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[PHOTOS] 120505 Junsu Endorsing Calvin Klein Jewelry

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[TRANS] 120504 Proof Of ‘SM Maknaes On Top’, “Seo Hyun And Choikang Changmin Are Extreme Naggers”

“U-Know Yunho lives at the mercy of the maknae (youngest member) Choikang Changmin?”

A ‘SM Town MT’ was held during the episode of MBC’s ‘Joo Byun Jin’s Talk Concert’ that aired on the 3rd which featured Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk and Lee Tuek, TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho, and Girls’ Generation-Taetiseo’s Tiffany and Seo Hyun.

On this day, Eun Hyuk said, “There’s a rumor that though Changmin is the youngest member of the group, Yunho lives at the mercy of him. Yunho acts as though he’s treading on glass and Changmin nags Yunho a lot.” At that, Choikang Changmin revealed the life of the duo as he said, “Nagging has become a part of our everyday lives. Like when he enters the dorm with his shoes still on.”

To this, U-Know Yunho added, “It’s true. I once walked into the house with my shoes on and he sent me a text message that said, ‘Hyung, this is unacceptable.’ When I saw that text, thousands of thoughts started running through my head,” and “I fixed my bad habit because he asked me to.”

During the self-bragging corner, Girls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun admitted to being a nagger when she said, “I’m quite the nagger too.” When asked what she nags about, Seok Hyun said, “I nag at the others when their chatting makes our rehearsals finish later than scheduled.” Tiffany explained this further as she added, “She sighs and raises her voice as she says, ‘Unnie!’ or ‘Unnies!’”

U-Know Yunho and Tiffany then shook hands out of sympathy for each other as people at the mercy of their youngest members.

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[TRANS] 120504 Nintendo Korea Choose Gong Hyo Jin And JYJ To Advertise ‘Mario Kart 7′

Nintendo Korea revealed on the 4th that they have chosen Actress Gong Hyo Jin and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu to be the campaign models for the Nintendo 3DS software ‘Mario Kart 7′.

Though the quartet were seen only exchanging greetings at the beginning of the filming schedule because it was their first gathering, the atmosphere soon lightened up when they began playing ‘Mario Kart 7′ with the members of JYJ giving Gong Hyo Jin an in-depth explanation of the game.

The members of JYJ, who had enjoyed ‘Mario Kart DS’, the predecessor of ‘Mario Kart 7′, showed their competitive side as they fought for the top spot from the beginning.

When JYJ’s Kim Junsu kept coming in at first place, he confidently remarked, ‘I must be good at this game’ and it was later said that the quartet enjoyed themselves as they changed go-karts according to the course and found their racing styles through various new customized options.

Nintendo Korea made the decision to choose the four celebrities as they believed JYJ would be able to easily understand and showcase the special characteristics of ‘Mario Kart 7′ as the group is known to have enjoyed previous versions of the series while Gong Hyo Jin’s transformation into Mario in her ‘Super Mario 3D Land’ promotions would fit perfectly with the upcoming game. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s latest game console Nintendo 3DS was released on the 28th of last month with various games such as ‘Super Mario 3D Land’ while ‘Mario Kart 7′ is expected to be released late-May.

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[PHOTOS] 120505 Yoochun - SBS Rooftop Prince Gallery

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