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The introduction:

Dedicated to who cried all her tears for “Rooftop Prince” ending, for who doesn’t miss an episode of “Time Slip Dr. Jin” and knows by heart every single song of “Tarantallegra”. Don’t know what we’re talking about? It’s time to find out!

TITLE: The Three Musketeers of KPOP

An announced success:

Not everyone knows that, before being a trio, these three boys that form the Korean band JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu) were part, together with Yunho and Changmin, of TVXQ – a very loved Korean band composed of five members, also known as DBSK, acronym for Dong Bang Shin Ki, “The Rising Gods of the East” – , from which they split after leaving their entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, with whom connections are now really tense. JYJ officially begin their activities in the April of 2010 and achieve immediately a great success, also thanks to their fans’ support, who keep on following them despite the sudden change, supporting them more than ever during the many hard moments of their new career. With album as “The Beginning” and “In Heaven”, JYJ manage to convince even the most sceptic ones about their talent and their potential, freeing themselves of the image built through the years passed with TVXQ and highlighting the distinctive characters of every member of the band, through the numerous individual activities pursued parallely.

The power of the Trio:

Between 2011 and 2012, JYJ get involved in thousand of projects, working as testimonial and composers . Thanks to their unquestionable charm, added to their “boys next door” appearance, Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong are continuously contended by any kind of brand: clothing, hi-tech, medical, restaurants etc. There’s nothing these three boys can’t achieve successfully and there’s no adventure they don’t want to experience, made strong also thanks to the great bond that keeps them together and that brought them where they are today, but it’s during the fall of 2011 that JYJ accept the greatest challenge: an European tour. Between October and November , the boys perform in cities as Barcelona and Berlin, where kpop music isn’t yet as popular as it is in Asia and USA, but it’s where our boys prove their worth, attracting a great number of fans and the attention of the local and international press that sees in their unexpected success a way to new possibilities for the other Korean artists too.

We’re waiting for an Italian date and who knows, 2012 could be the right year before they leave for their obligatory military service!

After that, the magazine gives out their FB url and YT channel for info ;D

On the side of Junsu photo, pg 2, it’s written:
PASSIONS: Among the numerous passions of Junsu, one of the most important ones, aside the one for music, it’s without a doubt the game of soccer! A hobby that made him captain of the FCMEN, the soccer team formed by Korean entertainers, with whom he plays in charity matches, showing his charisma as a leader aside from his unquestionable athletic presence.

Under the JYJ photo in the recording studio, pg 2, it’s written:
Socially involved: JYJ are really socially involved. During the years they attended numerous charity events and they’re very well known for the conspicuous donations to the Japanese earthquake victims and to the Thai flood victims in 2011. Their fans are well known for this too, attracting attention for donating often great quantity of rice to help the less fortunate ones on behalf of Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun. If this isn’t love!

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Park Yoo Chun is a man in demand in China.

In China’s Baidu’s Park Yoo Chun fan community site, an online petition was held for a week.

The petition called for Park Yoo Chun to hold fan meeting in China and was signed by over 5,000 fans.

Along with their signatures, fans left behind the closest city they wanted Park Yoo Chun to come to which included a wide variety of cities in China including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Wuhan and more.

According to one fan in China, “Currently, Park Yoo Chun’s popularity in China is to the point it’s unimaginable. All of Park Yoo Chun’s fans in China are hoping they will meet Park Yoo Chun even a day faster.”

Park Yoo Chun’s fan café itself holds some 80,000 members while the fan café for his recent drama Rooftop Prince amassed some 60,000 fans since the drama began airing in China.

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Ah...This time it was my right hand which was swollen.. Now my arm, thigh, hand..are all terribly swollen like this..The most frightening thing in the world is mosquitoes..The season I hate(dislike) is summer..

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MBC’s Dr. Jin has been trying to get through a silent scuffle regarding rumors that the drama is to be extended.

When news of the extension of Dr. Jin hit the press on July 13, producers and sources from MBC stated, “There are discussions happening on the topic, and everyone is looking at it positively,” but the actors’ agencies have said, “An extension is impossible.”

A rep from the drama’s production company Lee Kim Production told enews on July 13, “It is true that the channel and the actors’ agencies are discussing an extension. It is also true they’re showing positive reactions about it, but nothing has been confirmed.”

A source from MBC added, “It’s true that they’re talking about it. The producers are trying to persuade the actors.”

