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Together with the reliable Bum Soo hyung, and the handsome Jaejoong-ie! We're the three musketeers of Dr Jin! Hehe^^

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[TRANS] Jackal will be successful!

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Yoochun: @motoro100 Beloved Chang Joo-hyung~ Seems that you've started this ^^ ㅎㅎㅎ
(T/N: @motoro100 is Baek Chang Joo's account, he's the CEO of C-JeS)

Jaejoong's new DP

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The actors behind the “Gak-Ha Couple” from the SBS drama ‘Rooftop Prince‘, Park Yoochun and Han Ji Min, are raising eyebrows because of their similar answers to questions about their free time.

The actors have been incredibly busy with endorsements after the drama ended, and apparently, the two plan on going on trips, separately, to finally rest. After the final broadcast of ‘Rooftop Prince’ on May 24, they’re reported to have not been able to relax for even one day. They both stated when asked what they’d do with their free time: “I’ll rest no matter what happens.”

Yoochun is planning to go to the hospital to check up on an injury he suffered during filming. The actor is reported to not be feeling well as he’s been also touring the world with JYJ from the beginning of the year. Management agency C-Jes Entertainment stated, “He plans to rest and revitalize his health.”

The JYJ member will be flying overseas this June on a vacation, and Han Ji Min is reported to be planning a trip abroad in June as well.

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TVXQ (DBSK) is looking to make a big return to the Japanese music market.

As of May 27, Japan’s Tower Records revealed its preorder ranking chart, which showed TVXQ′s recent live concert series DVD, as well as upcoming single album Android sitting in first and second in preorders respectively.

The July 25-set DD and Blu-Ray concert discs contains video footages from TVXQ’s recently mega-successful TVXQ Live Tour 2012~Tone~ which took place in Japan from January 4 through April 15.

Android will drop on July 11 and contain the new tracks Android and Blink which will mark the first new Japanese single since Still. Android is described as an upbeat dance song, appropriate for the summer.

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JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong received high praises for his first sageuk (historical drama) acting for MBC’s Dr. Jin.

With episodes one and two of Dr. Jin aired on May 26 and 27, Kim Jae Joong attempted to transform into the character of Kim Kyung Tak, using the sageuk dialect and low tone of voice.

Also, Kim Jae Joong received praises for his diverse expressions showing the strictness of a high officer, the affection towards his loved one, and the pain of being born out of wedlock.

But as it was his first sageuk acting, Kim Jae Joong had awkward moments spread throughout the two episodes, making viewers feel unfortunate towards the actor.

Not appearing in the original Japanese production, the role of ‘flower soldier’ Kim Kyung Tak has been receiving a lot of attention from viewers. After the episodes were aired, ‘Dr. Jin,’ ‘Kim Jae Joong,’ and ‘Kim Young Tak’ were ranked high on various portal sites, receiving comments such as “Eye candy of Joseon times” and “He did great for his first sageuk.”

In addition, a Twitter trend of #JJinDrJin was placed first in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, confirming Kim Jae Joong′s popularity as a hallyu star.

Meanwhile, Living Like a Dream sung by Kim Jae Joong for the soundtrack of Dr. Jin has also been receiving popularity. The song placed high on various music sites.

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Currently performing solo, JYJ’s Kim Junsu successfully completely his first stop in Thailand for his Asian Tour.

On May 27, Kim Junsu held his Xia First Asian Tour in Bangkok concert in Bangkok’s Royal Paragon Hall with over four thousand fans in the audience.

Fans sang and danced along to his title song Tarantallegra, which has been receiving a lot of love and interest after being revealed on Youtube.

On the same day, Kim Junsu prepared a talk show corner for his fans, saying, “I’m glad to meet with you again,” and “I love you. Kisses,” making fans go crazy.

Through the concert, Kim Jusu performed Breath, and Fever with perfect dancing, and later showcased his smooth voice with songs You Are So Beautiful and I Don’t Like Love.

After the concert was over and Kim Junsu stood on stage with his encore song, Fallen Leaves, Kim Junsu spilled tears, saying “I’m so happy to be able to start the Asian Tour with this much love. Thank you to all my fans that have filled this hall and cheered me on.”

Kim Junsu’s company, C-Jes Entertainment said, “The Asian Tour which will last for sixty day has started and the first concert successfully ended. Despite not having any promotions through television since releasing his new album, the fact that Kim Junsu has received so much love from this can be due to Kim Junsu’s strong efforts and sincereity.”

Kim Junsu plans on continuing the excitement of his Asian Tour with the next stop being Jakarta, Indonesia on June 16.

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