep your promise ;) We will wait^^
  • Tomorrow I will tweet a picture of the 2nd girl that will be in the new #Junsu music video:)
  • I think I already said too much...@lovelyjung_jyj: @maximaximaxi how many girls in that video? many many girls? Haha
  • #Junsu loves his fans..he won't mind I say a little bit:)@DevjaCaiora: @maximaximaxi Aish don't get yourself in trouble because of us... ^^
  • @Nermin_88 so far I have to ask #Junsu 100 questions and tell him 100 things from his fans...I hope I have time..I'm only with him for 2days
  • Thx;) were done for today start again 7am #Junsu@xiaeunsuh: After filming ^^ @1215thexiahtic @maximaximaxi @RasheedaAmeera have a good rest
  • Attention #Junsu fans..I told him you all love him..including.. Peru..Egypt.. Columbia..Indonesia.. Brazil..Korea..USA..anybody else?
  • @kukulilo: @maximaximaxi You forgot Vietnam :(( OK! I will tell him
  • Vietnam..England..Chile..Malaysia..Taiwan..Germany..Canada & Singapore
  • I do have to tweet about other things besides #Junsu or the rest of my followers will Hate me :)
  • Worked with a really famous Korean singer #Junsu today.His fans love him alot & are curious & I feel bad not to answer a few Questions


  • Working on the #Junsu #music #video today. Super fun! :) #model #stefanieuncles #losangeles
  • Behind the scenes of the #junsu music video. #model #stefanieuncles #losangeles
  • Last touch ups and then we are going on #set to shoot the first scene :) #junsu #musicvideo #korea #stefanie
  • Legit tears. First scene is done! Yay :) #stefanieuncles #model #actress #junsu
  • The first scene was great! #junsu is such a nice guy :) thanks for following. I told him his fans are super sweet and nice :))) #model
  • @DevjaCaiora only english and german, but id love to learn korean. #Junsu tried to teach me lool
  • That's a wrap for today's #JUNSU #MusicVideo Shoot! Amazing team & Crew! We created some badass stuff! :) Can't wait for everyone to see it
  • That's a wrap for today's #Junsu Music Video. Thanks to the amazing team and crew! I had a great time :)
  • @XiahDerTod Unfortunately I can't say anything. but I took some behind the scenes pictures, I can post when they release the music video :)
  • @Uknow_JeJe @1215thexiahtic Junsu is really talented :) I think you're going to love the new video :)
  • @eLthexiahtic15 Yes, tomorrow is a 2nd day, but I'm not working with Junsu tomorrow :( Im shooting a commercial
  • @XiahDerTod I'm exhausted. 14 hour day! Good night <3
  • @eLthexiahtic15 YES! We were talking about his fans all around the world! he told me about his last shows! So cool! he really loves his fans
  • @Jungyyu @1215thexiahtic His English was really good! He taught me Korean! lool I can say hello now! 안녕
  • @rennnn26 Yes, we were speaking English. Junsu was really good - nice guy :)
  • Exhausted from the 14 hour #Junsu Music Video Shoot. Good night everyone! Shooting a commercial tomorrow :)
  • @90914Thututuru his fans are awesome! I appreciate all the love <3 good night
Note: I didn’t include all their tweets/retweets. They also RT lots of fans.

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Stefanie Uncles: Behind the scenes of the #junsu music video.
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Changmin in red~

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The OST for "Time slip Dr Jin" will be released July 24 2012. The OST will include Jaejoong's track 'Living like a dream' and 15 other tracks.

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On the top album rankings chart, TVXQ and JYJ were able to occupy 9 of the 16 total spots. Over 50% of the list was composed of TVXQ and JYJ albums.

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JYJ member Junsu who has embarked on his solo career will write a new K-pop history of his own. Wrapping up his Asia tour which made stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and China, he is now preparing for another tour, this time in North and South America and Europe.

His first solo album "Tarantalegra" dominated international music charts, including Germany's Asia music chart, Chile’s Etc...TV pop chart and Japan's iTunes music chart. It also ranked on Billboard's top 10 world album along with its music video entering at No.1 on a Chinese weekly music video chart.

Junsu planned out a world tour from the early stage of his solo career as he had limited access to his fans with TV. So he consulted able promoters who were in charge of previous JYJ world tour, and planned out one for himself this time that would make two to three stops in the each continent.

Junsu is currently working on repackaging his first solo album in English for the upcoming world tour. World-renowned producer Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer who had collaborated with American singer Christina Aguilera and music video director Marc Klasfeld who worked with Beyonce, Eminem and Jay-Z participate in the repackaging process for Junsu's album and the music video.

As the news of Kim Junsu's world tour spread out, his fans across the country take part in a campaign, wishing his tour made a stop in their nations. Fans in Peru made a collection of photos in which every single one of them was holding Junsu's album and poster. His Mexican fans created a 5-minute video, entitled "Mexico is always waiting for you JYJ" on Youtube. Fans around Europe and South America posted messages online wishing for his visit to their countries.

