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The OST for "Time slip Dr Jin" will be released July 24 2012. The OST will include Jaejoong's track 'Living like a dream' and 15 other tracks.

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On the top album rankings chart, TVXQ and JYJ were able to occupy 9 of the 16 total spots. Over 50% of the list was composed of TVXQ and JYJ albums.

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JYJ member Junsu who has embarked on his solo career will write a new K-pop history of his own. Wrapping up his Asia tour which made stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and China, he is now preparing for another tour, this time in North and South America and Europe.

His first solo album "Tarantalegra" dominated international music charts, including Germany's Asia music chart, Chile’s Etc...TV pop chart and Japan's iTunes music chart. It also ranked on Billboard's top 10 world album along with its music video entering at No.1 on a Chinese weekly music video chart.

Junsu planned out a world tour from the early stage of his solo career as he had limited access to his fans with TV. So he consulted able promoters who were in charge of previous JYJ world tour, and planned out one for himself this time that would make two to three stops in the each continent.

Junsu is currently working on repackaging his first solo album in English for the upcoming world tour. World-renowned producer Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer who had collaborated with American singer Christina Aguilera and music video director Marc Klasfeld who worked with Beyonce, Eminem and Jay-Z participate in the repackaging process for Junsu's album and the music video.

As the news of Kim Junsu's world tour spread out, his fans across the country take part in a campaign, wishing his tour made a stop in their nations. Fans in Peru made a collection of photos in which every single one of them was holding Junsu's album and poster. His Mexican fans created a 5-minute video, entitled "Mexico is always waiting for you JYJ" on Youtube. Fans around Europe and South America posted messages online wishing for his visit to their countries.

A pop-culture critic in Korea said Kim Junsu was the very first solo musician launching a “world” tour, and his challenge wourld be worth looking at, because his overseas success could open a whole new world for solo artists, who did not relatively have much opportunities in the overseas music market, compared to idol groups.

Kim Junsu’s repackage to his first solo album will be released in the middle of August, and he will kick off his highly-anticipated world tour in the end of this August.

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[Trans] : The alarming truth that this dog Young-Gae, who was brought up by Young-Rae and Young-Whee, was already named "Young-Gae" even before filming began!

(The 개 in Young-Gae means dog.)

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Q: When you two first heard the song’s name [ANDROID], what did you think? 
Changmin: truthfully, I thought they were talking about the smartphone

Q: yes, recently thinking of this word you would think of the smartphone right?
Changmin: Yes (laugh). but the lyrics is completely different

Q: Yunho what did you think?
Yunho: I didn’t think that way like Changmin, I felt as if the song [ANDROID] has the hope for one’s own future, challenging your boundaries, that kind of message, it unconsciously came to me.

Q: So that’s what. So now we will talk about the songs, if you receive your own ANDROID what will you do? It’s okay to talk about what you like.
Yunho: It’s it okay if I can’t say it~~

Q: If it’s not good, we can cut it out, please answer
Yunho: Right now, DBSK is going to a lot of countries constantly right? So I would put my abilities and feelings into the ANDROID, to help me completely half of the work…
Staff (laughs)
Yunho: Give my work to the ANDROID, and I would use that time to go to school or something

Q: Also meaning, at times you would ask it to do LIVE?
Yunho: Of course I would do the part I can still do. But if there is a part I can’t do completely, I would ask the ANDROID, I would be like the shadow to go learn or train. And then transfer the things I learn into the ANDROD……

Q: Slowly becoming a grand plan (laugh). What about you Changmin?
Changmin: I also want to ask it to work
Staff: Changmin too (laugh)
Changmin: Yes, but the direction of it is different from Yunho, because I think the workload right now is okay. I want the ANDROID to do the same amount of work, and then I can have twice as much money


Kim Jae Joong recently talked about his character in MBC’s series Dr. Jin.

On July 20, the production crew for the series posted a video of Kim giving an interview on their official website.
He plays the role of an officer named Kim Kyung Tak, who lost everything that he loves. Kim is a child born out of wedlock but he loves Park Min Young (plays the role of Hong Young Lae). However, Song Seung Hun (plays the role of Jin Hyuk) appeared and the three people formed a love triangle. He also lost his best friend Jin Yi Han (plays the role of Hong Young Hui) and is having hard time in the series.

