Sunday, June 10, 2012


Jaejoong: Been a few years since I last have this long hair style

Jaejoong: Catch the broadcast of Dr.Jin also today at 9:55pm!!

Jaejoong: I want to go home!

Jaejoong: Even so, I must hang on..!!!

Junsu: @suziemathers here she is!!! popular Glinda @suziemathers It was really great to meet you!! hope see you again~^^


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JYJ’s Kim Jun Soo recently released a picture that he took with the cast members of musical Wicked.

On June 9, Kim tweeted a picture with the comment, “Wicked… I could tell why people get wildly excited at this musical.”

In the picture, Kim is standing with the cast members of the musical and all three of them are smiling. Kim’s handsome appearance attracted considerable attention.

People who saw the picture responded: “The musical is fun!” “Oh my gosh! I saw the musical a few days ago but I should have watched it yesterday.” “Kim looks handsomer than ever.” “They are all musical stars.” “Wow, they all look like they’re from a cartoon.”

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

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This is Tohoshinki!
CM: For this tour, it was our first tour in three years. Ever since we have had the rehearsals, we wanted to show the progress of us 2 members, so we worked very hard. We were enjoying the tour until the very last.
YH: Yes, we were able to meet all the Japanese fans nationwide. It was a while (t/n: since we met the fans), so we were really happy. Tohoshinki live tour 2012 TONE,
CM: Tokyo dome performance, please enjoy.
YH&CM;: Please!

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Jaejoong: @1215thexiahtic But Junsu-yah I'm so haggard right now..ㅜ (Note: In reply to this)

Jaejoong: @mjjeje Jaejoong-ah.. it's..haggard (초췌. Jaejoong typed 초최 in previous tweet)..

Jaejoong: Dr Jin tonight at 9:55!!

Yoochun: A movie that makes me reflect on my present self~ Forest of Time

Junsu: It's been a while~!!ㅎ

Junsu: Awkward smile...ㅎ

Junsu: Wicked.. It was a performance that fully makes one see why people are so hyped up about it..^^

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Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA There is nothing else...^^ Living is about happiness, joy and sadness ...Thank you... Let's continue to know each other more in the future too~Twa~~ah

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Hyung don't be over when you're together with me now~^^

TAE_SAMA: The issue is tweeting together when he is beside me!!! Irrational....

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Hyung~~~~I love you ^^ ♥

TAE_SAMA: Yong Tae Mu who are in a love relationship^^*

Yoochun: @TAE_SAMA Let's know each other for long long time~^^

TAE_SAMA: @6002theMicky I don't have the time to live leisurely now~~Let's do our best to live!

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Q: Describe yourself as a household appliance.
Yunho: Microwave. Because I'm "HOT"
Changmin: iPhone. Continuously evolving.

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Just watched all the episodes of Dr. Jin that I missed earlier and.. It's really interesting~^^ Jaejoong-hyung is so cool~!!

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