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JYJ Kim Jaejoong has published a picture of himself on his twitter last July 10 with the message “Episode 15, 16 will be interesting”

Kim Jaejoong’s photo of himself for MBC weekend drama Dr Jin showed that he is not in his usual military uniform, hiding behind the trees as if looking at something. In particular, Kim Jaejoong’s face with black and blue bruises aroused curiosity.

Netizens said “Who hit KyungTak?”, “Cute, little funny, but interesting to guess who hit him” showing a variety of reactions.

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Who is this kid...? Cute boy

It seems like things are going to get interesting in parts 15 and 16

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The Shocking Brutality Of JYJ Yoochun's "Sasaeng" Fans. Sasaeng fans are often described as obsessive fans that follow their idol stars around constantly and who try to dig into every aspect of their lives, even to the obnoxious point of stalking.

On July 10th, a picture of Yoochun's daily life was posted onto an online community board with the caption, "Sasaeng fan of Park Yoochun installs CCTV camera in his parking lot.

In the screenshot picture, one can find Park Yoochun hiding behind walls to check if there are any sasaeng fans before getting the courage to finally walk into his own home.

The sasaeng fan, who installed the CCTV, proudly uploads these screenshots to various online community boards as if it’s a prideful possession.

Park Yoochun shared his feelings about sasaeng fans in an interview with TV Report back in June. (JYJ was under fire after one media leaked videos and audio files of the members using violence against their sasaeng fans.)

"It is really hard to understand them anymore," said Yoochun. "I've tried for years to understand them and accept them as part of the fandom, but I honestly do not believe they are true fans. Sasaeng fans terrorize us with inappropriate behaviors. I know people say this is something I should deal with, but it really isn't easy.

In related news, Super Junior's Kim Heechul gave a stern warning to his sasaeng fans on his Twitter, before terminating his account on July 9th.

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The most special mark of Kim Junsu’s first solo concert held in Taiwan university’s Gymnasium on June 23 is the wide range of his fans - regardless of ages and genders. It was also particularly noticeable that many male fans came to the concert venue alone.

Even Kim Junsu noticed this point on the stage, “I can see some male fans here and there. If you are a male fan, please make some noise”. Quite a few of male fans on the spot waved their hands and let out their ‘deep outcry’. Even the female fans at the venue tried to immitate male voice and that scene made all the audience burst into laugher.

Then, what is the reason that Kim Junsu has so many male fans like this? Out of curiosity, after the concert ended, our reporters asked some fans about it. After analyzing their answers, we came up with the conclusion that Kim Junsu’s unwavering talent is the primary reason.

Liao Fei Ling, the reporter of ‘Korean celebrity’ corner at the magazine ‘Sense of hallyu’, appraised “We were also very surprised to see this many male fans at the concert venue. This is not even a concert of a group. With this many male fans who gathered here just to see Kim Junsu’s exclusive concert, it is proved that he has such a wide range of fans.”

Another reporter explained “Recently, there are many Taiwanese men who like Korean singer. However, the fact that so many of them became fans of Kim Junsu but not of any other girlgroup has a special meaning. Because most of the men only like male singer who has talent. Today, as this many male fans came to the concert, it means that Kim Junsu’s talent is outstanding enough to turn even men into his fans.”

While being asked “Above all, is Kim Junsu’s ability really excellent?”, unanimously, everyone said “It is not simply because of his outer appearance. Because Kim Junsu is a talented man who is blessed with amazing singing ability that allows him to hit the high and low notes as freely as he wants even in an intense dance performance, there are many male fans who really like him.”

Li So Young, a fan who lives in the center of Nantou city said “I think he is gifted with lots of talents. Also, he can stir up tender sentiments while being powerful. He can be beautiful when giving out a strong scent of his masculine beauty. Men seem to particularly like him more for all of those reasons.”

Wang Eui Jung shared his own analysis “Kim Junsu is the first singer who can make me feel such warm emotions in his music. It seems like male fans not only want to learn from his singing ability but also the mournful sense that melts down every heart.”

A fan lives in Banciao, Taipei asked back “He is known for making a lot of donations and he has lots of good characteristic to follow after so will that make the male fans follow his steps too? In today’s concert, he even asked where the male fans were sitting and showed them his considerations so how can the men not like him?” 

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JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) recently topped the Asian Music Chart in Germany with his solo song, “Tarantallegra.”

On July 10, C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported Junsu ranked first on the monthly Asian Music Chart in Germany, which was updated recently, with the lead track of his solo album, “Tarantallegra.”

Big Bang ranked second and B.A.P ranked third. Junsu also proved his worldwide popularity as he ranked first on the iTunes Chart in Japan, tenth on the Billboard’s World Albums Chart, and first on the monthly Music Video Chart of a Chinese site last month.

Junsu is currently having a concert tour in Asia. Starting in Seoul in May, he went to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, attracting over 30,000 audiences.

A spokesperson for Junsu says, “JYJ became very popular after they had their exclusive concert in Berlin, Germany. They were the first Korean singing group to hold a concert there. Junsu is also very popular in Europe as a leading character of Mozart and Elizabeth, the famous German musicals.”

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JYJ member Jaejoong went out of his way defend Song Ji Hyo on the issue of her weight.

On July 8, Jaejoong posted on his Twitter "On that day, Ji Hyo had shoes, clothes, hat, mic, and other things in her bag. She told me it weighted over 4kg in total."

This post was written about Song Ji Hyo whose weight was revealed on that day's broadcast of SBS "Running Man." On this show, Song Ji Hyo and the members were given the mission of increasing 1kg of weight by eating $10 worth of market food.

Song Ji Hyo, who went on the scale with one of the producers, was revealed to be 53.5kg. Her weight and the producer were revealed to be 153.5kg and the producer alone revealed his weight to be 100kg alone.

Those who saw the post commented "Wow, they must be pretty close for him to do that," "If Song Ji Hyo was fat, what about other people?", and "He's right, that was a good explanation."

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TVXQ sweeps Japan with their new single "Android", a single that hasn't even been released yet.

On July 8, TVXQ's First Edition of "Android" was completely sold out on Rakuten.

Even before the official release of their new single, TVXQ was ranked number 1 on a major Japanese music chart called, "MU-MO" with their new single "Android" and their DVD containing behind-the-scenes footage of their concert. TVXQ also moved up and down between ranks 1 and 2 for their pre-ordered album sales at HMV, a major Japanese music store.

In addition, TVXQ placed 3rd on Rakuten's main music chart, 2nd and 3rd place on Amazon Japan and 3rd on Tower Records Chart for their pre-order sales. On June 27, TVXQ was ranked number 1 and 2 for their pre-orders on Tower Records and still currently remains on top.

TVXQ's "Android" will be released on the 11th of July and will contain their new songs "Android" and "Blink." Only 4 months after their release of "Still," TVXQ is coming back to celebrate summer with their fans.

Meanwhile, TVXQ successfully wrapped up their participation in the SM Town Live Tour in the United States.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

[TRANS] The commedian ask what do they think of him now that they meet. Yunho answer that he doesn't look as 'wild' as he thought he'd be.

[TRANS] Tohoshinki finally arrive! Matsumoto-san told them to come quick. The comedian yell out that he had brought Tohoshinki there like he said he would

[TRANS] Changmin said he had first met with SNSD during his high school year and that they were in middle or elementary school. Changmin continue to say that Seohyun, the youngest, was now old enough to drink alcohol (indicating how much time have pass).
Yunho said that she have grown into a wonderful/attractive woman

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