Sunday, June 17, 2012

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Junsu: Come on let's go~!!!^^

Junsu: I love jakarta~♥

Yoochun: ......Being sad is also a bliss...

Yoochun: When you're happy, you'll be happy to the fullest...When you're sad, you'll be sad to the end...Courage...That's courage....

Yoochun: The signature I received from Taesung sunbae (senior)~^^

Yoochun: I like being together with hyung...^^Thank you~Both of us who are depressed

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

On June 15th, JYJ‘s Jaejoong uploaded a picture on his Twitter page with the description “The comments between our members are perhaps too lovey-dovey for guys… Ah but suddenly, I’ve gained strength! Let’s have strength today too!”

The picture was a screenshot of text messages exchanged between Kim Jaejoong and Yoochun. One particular message dated March 14th, said, “I wanted to stay up all night with you. I wanted to keep crying alongside you. I am sorry and I love you.” This text was sent during the period when Yoochun was mourning the death of his father.

In addition, Junsu had also revealed a screenshot of his Kakao Talk conversation with Jaejoong with the commentary, “I received this text early yesterday morning… even while busy shooting his drama and movie, Jaejoong hyung still looks after me and constantly checks up on me… and gets excited when I’m mentioned during his interviews about his drama”.

Jaejoong had sent messages such as “Junsu, I saw your dance version MV” and “After pulling an all-nighter, I’m watching the MV now in the motel“. Junsu replied, “Thank you hyung! Fighting!”

Junsu also added, “Yoochun, who promoted and complimented my album… I’m so lucky to be part of the same team”, shedding light on the brotherly love between the JYJ members.

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Friday, June 15, 2012


Jaejoong: The four brothers of the police bureau (in ancient times)

Jaejoong: "Lee Gak, listen.." "Where's Park Yoochun!"

Jaejoong: Well I guess.. Our members.. Looking through my messages, I'm even getting slight goosebumps.. Amongst guys..ㅎ Ah! Suddenly I feel strengthened!! Let's be strong today too!!

2012 February 8
JJ: Are you horse-riding today too?
YC: Yup~^^ I'm going down to Busan on a horse~
YC: Because I have filming in Busan tomorrow~
JJ: Ah really? Starting from tomorrow? Hyung reached Korea today~
YC: You worked hard~ I thought you said there was nothing~
JJ: Yup I just did my work and rested in the hotel, that's all^^

2012 March 14 (The day they came back from South America, when Yoochun's dad passed away)
JJ: I wanted to stay up all night with you.. I wanted to cry more with you.. I'm sorry. I love you.


Junsu: Hey! Jakarta!!^^

Junsu: ☆☆☆

poimin73: @1215thexiahtic You change your hair color??
Junsu: @poimin73 Hyung !!!Are you doing fine?^^

Junsu: The message that I received in the dawn yesterday..He was already so hectic and busy filming for both drama and movie..Yet the kind Jaejoong hyung still monitored and contacted me early in the morning..And even throughout his own drama's interview, he talked about me more excitedly than his own if it was regarding me

Jae watched Su's dance version of Taratallegra MV in the motel and messaged him telling how cool he was.

Junsu: Yoochun-ie.. who promoted and gave compliments for my album..^^I'm very lucky to be in the same team as them..♥

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