Kim said, “If I was the character, I will be little greedy and sometime I will take what I want.”
“Kim is little foolish in some cases. He tries to listen and take care of everyone. I thinks he lacks flexibility. He is not good at thinking rationally and be good to both himself and other people.”

But he showed his affection towards his character by saying, “But that’s the character’s belief.”
When Kim was asked about his character that he was evolved than the beginning, he replied, “The character was strict and heavy because he didn’t know what was happening at the beginning. But now he is involved in many incidents and feels various emotions, including happiness and sadness. As a result, honest side of the character was featured in the series often.”

The series airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:50 p.m.

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Actress and CEO Lee Jin Ju, who took a fall at the red carpet of the 16th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan), is apparently close with JYJ’s Kim Junsu. Lee Jin Ju’s mini homepage contains a picture she took with Kim Junsu in January.

The two are shown holding onto each other and posing for the camera. Kim Junsu, in a dark velvet jacket, appears to be pretty close with Lee Jin Ju, who’s wearing a black shirt and skirt with accessories in her hair. The two have never acted together in dramas, films or musicals, making fans curious on how they could’ve met.

Netizens posted such comments as, ‘Where did Lee Jin Ju and Junsu meet?’, ‘Lee Jin Ju is probably a fan of Junsu’ and ‘What unexpected ties~’.

Recently, Lee Jin Ju walked the red carpet of PiFan on July 19 with Seo In Guk. She nearly fell down after stepping on her own dress while mounting the stairs, almost causing a big accident with her revealing dress.

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Korea’s airports will be busy this weekend as it prepares to take in some 1,500 Kim Jae Joong fans from Japan.

 On July 22, C-JeS Entertainment will oversee a fan meeting for Kim Jae Joong and his drama Time Slip Dr. Jin.

 Some 1,500 fans from Japan will come in this weekend to visit the drama filming set and to hold a fan meeting with Kim Jae Joong.

 Following JYJ’s membership week, which attracted thousands of fans just a month ago, the large number of fans coming to see Kim Jae Joong is proving once more the popularity of the JYJ members.

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JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun is the most representative hallyu star of Seoul according to new survey results.

On July 20, the city of Seoul revealed the results of a recent survey asking foreigners which hallyu actor they believed would best promote Seoul.

The survey was held from June 20 through July 3 and made available in English, Japanese and Chinese on the Seoul city homepage with some 2,800 individuals taking part in the survey.

In first place was Park Yoo Chun with surveyors citing reasons such as, “He’s handsome,” “He has a soft image” and “He seems to try very hard in everything he does.”

Park Yoo Chun managed to beat out Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun, who each placed second and third respectively in the same poll.

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If I just try hard a bit, it will be good! 

Someday, I will bring happiness and go to Pangpeurap temple~ Until then, please be happy^^

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@6002theMicky No no, delete no no.

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Eunhyuk: Anchovy's elegance!!! I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but on tomorrow's Entertainment Relay, it's SM Town!! And from 8/10~8/19 at Co-Ex there's the SM Exhibition ddwah!!!

Yesung: At the filming set for the SMTOWN Expo~~^^ Do look forward to it~~~!!

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Will there ever be an end to TVXQ's popularity?

 Recently TVXQ has been receiving a lot of attention for their latest single, "Android," which was released on the 11th of July. It placed first in the foreign music category in Japan and also on the Oricon Chart. In this midst of all this, recent news says that the magazine that features TVXQ on its cover sold out.

 The magazine that featured TVXQ is none other than Japan's trendy, "CD&DL." TVXQ filled the 16th page of the magazine. Rumor has it that Japanese magazines' success hangs on the popularity of the cover. This only further verifies TVXQ's presence in Japan.

 "CD&DL" announced that the combination of TVXQ's featuring on the cover with their new target of a huge bookstore, has brought them to the status of selling out. The magazine has hurriedly decided to print more copies. This is a huge achievement considering that Japan's economy is struggling.  

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The article mentions TVXQ selling the most number of CD's as a foreign artist.

[[Nikkei Marketing Journal is a newspaper which specializes in consumption, distribution, and marketing.]] 

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Kim Tae Hee will be having her first fansign event on the 20th at 3pm at Black Smith’s Nowon shop while Park Yoochun’s fansign event will be on the 26th at Sinchon.

