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[NEWS] 120424 Famous U.S. Choreographer Praises JYJ’s Kim Junsu

Jeri Slaughter, a famous U.S. choreographer, recently praised JYJ’s Kim Jun Su.

On April 24, Kim released his first teaser photo and video on JYJ’s official Facebook account and YouTube Channel. He will release teaser content every week until the release of his album in mid-May.

Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, says, “Kim will show off his unique identity and creativity. Since top specialists participated, the result will be very successful as well.”

Jeri Slaughter, who also created choreography for JYJ’s world wide album, praised Kim by saying, “He is a triple threat artist.”

He added, “Triple treat refers to a person who is good at singing, dancing, and acting. In the United States, we have Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera. I think Kim is the only one in Asia.”

“Kim has unlimited skills when it comes to dancing. I created hard edge choreography for his song and he was perfect as always.”

Kim’s second teaser for his first solo album will be released on May 2. He will hold his concert on May 19 and 20 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul.

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[NEWS] 120424 Interview With TVXQ Before Its Final Japanese Concert

Though its members dropped to two, TVXQ′s performances were still the best. Even inside the large-scale dome stages, their performances felt so grand.

On April 23, at Osaka’s Kyocera Dome, TVXQ’s TVXQ Live Tour 2012 ~ Tone ~ drew to a close in a fantastic finale after three months. Since its beginning on January 18 at Yokohama Arena, a total of 26 concerts were held, attracting a total of 550,000 individuals. It was an unprecedented record for a hallyu star.

For TVXQ’s two members who have run without stopping the past three months, enews caught up with them for an interview right before their final concert.

To the reporters who came from Korea they said, “Thank you for coming. We prepared a lot to show an impressive performance.”

A Korean artist attracted over 550,000 individuals in Japan. How do you feel about this?
Yunho: In the past when we toured Japan we brought in 250,000 people. But now we have doubled that number. We don’t have much to say other than to thank our fans. We felt a lot of burden. We even asked our Japanese staff member if us two attracting over 500,000 people was a big deal. But they all said it was. We are really proud of that fact. We wonder if we will ever be able to set a record like this again. We are so thankful.
Changmin: We’re really happy. This is our first tour in Japan in three years. In addition, we re-started our activities in Japan last year. Three years is not a short time but we’re thankful to our fans who waited.

Compared to the past, your audience and fan numbers have risen. What do you think is the reason behind that?
Yunho: I think it’s because of our hard work. Though our Japanese is still lacking, I think they saw us doing our best. We purposely tried to ad lib with our fans to have better communication with them. Singing and performing is important but your communication with your fans is important too. I think creating a place where we can better approach our fans worked out well. Compared to the past, we also had more male fans and families come out. I don’t think they came just to see us, but to experience a delightful show. So we’re feeling very happy about that. I also think it’s due to the both of our hard work. I think seeing us both give our best brought back good feedback.

Were there any difficulties during your tour?
Yunho: Since the stages were so big, it was difficult to coordinate the dances. Also, since it was two members having to do it all until the end, there was some difficulty in terms of stamina. Usually when it’s not my turn, I can go and catch my breath a bit, but since it was just two of us, it kept coming back to my turn. It was a bit more harder than I imagined.
Changmin: Over 97 days, we held 26 performances. This meant, we did a performance every four days so it would be a lie to say it wasn’t tough physically. Additionally, we began the tour in January right after last year’s end of our previous activities so that was a bit burdensome.

What was the most memorable moment during this tour?
Changmin: It was always memorable. During our Tokyo Dome concert, at one point our fans began flickering their pen lights from red to white and red again while cheering us on in a surprise event. My fellow member cried a lot at that.
Yunho: Since it was a performance at Tokyo Dome after a while, we were a bit nervous. But at that concert, the fans suddenly turned the sea of red pen lights into white for an event and at that point all the difficult times and the memories began flooding my mind. I’m normally one to think of crying on stage as embarrassing but that night I shed a lot of tears.

