Thursday, July 12, 2012

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1st half 2012 Chart
XIA Junsu - Tarantallegra - 126,220

Total sales as of June 2012 Chart
XIA Junsu - Tarantallegra - 130,800

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Super singer Junsu who I have been with for 9 years already~^^ My dongsaeng who hasn't changed, always tries hard and has an amazing fighting spirit.. You're already 27.. I'm 30.. Why don't you get old =_= 

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 JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently met musical writer Szilveszter Levay.

On the afternoon of July 11, Kim Jun Su tweeted a photo of himself and the musical writer with the caption, “Levay, I like you.”

In the photo, red-headed Kim strikes a pose with Szilveszter Levay making a v-sign. The teacher and the pupil look friendly.

Szilveszter Levay is a world-famous musical writer, who wrote musical Mozart and Elizabeth. Kim, who stared in both of the writer’s musical, must have a close friendship.

Netizens responded: “A teacher and a pupil. They look good together.” “Are they in the works of another musical?” “You look gorgeous with the red hair.”

Last year the musical writer appeared on the stage of Kim’s musical concert, I Missed You.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

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Teacher (Mr.) Levay..I love~you^^
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Bigeast version
[TRANS] I want to go to the beach in summer!

[TRANS] Let's overcome this summer with ANDROID!


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Having already premiered successfully in countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, SM Entertainment's documentary film "I AM" will finally be arriving in the US!

Scheduled to be released on July 13 at Los Angeles's CGV Cinemas, "I AM" will run for a week in Los Angeles. To celebrate the release of the movie, CJ Entertainment has initiated a special promotion event for all Southern California residents interested in seeing the film. The special promotion event is a free "I AM" movie tickets giveaway with one lucky winner being announced each day until the Los Angeles premiere date of the film. Those who are interested must like CJ Entertainment's official American Facebook page and take part in a promotional poll.

Check out the the English trailer for "I AM" below!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JYJ Kim Jaejoong has published a picture of himself on his twitter last July 10 with the message “Episode 15, 16 will be interesting”

Kim Jaejoong’s photo of himself for MBC weekend drama Dr Jin showed that he is not in his usual military uniform, hiding behind the trees as if looking at something. In particular, Kim Jaejoong’s face with black and blue bruises aroused curiosity.

Netizens said “Who hit KyungTak?”, “Cute, little funny, but interesting to guess who hit him” showing a variety of reactions.

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