A pop-culture critic in Korea said Kim Junsu was the very first solo musician launching a “world” tour, and his challenge wourld be worth looking at, because his overseas success could open a whole new world for solo artists, who did not relatively have much opportunities in the overseas music market, compared to idol groups.

Kim Junsu’s repackage to his first solo album will be released in the middle of August, and he will kick off his highly-anticipated world tour in the end of this August.

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[Trans] : The alarming truth that this dog Young-Gae, who was brought up by Young-Rae and Young-Whee, was already named "Young-Gae" even before filming began!

(The 개 in Young-Gae means dog.)

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Q: When you two first heard the song’s name [ANDROID], what did you think? 
Changmin: truthfully, I thought they were talking about the smartphone

Q: yes, recently thinking of this word you would think of the smartphone right?
Changmin: Yes (laugh). but the lyrics is completely different

Q: Yunho what did you think?
Yunho: I didn’t think that way like Changmin, I felt as if the song [ANDROID] has the hope for one’s own future, challenging your boundaries, that kind of message, it unconsciously came to me.

Q: So that’s what. So now we will talk about the songs, if you receive your own ANDROID what will you do? It’s okay to talk about what you like.
Yunho: It’s it okay if I can’t say it~~

Q: If it’s not good, we can cut it out, please answer
Yunho: Right now, DBSK is going to a lot of countries constantly right? So I would put my abilities and feelings into the ANDROID, to help me completely half of the work…
Staff (laughs)
Yunho: Give my work to the ANDROID, and I would use that time to go to school or something

Q: Also meaning, at times you would ask it to do LIVE?
Yunho: Of course I would do the part I can still do. But if there is a part I can’t do completely, I would ask the ANDROID, I would be like the shadow to go learn or train. And then transfer the things I learn into the ANDROD……

Q: Slowly becoming a grand plan (laugh). What about you Changmin?
Changmin: I also want to ask it to work
Staff: Changmin too (laugh)
Changmin: Yes, but the direction of it is different from Yunho, because I think the workload right now is okay. I want the ANDROID to do the same amount of work, and then I can have twice as much money


Kim Jae Joong recently talked about his character in MBC’s series Dr. Jin.

On July 20, the production crew for the series posted a video of Kim giving an interview on their official website.
He plays the role of an officer named Kim Kyung Tak, who lost everything that he loves. Kim is a child born out of wedlock but he loves Park Min Young (plays the role of Hong Young Lae). However, Song Seung Hun (plays the role of Jin Hyuk) appeared and the three people formed a love triangle. He also lost his best friend Jin Yi Han (plays the role of Hong Young Hui) and is having hard time in the series.

Kim said, “If I was the character, I will be little greedy and sometime I will take what I want.”
“Kim is little foolish in some cases. He tries to listen and take care of everyone. I thinks he lacks flexibility. He is not good at thinking rationally and be good to both himself and other people.”

But he showed his affection towards his character by saying, “But that’s the character’s belief.”
When Kim was asked about his character that he was evolved than the beginning, he replied, “The character was strict and heavy because he didn’t know what was happening at the beginning. But now he is involved in many incidents and feels various emotions, including happiness and sadness. As a result, honest side of the character was featured in the series often.”

The series airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:50 p.m.

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Actress and CEO Lee Jin Ju, who took a fall at the red carpet of the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), is apparently close with JYJ’s Kim Junsu. Lee Jin Ju’s mini homepage contains a picture she took with Kim Junsu in January.

The two are shown holding onto each other and posing for the camera. Kim Junsu, in a dark velvet jacket, appears to be pretty close with Lee Jin Ju, who’s wearing a black shirt and skirt with accessories in her hair. The two have never acted together in dramas, films or musicals, making fans curious on how they could’ve met.

Netizens posted such comments as, ‘Where did Lee Jin Ju and Junsu meet?’, ‘Lee Jin Ju is probably a fan of Junsu’ and ‘What unexpected ties~’.

Recently, Lee Jin Ju walked the red carpet of PiFan on July 19 with Seo In Guk. She nearly fell down after stepping on her own dress while mounting the stairs, almost causing a big accident with her revealing dress.

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Korea’s airports will be busy this weekend as it prepares to take in some 1,500 Kim Jae Joong fans from Japan.

 On July 22, C-JeS Entertainment will oversee a fan meeting for Kim Jae Joong and his drama Time Slip Dr. Jin.

 Some 1,500 fans from Japan will come in this weekend to visit the drama filming set and to hold a fan meeting with Kim Jae Joong.

 Following JYJ’s membership week, which attracted thousands of fans just a month ago, the large number of fans coming to see Kim Jae Joong is proving once more the popularity of the JYJ members.

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