The actors’ agencies, however, have been disagreeing.

One official from the agency of an actor who appears in the drama said, “To be honest, [the drama] isn’t being received that well and viewers have been pointing out that the plot is too slow; I don’t understand why they’re talking about an extension.”

Another official from a different agency complained, “[Our] actor already has his future schedules set up. We can’t agree to such a reckless extension.”

Dramas surrounded by extension rumors sometimes end up being extended with an official announcement, but sometimes the rumors fade away as rumors if public opinion isn’t very good or the producers fail to persuade the actors.

MBC previously sent off its recent drama Feast of the Gods this way.

Feast of the Gods was rumored to be extended, but due to its low viewership ratings, future drama schedules and dissent among the actors, the extension never happened.

Light and Shadow did make it, but was criticized until the end for its slowed pace.

Dr. Jin, starring Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young, Lee Bum Soo, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and Lee So Yeon, started off at the same time as SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity on May 26 to much anticipation, but started to stumble after falling behind its competitor.

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The cast agrees and irrelevant to percentage

Actors Song Seun-heon, Lee Beom-soo and Kim Jae-joong's (JYJ) MBC weekend drama "Dr. JIN" will be extending two episodes.

The productions claimed on the 12th, "We have all decided to extend 2 more episodes. We felt it was the right thing to do to finalize the story for completion". "Dr. JIN" will end in the beginning of August.

It seems that the cast also seemed positive about this. Lee Beom-soo said, "It would've been better if it was 40 episodes and not 20. This drama is too short". Song Seung-heon said, "20 episodes is not enough to express the variety of a historical".

The productions was worried about how the viewers will take to this. "Dr. JIN" was to end on the 29th this month along with "A Gentleman's Dignity". "It may seem like we are aiming for the absence of "A Gentleman's Dignity" but that is not so".

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Kim Junsu is finding success in all part of the world including Chile.

According to the popular Chilean channel ETC-TV’s Pop Chart on July 10, Kim Junsu’s first solo album Tarantallegra managed to place first on the chart.

In doing so, Kim Junsu became the first Korean artist to place first on the ETC-TV Pop Chart.

The explosive growth in popularity and attention on Kim Junsu in Chile is being attributed to JYJ’s March concert in the South American country.

Following the success of JYJ’s South America tour, the popularity of JYJ, its members, K-Pop and even Korea itself is said to have skyrocketed.

Kim Junsu was also happy to hear of his latest accomplishment saying, “I’m all the more happy to see the results from the world tour. Though Chile and Korea are far apart distance-wise, I’m truly happy to hear of fans there who listen to and love my music and I feel a greater sense of responsibility. Thank you.”

C-Jes Entertainment added, “Though Kim Junsu’s Asia tour has come to an end we are continuing to receive love calls from North America, Europe and South America and really feeling the popularity of a world star. We’re open to a lot of opportunities following our Asia tour and are currently contemplating our future plans.”

Kim Junsu’s Tarantallegra has been finding success all over the world since the album’s release, placing first in China’s latest music video site and placing first on a German Asian music chart.

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1st half 2012 Chart
XIA Junsu - Tarantallegra - 126,220

Total sales as of June 2012 Chart
XIA Junsu - Tarantallegra - 130,800

To view the full chart on Gaon website go here and select the option below
The '2012년 상반기' might not show up in chrome so try using other browsers

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Super singer Junsu who I have been with for 9 years already~^^ My dongsaeng who hasn't changed, always tries hard and has an amazing fighting spirit.. You're already 27.. I'm 30.. Why don't you get old =_= 

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 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently met musical writer Szilveszter Levay.

On the afternoon of July 11, Kim Jun Su tweeted a photo of himself and the musical writer with the caption, “Levay, I like you.”

In the photo, red-headed Kim strikes a pose with Szilveszter Levay making a v-sign. The teacher and the pupil look friendly.

Szilveszter Levay is a world-famous musical writer, who wrote musical Mozart and Elizabeth. Kim, who stared in both of the writer’s musical, must have a close friendship.

Netizens responded: “A teacher and a pupil. They look good together.” “Are they in the works of another musical?” “You look gorgeous with the red hair.”

Last year the musical writer appeared on the stage of Kim’s musical concert, I Missed You.

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Teacher (Mr.) Levay..I love~you^^
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Bigeast version
[TRANS] I want to go to the beach in summer!

[TRANS] Let's overcome this summer with ANDROID!


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