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Even in Indonesia, JYJ‘s Junsu has seen his popularity skyrocket.

After releasing his solo album, JYJ’s Junsu made a stop in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of his Asia Tour. More than 100 reporters were present to speak with the artist, confirming Indonesia’s support and love for the artist’s work.

One of Indonesia’s leading and influential newspapers Kompas, Jakarta Post also had representatives present, who praised Junsu’s unconventional visual aesthetic and confessed expectations high expectations for his album’s success.

JYJ’s Junsu gave this statement at the conference, “I wish my JYJ members could made it with me here today. I am thrilled to have been able to visit Indonesia for promoting my solo album. I hope you all will be able to see my enthusiasm in my performance tomorrow.”

When asked why he decided to dye his hair blue, Junsu replied, “Since it was my first trip to Indonesia I thought it would be nice to try something different to mark a new chapter of my career.”

Junsu also left a word of advice for the Indonesian youth, “As you go through life, you experience a lot of things that can cause you to commit good or evil deeds. Rather than waste your energy on evil deeds, I think it’s wiser to invest in good deeds that can bring you happiness and positive energy.”

The Indonesian press stated, “Until now there haven’t been many Hallyu stars who gave press conferences in Indonesia. Therefore, Kim Junsu’s visit to Indonesia has created much hype and excitement. We heard that your performance tomorrow will be one not to miss and look forward to it immensely.”

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South Korean singer Xia Junsu from music trio JYJ puts on a show during one of his performances for his first Asia tour, Tarantallegra, at Jitec Mangga Dua on Saturday night.

The stage for South Korean singer Xia Junsu at JITEC Mangga Dua on Saturday night was far from grand, but that did not stop the fans from being amazed by his live performance.

After more than a one-and-a-half hour delay, the concert finally started at 8:40 p.m. with Xia appearing in a blue outfit, the same color as his hair, which he said was own special preparation after learning that Indonesia was an archipelagic country.

He started the concert with ‘Breath’, one of the songs from his first solo album, Tarantallegra, launched in May, and followed up with ‘No Gain’.

Indonesian fans screamed their lungs out during the concert, waving red light sticks that swayed back and forth with the music.

Xia, who previously promised to try to communicate in Indonesian, fulfilled his intent when he introduced himself saying “Apa Kabar? Saya Xia. Saya senang bertemu kalian” (how are you? I am Xia. I’m pleased to meet you all).

He continued the concert with ballad songs ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Intoxication’ until the 17th song ‘Fallen leaves’.

In the middle of his performance, Xia also showed his quality as a musical performer by singing three of songs from his musical performances ‘The last dance’ from Elizabeth; ‘Why don’t you love me’ from Mozart and ‘I am, I am music’ also from Mozart musical, complete with a theatrical act.

“The concert was amazing, even though I was a bit upset with the delay. Junsu had showed us that he really is a quality singer,” audience member Hany Zakiyah told The Jakarta Post.

She said the performance was worth the Rp 1 million (US$106) she spent to buy the festival ticket.

Xia, a member of trio JYJ, along with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong, had hoped to hold a concert in Jakarta last year but the plans were cancelled due to unclear reasons.

“Xia’s concert is a cure for my disappointment over JYJ’s concert cancellation last year,” Hany said.

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Jakarta – JYJ member Junsu held a successful concert in JITEC, Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta on Saturday (06/16/2012). He performed in Jakarta for the round schedule of ‘XIA The 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra’.

Scheduled to start the concert at 19.00 (West Indonesia Time), but until 20.00 Junsu had not yet appeared on the stage. Fans kept chanting the name “Kim Junsu” many times.

The long awaited artist finally showed up on stage at 20.40. Suddenly the stage was filled with fireworks and green laser highlights. Junsu was standing on stage with a dark blue suit and immediately sang the song ‘Breath’ following with ‘No Gain’.

Both songs were greeted by the hysterical shouts of the audiences. Especially in the second song when he was dancing with two female dancers in sexy outfits.

“Apa kabar? Saya Xia. Saya senang bertemu dengan kalian (T/N How are you? I’m Xia. I’m glad to meet you all),” said Junsu with fluent Indonesian without any cheating sheet. He also kept spreading warm smiles from the stage. “The next song will make you falling asleep,” he continued (in Korean) with the help of an interpreter. Then ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Intoxication’ were sung.

Junsu sang all his 17 tracks live throughout the concert. Although soaked in sweat due to the nonstop dancing, he still looked very excited.

‘Set Me Free’ became the next playlist. Laser and blue lights were shot everywhere. The audiences sang along too during the performance. After changing clothes into all-white suit, he then proceed to sing soundtrack drama ‘Scent of Woman’ ‘You are So Beautiful’. Again, the audiences couldn’t help but singing with him. It was such a festive!

The difference between Junsu’s concert and the other K-Pop concerts (held in Indonesia) was majority of the audiences were adults, not school teenagers. Understandably, as Junsu was first debuted in 2003 so that the fans were already more mature.

