Saturday, June 2, 2012

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Ah... Somehow today... feeling narui ~ ( ̄ー ̄)

Oh~! It’s not narui, it’s darui (feeling dull)! As expected...when you don’t use the words you forget them…(T_T)

After a long time, I will try to call my Japanese friends when I have time! My Japanese level right maybe that of a 5 year old...

O~i oi~ Even if you say “call me~” I’m here going “I don’t even know everyone’s number” (laugh)

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JunSu will be attending 'The Musical Awards'. He was nominated for best actor 2years in a row.
Further there will be a special stage of musical Elisabeth. Wish him good luck!

* 일시/Date : 2012. 6.4 (Mon) 18:20
* 장소/Venue: 국립국장 해오름극장 (National Theatre of Korea)
* 방송정보/Channel : JTBC, QTV
* 참조/Website :

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JYJ Kim Jae-joong is the "Dr. JIN" secret weapon?

MBC weekend drama "Dr. JIN" productions team emphasized that Kim Kyeong-tak by Kim Jae-joong is the character with a dramatic element.

Hallyu star Song Seung-heon takes on the role of Dr. JIN Hyeok, who is the main character that leads the story, Kim Beom-soo is Lee Ha-eung who is in the middle of the time slip generation that Jin Hyeok goes through. On the other hand, Kim Jae-joong takes on the role of Kim Kyeong-tak who wasn't a character in the original but created additionally. There were questions about the necessity of his existence.

"Dr. JIN" productions told eNews, "We remade the script to fit in the Korean society. Kim Kyeong-tak was created so that we can emphasize the power of the Kims of Andong".

In the end, Kim Kyeong-tak not only creates a three way love line between Jin Hyeok and Yeong-rae (Park Min-yeong) but because he is a concubine's offspring although he is a guard, conflicts endlessly between the power of the Kims of the Andong and Lee ha-eung the kindred.

Kim Jae-joong has been highly reviewed in the first and second episodes of the drama.

As well as his popularity in the drama, the OST "Like A Dream" he sang himself hit top rank in music sites and was most frequently searched for in portal sites.

Meanwhile, "Dr. JIN" is based on a Japanese original by Murakami Motoka about a doctor from the year 2012 who travels through time to the 1860s and stuggles to save lives as a doctor.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong became a man of many faces.

Kim Jae Joong appeared as the strongest warrior in Joseon, Kim Kyung Tak, on MBC’s Dr. Jin.

Although it was his first role in a traditional drama, he managed to receive favorable reviews by successfully going back and forth from a serious officer to a sad son born out of wedlock.

He especially gained himself the name of ‘weekend boyfriend’ by being serious and sharp everywhere else but being kind toward his fiancée Young Rae (Park Min Young).

He failed, however, to steal her heart.

When she continued to act as if she wasn’t interested in Kyung Tak and showed feelings toward Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun), their love was destined to be doomed.

Kim Jae Joong again had to act out a man in an unrequited love, following the same pattern he did in his role for Protect the Boss.

At this netizens said, ‘Why is he always the one not being loved back?’, ‘That probably won’t happen in real life’, ‘Kim Jae Joong’s love is sadder than the love scenes’ and ‘He’s probably an expert in such roles now.’

In the drama Protect the Boss, which aired last year, Kim Jae Joong took on the role of Cha Mu Won, who loves Seo Na Yoon (Wang Ji Hye) and No Eun Sul (Choi Kang Hee) but doesn’t receive any love in return.

Even in the Japan drama Hard to Say I Love You in 2010, his character had a crush on the role played by Ueno Juri.

In 2006, when he was a member of TVXQ, he starred in a film titled Dating on Earth with the members, and appeared as a delinquent high school student who again has a crush on his homeroom teacher.

Will Kim Jae Joong ever be loved?

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After a long time, the 2001 SM trainees from the same-era ㅋㅋ

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Only KYHD was broadcasted

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Weekly Album Chart
Western Album Chart

Last week rankings

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Actor Kim Eung Soo has revealed his father-like affections for JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong.

On the May 30 broadcast of MBC’s A Good Day the morning show visited the set of SBS’ Time Slip Dr. Jin. During the segment, the show interviewed actor Kim Eung Soo who plays vice premier Kim Byung Hee, father of Kim Jae Joong’s Kim Gyung Tak.

One of the papers Kim Eung Soo was carrying had a sticker on it which read, ‘I support Gyung Tak’.

When asked about the sticker, Kim Eung Soo responded, “Because Jae Joong appears as my son. Though he’s born out of wedlock, [his character] has my blood so I look fondly on him.”

Kim Eung Soo also shared on the similarities between Kim Jae Joong and him saying, “When I saw Jae Joong in the first filming I saw many similarities in him with me. It was strange. When he was a singer, I didn’t know but seeing him on set I saw the similarities. Even the director wondered if we were father and son. Jae Joong said I was like a father to him as well. We are working well together.”

Time Slip Dr. Jin airs every Saturday and Sunday night.

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