Black Smith representative said, “Hopefully the customers who will be coming for the fansign will be able to receive a beautiful memory as a present.”

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SM Entertainment‘s second generation idols have achieved an album sales volume “all-kill”.
A post titled ‘2nd generation idols’ music sales‘ was shared on an online community site, and has been gathering much interest recently. While the big names of the first generation K-Pop idols are usually listed as H.O.TSechs Kiesg.o.dShinhwaS.E.S, and Fin.K.L, the big names among the second generation idols who have also become Hallyu stars tend to include TVXQSuper JuniorGirls’ Generation, and Big Bang. This post listed the second generation of idols who have truly acquired great success and income.
SM Entertainment idols have particularly proven that they have taken some of the top spots in the K-Pop industry. According to the post, when it comes to second generation idols and their album sales, TVXQ takes first place overall with their fourth album ‘MIROTIC’ which sold a total of 600,857 copies. Following behind TVXQ is fellow labelmate Super Junior who sold 502,830 copies of their album‘Mr. Simple’. In third place is TVXQ once again with 458,686 copies sold of their third formal album ‘O-Jung. Ban. Hap’and taking both fourth and fifth place is Girls’ Generation with 385,348 copies of ‘The Boys’ and 334,785 copies of ‘Oh!’.
Furthermore, TVXQ proved that they were truly the ‘Idol Kings’, occupying 9 total slots on the list (including JYJ album sales) of 16. And among the top 16 places, SM Entertainment artists such as TVXQ, Super Junior, and Girls’ Generation have seized 14 of them, achieving an SM “all-kill” on the list.
Netizens who have seen these numbers have commented, “Wow, SM has conquered [this chart],” “[This shows] TVXQ’s dignity,” “It looks like TVXQ is on a whole other level,” and, “My album should be somewhere in here. 

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JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are growing rapidly as actors.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are grand idol stars with fandoms all over countries. It's hard for them to appear on a TV program, but releasing albums and holding concerts in order to frequently meeting with fans.

And now, these guys are starting to expand to drama, musical, movies and other areas. There were some biased opinions regarding their idol occupation. Some people looked at them negatively, saying that they were in leading roles without proving their worth. But in 2012, assessments about JYJ members have completely changed. Now JYJ members can confidently add their titles with actors and musical actors.

Park Yuchun has been an actor since KBS "Sungkyunkwan Scandal," MBC "Miss Ripley," but to him SBS "Rooftop Prince" is a special one. Park Yuchun, who was a bit novice before, became matured in his role from "Rooftop Prince" as an actor.

Park Yuchun's one of much strength is his clear voice tone and his ability to send message well. Because of this, Park Yuchun could control his up and down voice, and his expression has been surprisingly smoother. Also Park Yuchun blending into his fellow colleagues helped him to be a better actor.

Kim Junsu debuted as a musical actor through musical "Mozart!" in 2010. Kim Junsu's musical went sold out but it also had revealed some problems.

The problem is Kim Junsu's high payment. Because of him, 'Mozart!' was sold out and Kim Junsoo is right to be compensated. However, this will make other colleagues discouraged and hiring idols just for the profit became more frequent. Some people even said Kim Junsu's this musical will also be his last. Just like any other idol stars.

But Kim Junsu was different. After 'Mozart!.' he participated in other musicals such as "Tears of Heaven," "Mozart!," "Elizabeth" and started to create his own character. Kim Junsu himself was enthusiastic about musical and is constantly improving himself.

Critics pointed out his lack of voice range and voice tone, and criticized that he cannot effectively read lines, but his ability to dominate the stage, powerful vocal, expression are Kim Junsoo's specialty as well.

In the musical "Elizabeth" ended last May, Kim Junsu performed sexy and attractive death perfectly. His dancing on the stage was perfect just as an idol singer, and his singing also was flawless. Because of his great performance, Kim Junsoo was nominated for 'The Musical Awards The Best Actor.' It's safe to say that Kim Junsu would soon win the award as well.

Kim Jaejoong started his career as an actor in SBS "Protect the Boss" last year. And right now, he is acting in MBC "Dr. Jin" as Officer Kim Kyungtak. Kim Kyungtak is a tragic person who is a bastard and is abandoned by his lover.