“Kalian senang nggak? Senang? Terimakasih! (T/N Are you guys happy? Happy? Thank you!)” Junsu said as he continued laughing. “Even though I sing here, I can not believe I am standing in Indonesia. I’m now very pleased to be able to come here for the first time,” he continued.

The audience screamed hysterically when Junsu said that he would grant three wishes. The interpreter then help (by interpreting audiences’ requests). The first request was Junsu had to do aegyo (T/N the angel pose). A moment later he was doing his cute angel pose then looked down embarrassed.

On the second demand, audiences began shouting uncontrollably. They screamed together “Open your clothes! Open your clothes!” Unfortunately the request was ignored by translator. Junsu ended up just shouting his trademark shout “Bambaya!”

Junsu looked so sweet. He could not stop smiling and laughing and enjoying each of his performances. Fans chanted in unison “Saranghae! Saranghae!” (‘I love you’ in Korean).

‘Even Though You Already Know’ and ‘Turn Around and Around’ then sung. The red lightstick ocean began to sway once more.

‘The Last Dance’ from Junsu’s musical ‘Elizabeth’ was then performed with dazzling musical style. The dancers wore masks and black lace cloak. The background stage screen showed Big Ben in the midst of full moon.

This segment seemed to showcase Junsu as a successful musical actor. The next song he sung ‘I am, I am Music’ from the musical he also starred in ‘Tears of Heaven’. Junsu looked mesmerized into his performance.

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ from musical ‘Mozart’ was next to take over the stage. The background screen which displayed a castle-like scene complete with all chandeliers added even more melancholy atmosphere. Not to mention Junsu’s vocal quality that definitely fits the song and arguably exceptional. It seemed like we actually watched the real musical. Good job, Junsu!

Intro of ‘Tarantallegra’ was heaving, continued with fireworks explosion and actual fire that burst from the side of the stage. Junsu spell was successful, the audience continued to shout fanchant. Tarantallegra!

Tired. Junsu who was all sweating then sit for a few minutes on the red sofa which suddenly appeared in front of the stage. He was just sitting motionless and not saying anything. The impatient audiences chanted his name over and over again “Kim Junsu! Kim Junsu!”.

Junsu stood right in front of the stage. Again, fireworks burst and lasers began to dance. ‘Fever’, ‘Too Love’, and ‘Mission’ were set as the next songs. The concert was almost over. However Junsu’s dance was even more energetic and vibrant.

Junsu changed his clothes about 6 times. At the final stage, he wore a sleveless shirt printed ‘XIA The 1st Asia Tour Concert Tarantallegra’ with gold pants and calf-length boots. He sat in a high stool and sang ‘I Don’t Like Love’ and ‘The Tree Covered The Dew’.

While he was singing, he took a plushie given by audiences in the front row. Confetti were scattered like snow. ‘Fallen Leaves’ performance was ended with a round applause from audiences and Junsu bowed to say goodbye. “Thank you!” he said then formed ‘love’ using both hands.

Nine years of existence in Korean music industry really makes Junsu could attest to his quality. Without any hydraulic stage or excessive special effects, Junsu’s performance was still incredibly stunning. Fans came out the concert venue with much satisfaction. See you again, Junsu!

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The jacket photos for Tohoshinki’s new single “Android”, which will be released on 11 July, were recently revealed.

It has been decided that this single will be the CM song for the TV commercial for “Medical Shine”, a medical-use toothpaste which they will be modeling for. It is expected for the CM to be aired nationwide beginning 24 June. With the up-tempo and powerful dance number, their dance performance, one of their greatest charms, in the music video is also highly anticipated.

In addition, the lyrics express the thoughts of holding onto your anxiety and worries and moving forward. Yunho said, “It is a song that tests the limits of Tohoshinki. The lyrics speak of having the courage to break through your own walls. As it is a song with a message, I hope that many people will listen to it.”

Changmin also commented, “It is a song with beats suitable for the summer. As the melody is catchy, let’s have fun together with this song this summer.” Although the duo have been “Android-ified” in the jacket photos this time, the concept of the single this time is actually “to work hard now, to avoid creating an unnatural world in future which is dominated by androids”.

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JYJ’s Junsu held a concert in Indonesia as a solo artist.

Junsu held his “XIA 1st Asia Tour In Jakarta” in Indonesia on 16 June. The concert ended successfully, with over 2500 who gathered to watch it.

During the concert on this day, Junsu passionately sang both ballads and dance tracks, including the title track of the solo album, “Tarantallegra”, “Even Though I Know”, “I Don’t Like Love”, “Fever” and “Set Me Free”, driving the fans wild.

In addition, during the ment in the concert, Junsu showed off his Indonesian skills by saying, “I am Xiah. Is everyone having fun? I love you”, and tried to communicate with the fans.

After the concert had ended, Junsu said, “I find it unbelievable that I am singing in Indonesia. Being able to have such an amazing concert in a country that I am visiting for the first time, is all thanks to the fans. I promise that we will meet again.” Meanwhile, Junsu is scheduled to hold the third concert of his Asia tour in Taiwan on 23 June.

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