Thursday, June 14, 2012

[NEWS] 120614 JYJ’s Upcoming Expo Expected to Bring 10 Billion Won in Economic Windfall to Korea

JYJ’s upcoming expo isn’t just bringing in a large crowd, it’s expected to bring large economic windfalls to Korea.

As previously reported, JYJ will be kicking off its first-ever ‘JYJ Membership Week’, a large-scale exposition for its JYJ fan club members on June 28 for four days at Seoul’s EC.

For the event, some 7,024 JYJ fan members from Japan are expected to set foot on June 28 alone, a record for any Korean celebrity.

According to estimates from the Korea Tourism Organization, the expected economic boost from the visiting fans in lodging, shopping, eating and other activities is over 10 billion won to Korea, proving JYJ′s economic power.

Regarding the staggering estimate, JYJ’s C-Jes Entertainment said, “This is the largest event for a hallyu event yet. We believe a new record will be set in Korea’s tourism industry.”

The event will be attended by some 15,000 fan club members from Korea and over 7,024 fan club members from Japan.

The fans from Japan will come from 14 of Japan’s airports on some 116 different flights and have already reserved lodging in over 1,000 different places in Korea including lodging in not only Seoul but Suwon and Incheon.

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[SCANS] Tohoshinki for WHAT'S IN Magazine July Issue

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[VIDEO] 120609 Tohoshinki - Tone Live Tour 2012 in Tokyo Dome (Day 2) Broadcast by Fuji TV Next Part 3

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[PHOTOS] 120614 Junsu - Incheon Airport

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[PHOTOS] 120614 Jaejoong - MBC Time Slip Dr.Jin Gallery

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[NEWS] 120614 TVXQ, Super Junior, B2ST, 2PM, & more to be featured in ’2012 K-pop Star Entertain Art Show’

Artwork featuring popular K-pop stars will soon become available for the public to see!

Starting June 23rd until August 19th, the Engagement Company, headed by Park Jae Shin, will hold its first art exhibit, titled ’2012 K-pop Star Entertain Art Show’, in the Korean International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) located in Ilsan. The art show will aim to attract both domestic and foreign Hallyu fans with its K-pop inspired paintings.

The artists have attempted to paint realistic, photo-like images of the K-pop stars using the “trompe-l’oeil technique”, a French technique that involves creating an optical illusion so that 2D images appear to be 3D ones. The application of such techniques can be seen in both the 2PM and Son Dam Bi examples provided. The K-pop artists depicted seem to be coming out of the pictures rather than remaining confined within the frames.

There will be three different sections within the art show, including a star zone, a themed zone, and a special zone. The star zone will feature the portraits of 19 artists, including TVXQ, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, f(x), KARA, CNBLUE, B2ST, Baek Ji Young, Im Jae bum, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Jang Hoon, Huh Gak, and more across a total of 110 pieces. The Engagement Company has made sure to gain permission via signed contracts from the entertainment labels to use each celebrity’s image for the art show.

The special zone will feature pop artists like Mary Kim, Charles Jang, Artnom, and The Jack, who will be presenting K-pop star related pop art projects through this special showcase.

Representatives of the art show commented, “We will provide a special kind of entertainment bordering between reality and illusion for the Korean fans as well as international fans of Hallyu.”

Tickets to the show can be booked in advance at the Interpark website.

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[TRANS+PHOTOS] 120613 Jaejoong Twitter Update

Ah this is really funny.. I really thought it was myself ㅋ

Today too hwaittang (hwaiting)

Fighting for just another 29 more hours!

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[NEWS] 120613 Kim Jae Joong’s Chinese Fans Set up Bus, Subway Advertisements in Seoul

Kim Jae Joong’s fans in China have come together to show their support for him.

Recently, advertisements on Seoul’s buses and subway stations have been spotted with encouraging messages for the singer/actor.

The advertisements were made by members of Kim Jae Joong’s Chinese fan site, Jae’s Smile, to show their support for the actor as he is currently starring as Kim Kyung Tak in the MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin.

Another Kim Jae Joong fan site, found on China’s portal site Baidou, has set up video advertisements in ten different stations around Seoul to advertise Time Slip Dr. Jin which will air over 100 times a day.

Netizens commented saying, “Kim Jae Joong has some awesome fans”, “He must feel very happy” and “Wow, even such strong support from fans all the way from China!”

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[TRANS] 120613 7000 Fans From Japan To Attend JYJ’s Fan Expo

In order to participate in the event by popular group JYJ, 7024 Japanese fans will be flying over to Korea.

JYJ’s management agency, C-Jes Entertainment explained, “For four days from 28 May, a large-scale exposition, the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’, will be held at the Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention (SETEC). This is a large-scale event, which will include activities such as an exhibition and fanmeetings for JYJ’s fan membership members.” The fan expo, which will be the first of its kind to be held in Korea, will include the use of 3D-imagery and illusions, as well as a large exhibition hall. Fanmeetings will be held on 30 June and 1 July.

An expected 25000 people will be participating in the event this time, including 15000 Korean members and 7024 Japanese members. The Japanese fans will be entering Korea via 116 flights from 14 airlines, from airports such as Narita, Haneda and Kansai. Also, aside from those in Seoul, 1000 rooms have been reserved in hotels in Incheon and Suwon.

Recently, JYJ, who has finished the video filming and photoshoot for this event, said, “We are looking forward to it as it is a meaningful event which will allow us to repay everyone for their support. We were able to complete the filming in an excited and fun mood. We want to allow the fans to feel this happiness as well.”

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[VIDEO] 120613 Junsu - Video Message for Shanghai Concert

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