When Kim Jaejoong has first announced his acting career in a historical drama, people weren't too happy about it. They said in order to be in a historical drama, one has to master historical tone and action as well and for Kim Jaejoong, it might have been too early for him. But when Kim Jaejoong in 'Dr. Jin' was first showed, he showed much matured performing.

Unlike his rigid form in the beginning, now Kim Jaejoong has completely mixed into his role, Kim Kyungtak. Kim Jaejoong perfectly performed Kim Kyungtak's longing for his father and lover.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong showed his cynical smile to his best friend and performed emptied face while reminiscing. When he kneeled in front of his father and asking to kill him, Kim Jaejoong cried deeply and dearly. Kim Jaejoong's devoted acting made audiences feel sympathy for him.

Kim Jaejoong will also participate in the movie "Jackal is Coming," following "Dr. Jin." Kim Jaejoong's another transformation is highly expected because of his successful roles in "Protect the boss," and "Dr. Jin."

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On July 19, TVXQ Changmin's question about marriage made a headline in Hong Kong's Oriental Daily Newspaper.

TVXQ Changmin replied to the question about marriage in a Hong Kong Newspaper. One of his fans asked, "When will you get married?" in which Changmin answered, "If I say I don't want to get married, I am lying. I honestly want to get married as soon as possible and have two or three children." Many of his sans were disheartened to hear about his wish to marry soon.

Currently, TVXQ has been topping the Japan Oricon Single Charts with over 152,000 copies sold in their first week of their Japan single, Android.

They also broke the world record for most single sales for a foreign group in Japan with 3,104,000 copies.

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Shall I delete... twitter...??

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The message left on the filming set by Jaejoong, who have been into the character of Kim Kyung Tak since May. Hi everyone, I am Jaejoong who is acting as Kim Kyung Tak in Dr Jin. Everyone has been keeping up with the broadcast, right? ^^ I received a lot of energy from every viewers’ passionate attention and love. Even under such a hot summer, wearing hanbok and perspiring, I am still smiling while filming. As this is my first saeguk drama, I felt unfamiliar from the speaking tone to the costumes and hairstyle. But I adapted to it with the help from seniors. I am finally gotten used to the top knot that binds my forehead but the drama is ending soon. Such a pity~ Do love Dr Jin to the end~ I will also do my best till the end! 
1) Are sideburns Kim Kyung Tak’s pride? ^^ I don’t really use the mirror while filming, but I will neatly arranged my sideburns after putting the topknot on.

 2) Even for a while, the make up artists will come over with their brushes and touch up. You’ve worked hard. Applause.

 3) Manager Sung Ho piggybacked me. Sung Ho ah, I am not that heavy, don’t give such a tiring look!

4) I re-realised the beauty of hanbok after filming Dr Jin. Even more handsome with the fan, right.

 5) I got infatuated with horse riding recently. Every time when there’s a break, I will console the horse who had a tough time filming.

 6) Though I practiced with Yoochun but wearing the top knot is still difficult. TT I’m so lucky that I don’t have to stick on moustache.

 7) It’s always joyful to film with Yi Han hyung. I always wanted to laugh when I meet him.

 8) Teacher Kim In Soo who is acting as my father. His own character is in fact 180 degrees opposite from the character~ I’m thankful that he’s always taking care of me.

 9) This is the scene where I relayed my one-sided love for Young Rae. The mushy romantic lines aren’t really suitable to me.

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Junsu is very busy with his promotions for his "Tarantallegra" album as he recently flew to LA in order to start recording an English track and MV for the repackaged edition.

His agency indicated, "Although the title and genre cannot be revealed yet, we can tell you that Sony Music's songwriter Bruce 'Automatic' Vanderveer. He has worked with many big name artists such as Christina Aguilera, The Wanted, and Leona Louis."

Vanderveer praised Junsu, stating, "What would have been done in two days was finished in just one. I'm very impressed with Junsu and working together felt really good."

Furthermore, the music video team is strong as well. Some key players are Marc Klasfeld who claimed the first place on the Billboard chart with the video for "We Are Young." He has also worked with stars like Eminem, Far East Movement, Beyonce, and Jay-Z.

Kim Junsu commented, "Having the world tour and repackaged album really boosted my self-confidence and working with such amazing people makes me really happy."

This new album is scheduled to be released sometime in the middle of August and Junsu will be going on the European and American branches of his tour from late August to October.

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