Tuesday, May 1, 2012

[PHOTO] 120501 Han Ji Min Facebook Update

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[TRANS] 120501 Yoochun Twitter Update

(Yoochun) If you're sick, you're going to get scolded!!!

(Yoochun) Everyone has a door that leads to the secrets in their hearts...

(Yoochun) @wowkimsohyun That's a relief..^^ Silly girl.... Don't be sick ㅡㅡ;;
(wowkimsohyun) @6002theMicky Thank you^^ Now I'm all~ recovered and well!! How kind you are for worrying about me when you must be so busy^^~ Your highness

(beyondmonica) @6002theMicky Wow... goosebumps..... wow.. It seems like in future when Yoochun has a daughter, he will become not a daughter-idiot, but a daughter-sunflower
(Yoochun) @beyondmonica Silly... Don't be like this...

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[NEWS] 120430 TVXQ Yunho says “Super Junior’s Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating in NY as well”

TVXQ’s Yunho recently revealed that Super Junior’s Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating and overreacting in New York as well.

On April 30, the showcase for the movie I AM was held at the CGV Youngdeungpo, in Youngdeungpo, Seoul.

TVXQ’s Yunho flashed back the SM Town Live Concert at Madison Square Gardon, saying, “I couldn’t believe I gave a performance on the same stage Michael Jackson performed on. I wondered if I was comparable to Jackson, and that just made me take a look at my feet.”

And the superstar jokingly revealed, “I was thinking how meaningful it was to hold a concert with all the SM entertainers, but Shindong didn’t give up exaggerating and overreacting.”

With this exposure, Shindong seemed embarrassed, but other members of Super Junior all agreed, quipping, “Shin overreacts wherever he goes.”

The playful exaggerator said, “It was a dream concert. I still can’t believe I was a part of that. I wish the concert had lasted longer.”

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[VIDEO] Yoochun - TiO CF (Eng Sub)

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[VIDEO] 120430 TVXQ - "I AM" Showcase Part 2

Go here for summary of the XO quiz

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