Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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The JYJ members have given a very big gift to some of the people closest to them.

For JYJ’s dance team I.D. Mu, who has been with the JYJ members for some eight years now, the JYJ members recently came together to gift the dance team members with a new dance rehearsal studio.

The kind act was done by the members as Kim Junsu began his solo album activities as the JYJ members put together their money and opened a place for the team to dance in Gangnam’s Nonhyeon-dong.

I.D. Mu has been with JYJ since their days in DBSK and even made an appearance in MBC Infinity Challenge’s ‘Infinity Song Festival.

The I.D. Mu team also plans to offer JYJ-focused dance classes at the newly opened studio on weekends.

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Recently, the cameras of Sports Seoul caught longtime friends TVXQ‘s Yunho and actress Park Soo Jin attending the musical of a mutual friend together.

As fellow ’85 Club’ friends, the two have been friends since their pre-debut days for ten long years. The two headed out to Kangbuk to see the musical of Yunho’s close friend Kang Dong Ho, who’s currently playing the lead in ‘Searching for Kim Jong Wook‘. Yunho and Kang Dong Ho met through their 2010 musical ‘Goong‘ and have maintained their friendship ever since.

Before the musical was about to start, cameras spotted Yunho and Park Soo Jin getting out of the same white van together. As they’re already well known for being close friends, no one thought twice about them attending the musical together.

Yunho picked up the tickets for Park Soo Jin and himself and the two headed in to find their seats. The audience briefly murmured upon their arrival but quieted down once the lights shut off, signaling that the show was about to start.

The musical itself was a hit with the crowd, as Kang Dong Ho put on a special ‘adlib dance’ mid-performance for Yunho. Yunho cheered him on proudly, not giving a care for his Hallyu star image.

After the musical, the two slipped out through the emergency exit.

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Angel maknae princess Seohyun-ah!! Happy birthday!! Yesterday you suddenly said you were having a party and invited me~^^ I got a shock ㅋㅋ Although it was only a short time, it's really been so long since we all spent time together like that~ Eunhyukie came earlier and left first~ Anyway happy birthday!!!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” recently posted a surprising interview of JYJ‘s Jaejoong on their official website.

In the interview JYJ’s Jaejoong makes a surprisingly frank confession that he thinks his character Kim Kyung Tak’s romantic lines intended for Hong Young Rae (played by Park Min Young) struck him as cheesy.

In his own words, “When I first read my lines I thought they were pretty cheesy. ‘The heavens are not on my side,’ and ‘I’m determined to wait for you ’til the end of time,’ were some of the few cheesy lines assigned to my character.” Jaejoong also admitted feeling concerned that his reaction to these lines might ruin his delivery of them during the filming of the scenes.

He continued, “However once I looked at all the historical dramas ever produced, I realized they were normal. During that period those were common phrases used, so I didn’t feel awkward saying them anymore. I doubt such lines would ever be used again in films dated in the present and future. I will do my best to deliver my lines convincingly enough so viewers can feel my character’s sincerity.”

“Time Slip Dr. Jin” is a story about a modern day neurosurgeon who travels back in time 150 years ago to the olden days in Korea where he must relearn what it takes to become a great doctor.

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Yoochun: I'll think about you if I drink....

Yoochun: I can't even do anything for you, if I say openly to everyone like this, will you be able to hear me

Yoochun: Just by thinking how I just let you go and stay there by yourself, I'm so sorry

Yoochun: Stop the tears

Yoochun: It's a feeling one will experience for those who are living..It's painful like this....

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JYJ Junsu‘s philanthropy efforts have spread overseas to his Taiwan fans.

The Kim Junsu fan club in Taiwan has recently donated school supplies for 500 children at the “Xia Junsu Village” in Cambodia, which Junsu sponsors himself. The Taiwanese fan club donated supplies like notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners and more. Each supply was marked with a “Xia” logo.

There were many instances when Korean fans made donations in the past. But this particular donation is very significant because it is the first overseas donation made to “Xia Junsu Village.” This donation was made to celebrate Junsu’s first solo concert in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese fans visited Junsu’s parents, who were there for Junsu’s concert on June 22, and gave them the donation supplies to give to the “Xia Junsu Village.” On the day of the concert, fans gathered cash on the spot and raised about $10,000 dollars to donate.

The Taiwanese fans stated, “As we’ve watched Junsu make various donation and philanthropy efforts, we were deeply moved. We also wanted to join in our Junsu’s good deeds. It is a small gift, but we hope it will help the children in making their dreams and futures.”

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