Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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30 June

Junsu: Goodnight~☆ http://pic.twitter.com/AEExoiqr

Jaejoong: I feel like crying.. There are this many people waiting for us.. for me.. Yet the limits as to what I can do in return on my own, and the little time I have to do so are.... (T/N: He didn't finish the sentence here, but he's just expressing his frustration at how he can't do much anything for the fans) I feel sorry towards everyone.. It's regretful how much more tears are needed still in order to show you all the hard work that I'm putting in, and the sadness that I am feeling now..

Jaejoong: It's not something that can be expressed through just a few words alone, nor is it something that can be told as how many years or how many hours, but.. The years pass by little by little, and emotions change with time, but as all of us go through this same old feeling tens of thousands of times, I must be a really self-centered person..

Jaejoong: The difference between the fear from someone who acts like they're strong, and the look of unconstrained freeness from someone who seems weak..

1 July

Jaejoong: How will our fates turn out to be.. http://pic.twitter.com/YBB8Pml3

Jaejoong: The relaxed time after a few weeks^^ Junsu's house is so cool http://pic.twitter.com/e0xreAVk

Jaejoong: What will be the fate of Younghwi and Kyungtak in today's Dr Jin? And Junsu ya I ate the tofu with kimchi in the mixed pot well!! ㅋ

Jaejoong: Together with Tod http://pic.twitter.com/eSZ1BeV6

Jaejoong: Together with the god of soccer http://pic.twitter.com/SBwIfNYT

Jaejoong: Also together with Mozart--! http://pic.twitter.com/1jWeF1rM

Jaejoong: Together with Junsu, Xiah, Tod and Mozart! http://pic.twitter.com/NhtlWDq3

3 July

Yoochun: I already completed you in my mind...But is it because of my blurry vision...Today of all days composing is difficult...I'm going to sleep now good morning~!!^^ http://yfrog.com/kkzb5wp

poimin73: Mozart orchestra practice^^
Junsu: @poimin73 Hyung~!!!

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More videos on lejxiah & 6002themeng2 channel

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JYJ’s Jae Joong recently released some pictures of himself taken at Junsu’s house.

On July 1, Jae Joong uploaded four pictures on his Twitter account with the comments, “With Todd.” “With the god of soccer.” “With Mozart.” “With Junsu, Xia, Todd, and Mozart.”

In the pictures, Jae Joong is making a V-sign with his fingers in front of some pictures, staring at them, and making funny faces in front of them.

JYJ’s fans responded: “Please upload more pictures if possible.” “Jae Joong is so cute.” “Junsu looks also good in the picture.” “Jae Joong, you must be a fan of Junsu. haha.” “Please update your news often.”

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JYJ became friends with 22,000 fans over the course of 4 days.

JYJ met with 22,000 fans through the “2012 JYJ Membership Week”, which was held at the SETEC in Daechi-dong, Seoul, from 28 June to 1 July. The “2012 JYJ Membership Week” is a large-scale project, which the JYJ members spent 3.7 billion won to plan. It is an expo where fans can become one with JYJ, through various exhibitions and experiential activities.

In the “2012 JYJ Membership Week”, there were activities including a gallery displaying pictures and scupltures created by famous artists with JYJ as the theme, the screening of JYJ’s documentary, an exhibition of the JYJ’s members favourite collections, as well as special fanmeetings held by the JYJ members.

A representative of C-Jes Entertainment expressed, “Due to the restrictions with broadcast activities, we cannot hesitate. We have placed our focus on solidifying JYJ’s position in the world by expanding into a variety of activities such as dramas and musicals, as well as through activities such as world tours, but we also want to approach the fans more with our sincerity. In future, we will continue to plan a variety of content, so as to offer fans differentiated services, and we hope to enhance JYJ’s value through this.”

JYJ provided the fans with much enjoyment through a variety of programs during the fanmeetings this time, which were held over the 2 days. For instance, in the “Telepathy Corner”, the members played charades with their managers, and had punishments. Also, the “Wishing Tree” made an appearance, off which the members picked leaves which had the fans’ wishes written on them.

JYJ’s members said, “We are happy to have been able to bring happiness to the fans through the Membership Week. We hope to be able to create even more good memories with the fans in future. We hope to present more good music and good stages as JYJ. We always receive much strength and energy through the passionate support from the fans, and we want to express our gratitude to them for that.”

On another note, the “2012 JYJ Membership Week”, was the first fan expo of its kind to be held in Korea. With 7024 Japanese fans visiting Korea for it, it has set a record for the most number of foreigners visiting the country for a single event.

