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[PHOTOS] 120520 TVXQ - SMTown in LA Part 2

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[VIDEO] 120520 TVXQ - SMTown in LA Press Conference

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[PHOTOS] 120521 Jaejoong - Filming Dr. Jin

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[PHOTOS] 120520 TVXQ - SMTown in LA Press Conference Part 2

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[FANCAM] 120520 TVXQ - SMTown in LA Part 2

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[NEWS] 120521 Park Yoo Chun and Lee Min Ho Spoil ‘Rooftop Prince’ Ending?

The cast of Rooftop Prince don’t seem to care as much about releasing spoilers about their drama, as Park Yoo Chun and Lee Min Ho revealed some in their talk over Twitter.

On May 21, Park Yoo Chun tweeted, ‘For the shoot of Rooftop Prince I’m just, uhm, in Seoul. I’m always thankful and full of the love that you’re all sending me. I’ll always live with what I feel now. I hope you have a great week.’

He then left a cute message reading ‘It’s so nice out~ I wanna go play~’ along with a photo showing himself at the beach.

Lee Min Ho, who read Park Yoo Chun’s monologue, mentioned him in a tweet reading, ‘Hyung (big brother), you’ve stayed up all night. Please keep your composure.’ The conversation that followed then hinted at what would happen in the last episodes of the drama.

Park Yoo Chun said, ‘I’m sorry, Man Bo (Lee Min Ho). Are you still in the Hanyang of 2012? I heard Chi San (Choi Woo Sik) is in Joseon now,’ revealing that Do Chi San had been sent back to Joseon from the present. Lee Min Ho answered, ‘Your Majesty, you don’t have much time. Is this Hanyang?’

SBS’ Rooftop Prince hinted that the Crown Prince Lee Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and his three subjects would soon return to Joseon when their bodies started to turn transparent.

With just two episodes left in the drama, it seemed as if the crew would have to leave Park Ha (Han Ji Min) behind.

Park Yoo Chun and Lee Min Ho’s conversation thus confirmed that the three subjects would return to Joseon before the Crown Prince Lee Gak.

Netizens who read the conversation left reactions such as, ‘I knew it would happen, but I’m sad that everyone will have to return to Joseon’, ‘Can’t they just send Yong Tae Yong to Joseon and keep Lee Gak in the modern world?’ and ‘What will I do when it all ends this week?’

Rooftop Prince will air its last, 20th episode on May 24.

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[NEWS] 120521 Fans of JYJ’s Junsu donate 2.11 tons of rice

Now a tradition at Korean concerts, fans of JYJ‘s Junsu celebrated his first solo concert, ‘1st Asia Tour in Seoul‘, by sending in 2.11 tons of rice wreaths!

Junsu recently completed two concert dates at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium. Fans from not only Korea, but Japan and other locations around the world had sent in 2.11 tons of rice bags in donation to the needy. Domestic and international fans have been showing their support in such a manner since JYJ’s showcase in 2010 and all through Junsu’s musicals like ‘Mozart!‘, ‘Heaven’s Tears‘, and ‘Elizabeth‘.

His fans have been leaders in creating a healthy and wholesome fandom culture through their dedication to charities.

Netizens commented, “His fans are really amazing”, “Leaders of good deeds”, “There needs to be more fans like Junsu’s fanclub”, and “I’m proud to be his fan.”

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[VIDEO] TVXQ - 'I AM' Movie Cut (Eng Sub)

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[NEWS] 120521 Kim Jae Joong to Sing Self-Written Song for ‘Time Slip Dr. Jin’ OST

Kim Jae Joong will not only be acting for his first historic drama but will be singing for the drama’s OST as well!

The JYJ member will be singing for the OST of the MBC drama Time Slip Dr. Jin, which stars Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young and himself.

Kim Jae Joong’s song is titled, Even When Living, Living Like a Dream. The song is a passionate love song from the perspective of Yoo Mi Na (played by Park Min Young) and her feelings for Jin Hyuk (played by Song Seung Hun).

Kim Jae Joong’s smooth vocals enhances the poignant lyrics which Kim Jae Joong wrote while himself, while the song was composed by famous OST song hit maker, Lim Dong Kyoon.

A source close to the drama production said, “Through Kim Jae Joong’s amazing vocal abilities and his deep emotional depth, a song perfect for Time Slip Dr. Jin has been born and will move listeners. Kim Jae Joong’s self-written lyrics for Even When Living, Living Like a Dream has raised the bar on the song and its influence and will help better convey the love story of Jin Hyuk in the drama.

Time Slip Dr. Jin will premiere on May 26 and tells the story of a modern-day famous surgeon who enters a time slip back to the 1860s during Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.

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[NEWS] 120521 JYJ’s Kim Junsu (Xia) Performs Solo in Front of 8,000 Fans

JYJ member Kim Junsu gave 8,000 of his fans a night to remember at his first solo concert.

Kim Junsu held his exclusive concert, Xia 1st Asia Tour in Seoul, from May 19-20 in Seoul. 8,000 fans not only from Korea, but also from Japan, China, Malaysia, Canada, Chile and France crowded the venue to witness Kim Junsu’s solo debut.

A rep from Kim Junsu’s agency C-JeS Entertainment told enews on May 20, “The concert sold out all of its tickets as soon as they were opened for sale last month, and fans from all over the world came in to celebrate Xia’s (Kim Junsu) first solo concert. There were so many fans who passed out in the middle, we plan to prepare more ambulances for today’s performance. It was such a splendid concert that fans couldn’t seem to pull themselves away from the venue after the exciting two hours had gone by.”

Kim Junsu told a perfect 90 minute long story with 17 performances, which included 11 songs from his first studio album and a few musical numbers. Jeri Slaughter, the man best known for being Christina Aguilera’s choreographer, held auditions in America for Kim Junsu’s concert and managed to put together the best dance team.

He perfected the performances of the concert’s main attractions, including those for Tarantallegra, No Gain and Breath.

Kim Junsu matched Jeri Slaughter’s hard work with his own set of skills. The top-class idol’s moves synced perfectly with his dancers’, and he received cheers from his fans for his sexy performances of Lullaby and Intoxication. The musical numbers and Even Though You Already Know, I Don’t Like Love and You are so Beautiful emphasized his vocals and hearty emotions.

“I was hesitant on releasing a solo album because of the many limits I face, but I think it’s great that I did. I’m so happy and moved to be able to meet with my fans, have them listen to my music and stand on stage. I want to sincerely thank all of my fans.”

Kim Junsu soon plans to continue on an Asia tour through six more cities in Asia.

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[PHOTOS] 120520 TVXQ - SMTown in LA

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