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[TRANS] 120425 Jaejoong Twitter Update

(Yonghwan) Oh,it's Jaejoong-i hyung ㅋ hyung, I'm patiently waiting ^^ You haven't forgotten,have you?
(Jaejoong) How could I forget that ^^ Wait
(Yonghwan) Hyung, I really ate deliciously and well ^^
(Jaejoong) It was delicious for me too ^^ Good ^^

Note: Kwak Yong Hwan is from the group KINO that is known as the 'TVXQ of Shinjuku' in Japan. He is now an artist under C-JeS

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[VIDEO] 120425 JYJ - NII Summer Collection Making Film

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[PHOTOS] 120425 JYJ - NII Summer Collection

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[NEWS] 120425 JYJ’s Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan might make history at the ’48th Paeksang Arts Awards’

Brothers JYJ‘s Yoochun and Park Yoo Hwan will be attempting a double win at the ‘48th Paeksang Arts Awards 2012‘ this month!

on April 26th, the brothers will be attending the awards ceremony at the Olympic Hall in hopes of coming away with awards in the popularity and rookie category. Yoochun is virtually already confirmed to win the popularity award thanks to his online votes, and Park Yoo Hwan is currently nominated for the rookie award for his drama, ‘A Thousand Days’ Promise‘.

Yoochun won the same rookie award at the same awards ceremony last year for his drama, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘, so if Park Yoo Hwan manages to win the award, it will be the first time in the ceremony’s history where brothers win the same award back to back.

Representatives expressed, “The two brothers have been quite the topic of interest lately. They haven’t been able to see each other because of their busy schedules and have taken to leaving Twitter messages like, ‘I miss you’, and ‘Me too’. For the two brothers especially, we’ve seated them right next to each other.”

The ceremony will air live through jTBC on Apri 26th starting at 6:30 p.m. KST.

Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate
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[TRANS] 120425 Junsu's Twitter Update

Ack!!!!! Chelsea advance to final!!!!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^^^

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[TRANS] 120423 Bigeast Staff Report : Kyocera Dome Osaka Last Day

Today, the “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~”, which began on 18 January this year, had its finale at the Osaka Kyocera Dome! The final day of the tour which went all across the nation, and was welcomed by a lot of red power. The last rehearsal for the tour began in a very relaxed mood.

However, when everyone formed up to do the cheers before the actual show, the sense of nervousness which was felt was stronger than ever. Just as Changmin mentioned during the concert, the dancers and band members started getting teary-eyed. At that moment, I could really feel that today’s stage would be a good one.

What Yunho said during the encore, the feeling of how, “Although we feel that we become one with everyone each time, we totally became one today!” could in fact be felt very strongly. Also, as Changmin mentioned, “Today, I am not just saying this to be politically correct, but it is a concert that allowed us to truly feel how blessed we are.” It was a live that truly lived up to the spirit of, “A concert (produced by the efforts of) not only Tohoshinki, but also the entire staff team behind the scenes, and the ‘Red Ocean’ team!”

We were glad to hear Yunho say, “It is thanks to everyone that Tohoshinki is here today. We will work hard everywhere we go, but thank you everyone for creating good memories for us today! Today was a really amazing day for me as a person!”

Today, we think that Yunho and Changmin truly felt that they became one with everyone, even those who were not able to come to the venue. We want to continue creating moments for where we can become one with everyone who has created so many great memories for us!

Please continue to give your support to Tohoshinki! And thank you so much for today!

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[TRANS] 120424 Bigeast 【From Member】 : Tell Us ★ Yunho & Changmin

We ask various questions about things that the duo usually think about, or events in their daily lives ♪
We plan to have updates each month, everyone please look forward to them ★

Question 7: What phrase do you say the most often?
Yunho : ~right?
Changmin : I see..

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[TRANS] 120424 Bigeast Staff Report : Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~

The “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2012 ~TONE~” concluded successfully yesterday. There are still some lingering memories from yesterday.

Does everyone still remember the “Tohoshinki Puzzle” that (the dancers) began working on since Tokyo Dome? It was completed successfully yesterday. They are indeed Tohoshinki Dancer’s Team!

In commemoration, we asked the dancers for their signatures, and they each wrote a line for us in their own fashion.

Tohoshinki Dancer’s Team! You were the best! We should be the ones thanking you, thank you for moving us!!

Source : [Bigeast Official Site]
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[NEWS] 120424 5tion’s Oh Byung Jin shows off his friendship with TVXQ’s Yunho and other famous actors

Group 5tion’s leader Oh Byung Jin(Ka In) showed off his diverse personal relationships.

Recently on Facebook, Oh uploaded a picture that he took with TVXQ’s Yunho. Oh and Yunho knew each other even before their debuts.

In the picture, Lee Hyun, Yunho, and Oh is standing next to each other. Holding 5tion’s recently released album, Reverse, Yunho is holding his thumb up. Oh put arm around Yunho and made a V sign.

Oh showed off his relationship and said, “The unchanging and loyal friend. We learned to dance from Yunho because we were not so great at it.”

Besides Yunho, Oh is best friends with actor Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jung Jae and Oh Ji Ho. Oh launched a fashion business with Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung, and started a kimchi company as partners with Oh Ji Ho.

Currently, 5tion is performing their new song “Papillion.”

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