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[NEWS] 120530 ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’s Kim Eung Soo Thinks of Kim Jae Joong Like a Real Son

Actor Kim Eung Soo has revealed his father-like affections for JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong.

On the May 30 broadcast of MBC’s A Good Day the morning show visited the set of SBS’ Time Slip Dr. Jin. During the segment, the show interviewed actor Kim Eung Soo who plays vice premier Kim Byung Hee, father of Kim Jae Joong’s Kim Gyung Tak.

One of the papers Kim Eung Soo was carrying had a sticker on it which read, ‘I support Gyung Tak’.

When asked about the sticker, Kim Eung Soo responded, “Because Jae Joong appears as my son. Though he’s born out of wedlock, [his character] has my blood so I look fondly on him.”

Kim Eung Soo also shared on the similarities between Kim Jae Joong and him saying, “When I saw Jae Joong in the first filming I saw many similarities in him with me. It was strange. When he was a singer, I didn’t know but seeing him on set I saw the similarities. Even the director wondered if we were father and son. Jae Joong said I was like a father to him as well. We are working well together.”

Time Slip Dr. Jin airs every Saturday and Sunday night.

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[FANCAM] 120527 HoMin - Super Junior SS4 in Seoul Encore Part 3

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[PHOTO] 120530 Yunho with Kwon Hyukjun Crayfish CEO

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[TRANS] 120530 Yoochun Twitter Update

Naww, hwaiting Steve!
(Steve, 10:25pm KST) I can’t believe it, I seriously can’t believe it……
(Yoochun, 10:27pm KST) @mykim3130 What’s up????
(Steve, 10:28pm KST) @6002theMicky kekekekeke Because I have to go for reserve forces training tomorrowㅠ
(Yoochun, 10:29pm KST) @mykim3130 Don’t lie to me…. I know there’s something else
(Steve, 10:38pm KST) @6002theMicky keke I’m serious. Hyung, I have to go to sleep so I’ll be good for tomorrow!!
(Yoochun, 10:44pm KST) @mykim3130 Goodnight~^^

Yoochun goes cray-cray :P It’s all sorts of hilarious and troll-y
(Yoochun, 1:20am KST) hahaha Taesung hyung and Minsu hyung~~ We had so much fun~ Passed-out Yoochun, mental collapse Yoochun~^^ Did we always have that kind of relationship????

(Taesung, 1:22am KST) @6002theMicky Yoochun… It’s the long distance effect… I was at least 20cm away from you… I wanted to protect you since you were passed out…
(Yoochun, 1:25am KST) @TAE_SAMA Hm~~~ Hyung, protect me
(Taesung, 1:26am KST) @6002theMicky I’ll keep protecting you in your passed-out form~^^ Don’t worry about it Yong Taemu…………. Muahahahaha
(Yoochun, 1:26am KST) @TAE_SAMA Yong Taemu, you bastard… Where’s Park Ha???
(Taesung, 1:28am KST) @6002theMicky You haven’t left yet? … Park Ha… I keep feeling sorry to Park Ha… Sigh…
(Yoochun, 1:29am KST) @TAE_SAMA I’ll keep loving you, even after 300 years have passed
(Taesung, 1:29am KST) @6002theMicky Me? Or Park Ha? lol
(Yoochun, 1:31am KST) @TAE_SAMA My younger brother Yoohwan~~^^♥
(Taesung, 1:32am KST) @6002theMicky Then… I’ll take Secretary Hong
(Yoochun, 1:33am KST) @TAE_SAMA Crown Princess (T/N: Or the name of that Chinese takeout place from before)~~~~~~~~ Two bowls of jjajangmyun please~!!!!
(Taesung, 1:33am KST) @6002theMicky That’s going a bit too far….
(Yoochun, 1:35am KST) @TAE_SAMA How dare you~~~!!! You are impertinent!!! You are lacking
(Taesung, 1:39am KST) @6002theMicky Goodnight~ My dongsaeng~ Let’s make sure tomorrow’s another day that makes our hearts flutter!!!
(Yoochun, 1:41am KST) @TAE_SAMA With tears turning to joy^^

Yoochun gets all philosophical
(Gun Young, 1:59am KST) @6002theMicky Having fun?
(Yoochun, 2:14am KST) @zerotic0124 I think a life in which joy and sorrow coexist is a happy one….^^ I want to smile a lot!!

You’re never fully dressed without a smile~ ;)
(Gun Young, 3:09am KST) @6002theMicky Smile, boy!! They say that laughter will bring you good fortune~!!!!!!!!! Make me laugh tooㅜㅜ So that luck will come to me..
(Yoochun, 8:30am KST) @zerotic0124 Hyung~ Smile^^ Twa~ah ^________^

Ooooooh He’s working on songs?? That sounds good :D
(Yoochun, 9:49am kST) @motoro100 Hyung~~~ Good morning ^________^
(Yoochun, 9:55am KST) @motoro100 I already finished~ a whole song yesterday!!^^
(Changju, 9:59am KST) @6002theMicky Wow, you’re really fast haha All I have to say is that you’re one scary guy haha I’ll come by when I’m done with my meeting, work hard till then haha
(Yoochun, 10:00am KST) @motoro100 Yes, sir^^

Hwaiting Yoohwan~
(Yoochun, 6:52pm KST) Park Yoohwan!!!! Hwaiting!!!! Please watch ‘Can’t Live Without You’ at 8:15pm on MBC!!!! Twa~~~~ah

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[NEWS] 120530 Park Yoochun Overcome Grief to Shine in Acting

The passionate performance by Park Yoochun who overcome pain shines until the end of the drama.

SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama series “Rooftop Prince” concluded on the evening of May 24th, 2012 with a touching ending of the love of “Gak-Ha lover” Lee Gak (Park Yoochun) and Park Ha (Han Ji Min) that spans beyond 300 years.

The image of majestic Crown Prince in Joseon Dynasty, somewhat absurd but pleasant adaptation period in modern times, and the love with Park Ha which is sometimes funny and sometimes touching yet saddening, Park Yoochun is using a variety of acting skills to lead the pulse of the whole story, showing a more mature acting.

Park Yoochun played the role of Crown Prince Lee Gak who time traveled together with his subjects to 21st century Seoul in “Rooftop Prince”. The love with lover Park Ha which cannot be fulfilled in the past life, is reunited in romance that spans beyond 300 years, touching the viewers.

This time the role of Lee Gak is the competition of the characters which used to play by Park Yoochun previously in the KBS 2TV “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and MBC “Miss Ripley”, showing the many images of well loved Park Yoochun in multifaceted. The unique theme of time traveling, shuttling between the historical drama and modern drama, he perfectly interpreted the acts in two eras, bringing fresh impact and fun to the audience.

In particular, Park Yoochun met with unfortunate event of the death of his father right before the premiere of the drama, but he endured grief, and threw himself into the acting, making the role even more shining. Park Yoochun who returned to the drama earlier than production team’s expected said that he would not let the hardworking crew members, fans and viewers wait any longer.

During the shooting, Park Yoochun wrote, “Dad, miss you like crazy,” making the fans worried. Recently, he wrote, “The filming that remains few more days that longer than ever, yet pass faster than ever. ‘Rooftop Prince’, no matter it’s pain or joy, is a drama that made me strong,” expressing his feelings, showing more robust himself.

The busy schedule also led to a traffic accident. Park Yoochun experienced traffic accident while on the way to filming scene on the early morning of early May, and suffered pain in the neck and waist. But he did not get to the hospital in order to complete the shooting schedule, insisted on shooting, and once again making everyone marvel.

Experiencing pain and putting himself through the mill, yet still able to interpret the role so perfectly, the acting of Park Yoochun is making “Rooftop Prince” even more shining.

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[NEWS] 120530 JYJ Kim Jaejoong's Charismatic Eyes

Kim Jae-joong's picture has everyone talking about it.

In the picture corner of the MBC TV drama "Doctor Jin" homepage, a picture was posted with the title, "Don't lose a single one!" It was a picture of Kim Jae-joong dressed up as Kim Kyeong-tak in the drama with eyes that look like they're about to penetrate the heart of whoever is looking.

In the picture, Kim Jae-joong is on a horse with an aura that mesmerizes anyone who sees him. Fully clothed in the character uniform, Kim Jae-joong looks different from the head of department role in "Protect the Boss".

Those who have seen this say, "Kim Jae-joong is going to penetrate my heart", "How could his eyes be so charismatic?", "How can he be so talented in singing and acting?" and more.

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[VIDEO] 120530 Jaejoong - Time Slip Dr.Jin BTS

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[NEWS] 120530 Past Photos of Eunhyuk, JYJ Kim Junsu and Choi Yoon Young Revealed

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk revealed cute kiddie photos of himself and his classmates in his dance group SRD.

On the May 29 broadcast of SBS’ Strong Heart, actress Choi Yoon Young of the film Korea revealed that she was elementary school classmates with Super Junior′s Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk confessed, “I dreamed of becoming a singer from when I was little. I was the member of a dance team named SRD. SRD stands for song, rap and dance. It meant that we should be a group with all three skills in order to become singers.”

Lee Teuk then added, “SRD actually made it into the newspaper, and it was called the youngest dance group that will lead the 21st century,” and brought out a photo of Eunhyuk in elementary school.

The photo also showed JYJ member Kim Junsu and Choi Yoon Young when they were kids, about which Eunhyuk said, “Junsu was popular with the younger kids, and I was popular among the older girls.”

It turned out Choi Yoon Young also had something to show about herself.

In letters the two used to exchange, Eunhyuk seemed to call Choi Yoon Young ‘Eugene’.

Choi Yoon Young said, “I was in a dance team also in elementary school. We mostly sang S.E.S. songs, and I was in charge of Eugene’s parts.” She then danced out some of her moves from the past to prove she fit her role perfectly.

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[VIDEO] 120529 Junsu - Strong Heart Choi Yoon Young Talk Cut

Info on Choi Yoon Young

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[VIDEO] 120529 Yunho - Next Week 'Win Win' Preview

As BoA's guest

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[VIDEO] 120529 JYJ - Nintendo MarioKart 7 TV-CM ③

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