Source : [K Star News]
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Tohoshinki met with their Japanese fans through a large-scale event.

According to Japanese media such as Sankei Sports on 1 July, Tohoshinki began their large-scale fanmeet event tour in Saitama Super Arena on 30 June. The (fanmeet) tour this time, which will see 100,000 audiences, is of the largest-scale to ever be held in the history of the Japanese music industry.

Tohoshinki’s fanclub event this time, titled “The Mission”, includes segments such as a quiz corner with fans, allowing the fans to have a fun time.

In addition, Yunho made mixed noodles, showing off his cooking skills in front of the fans. Changmin played the guitar while singing the all-time classic, “More Than Words”, driving the fans wild.

They also performed the new single “Android”, which is set for release on 11 July, for the first time. Changmin expressed, “We have had many performances up till now, but I am the most nervous today. It will be an unforgettable memory.”

Source : [K Star News]
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With so many idols going overseas to promote in Japan, a survey was held in which 37 Japanese instructors were asked to pick the hallyu idol with the best command of the Japanese language. The survey took place over the course of a month, and the results were finally revealed on July 2nd.

In first place was TVXQ‘s Yunho who received 43% of the votes with his natural Japanese speaking skills. The reason why Yunho was chosen was because he is able to carry on fluent conversation, and is also capable of using various slangs and the modern speaking style of the young Japanese generation.

BoA and Girls Generation‘s Sooyoung came in 2nd place as they received 26% of the total votes. BoA is already known for her fluent Japanese speaking skills especially since she has long pursued her career in Japan. However, because she has more of an “artist” image than an “idol”, she was picked by less Japanese language instructors for this hallyu idol poll, thus coming in second. Meanwhile, Sooyoung also placed 2nd with her clean and accurate Japanese accent and her ability to use proper tone when speaking.

The survey also reviewed and rated the skills of other up and coming hallyu stars like Jang Geun Suk.

With Jang Geun Suk‘s appearance on a variety show in Japan without a translator gaining attention, they said, “He’s not proficient in long conversations in Japanese but he does have a good command of the Japanese that is used in Japan.” They also said, “He has a calm, low-tone and uses phrases that the young Japanese generation uses.”

The instructors also commented on KARA when they said, “Their ability to express themselves is still lacking, but they have that unique cuteness that girl groups have. Even with their word choices, they use cuter words than other hallyu stars.”

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Monday, July 2, 2012

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TVXQ held a large-scale event for their fans.

On July 1, Japanese newspapers including Sankei Sports reported that TVXQ held a large-scale event for their fans at the Saitama Super Arena. The scale of TVXQ’s event tour is the largest in the Japanese music history.

At the event, titled “The Mission,” TVXQ had a good time with their fans by solving quizzes together. Yunho showed his talent in cooking by making bibimguksu, and Changmin got the fans excited by playing Extreme’s “More Than Words” with his guitar.

TVXQ also performed their new song “Android,” which will be released on July 11, for the first time. Changmin says, “We’ve held many live concerts but I was really nervous today. I got to have an unforgettable memory.”

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

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Friday, June 29, 2012

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Info on the art show
Is that Yunho in the Goong art on the right side of the last pic?

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Recently in the July edition of L’Officiel Hommes, Eita mentioned Jaejoong in his interview.

Q: Do you have a favourite singer?

Eita: Jejung. I’ve worked with him in ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ and he is the best in all the male singers I’ve ever heard. It gave me the thought for the first time that male voices are beautiful.

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JYJ revealed how much profit it will make from its JYJ fan expo.

With over 20,000 fans taking part in JYJ’s four-day long fan-oriented expo, many would have thought the trio and its agency would be making big bucks, but the agency revealed zero profit will be made from the expo.

JYJ’s ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ kicked off on June 28 at Seoul’s EC with some 15,000 Korean and 7,024 Japanese fans attending.

For the four-day long festivities, about 3.7 billion won was invested in by JYJ and its agency but has foregone any profits as C-Jes’ head, Baek Chang Joo revealed, “We eliminated the commercial aspect. Though we won’t get any profits right away we think of the money put in as an investment.”

He added, “If we were thinking about profits, this event would have not even entered our minds. But it’s not an event we created in the expectations of receiving anything. This is purely a ‘fan service’ that we thought of six months ago to return all the love JYJ has received so far.”

The expo will last until July 1 and includes fan meetings with JYJ’s members, chat session, photo exhibition and more.

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