What’s the difference in completion musically between when five members stand on stage and two members do?
Changmin: I can’t say which one is more complete musically. The completion musically-wise is different each time. Right now, we are working to showcase both our merits to the best of our abilities. We’re working to satisfy and move our fans with the merits of two individuals. We think the rest is something our fans will decide.
Yunho: I think there’s music that’s right for each age. I think the music we had then was expressed well with our friends. Right now the two of us have to hold our stages so our individual skills have greatly improved.

You brought in 550,000 people. What’s your next goal?
Changmin: In Japan, there are five dome arenas. We’ve thought before about a five dome arena tour. During this tour too, we stopped at Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome. We’re happy we were able to fill up both those stages.

Max Changmin, you’re currently filming a movie in Japan. How is that going?
Changmin: I’m filming with famous Japanese actors. It’s a great experience. Though our director’s personality is a bit tough, he makes good work. Though I’m a foreigner speaking Japanese in the movie, I’m doing my best to make sure it doesn’t seem awkward or lacking. The language is really difficult. After listening, I have to process it in my mind and then show a reaction which isn’t easy. In particular, since our director uses the Osaka dialect it’s tough. Thinking with the mindset there isn’t anything more difficult than this, I think I’ll be able to do anything in the future delightfully.

What do you want to do after this tour?
Yunho: I want to sleep for 24 hours. I also want to go on vacation.
Changmin: While resting, I want to meet and have a drink with my friends and release my stress.

Unlike when TVXQ debuted, your juniors are working in a completely different environment. What do you think about this?
Yunho: Our juniors are doing things that we didn’t even think about when we debuted. They’re like national representatives. I hope they don’t lose their focus.

What are your future plans in Korea?
Yunho: In the early half of 2012, we mainly did activities in Japan but following our tour, we want to show a new side of us in Korea. We hope to hold concerts at a good point in the future too.
Changmin: We will always do our best.

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[VIDEO] SMTOWN "I AM" OST - Dear My Family MV

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[VIDEO] 120424 Junsu - Album Teaser

The hair and makeup directors, stylist, choreographer, music video director, photographer that contributed to Kim Junsu's new record reveal its concept and strategy. The title "UNEQUALLED" represents Junsu's unique creativity and identity, penetrating into the overall concept of the album.

"Kim Junsu is a world-class artist. He is a leader among numerous idols and what he picks turn to a trend. The ideas for this album distinctive in that the hairstyle shows various colors that represent a series of feelings covered by one song. It also features Orient's emotional base and a hint of the West" said the hair and makeup director.

Moon Ju-yeong, the makeup director, was handed the baton: "the overall concept is very intense, dense, deep and differentiated from any other idol singers, in a word, 'strong'. The makeup features intense, mysterious eyes."

The costume stylist gives an account of Junsu's stage clothes: "Attention to details added to the foundation of on-trend see-through look and slim suit design. Geometric patterns and modern materials realize a 'modern heritage' concept that mixes and matches the modern trends and heritages."

"At a word, Kim Junsu is a triple threat, which refers to an individual proficient in the disciplines of acting, singing, and dancing represented by Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. His world-class talents are limitless. I used many hard-edge movements corresponding to his music, and as always, Junsu did wonders" said Jeri Slaughter, choreographer of JYJ's worldwide album.

Kim Yeong-jun who took photos of Junsu for the record jacket reports: "It was a satisfactory shooting as he showed various emotions through his eyes. Junsu is an intriguing subject that has both a masculine, strong appeal and feminine beauty in the face."

The music video director also remarked: "this video has been designed to incorporate his tremendous energy and dreamlike, abstract feelings. The perfect harmony between sets and choreography created a fervent and exquisite visual."

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[PHOTOS] 120424 HoMin - Gimpo Airport

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[PHOTOS] 120424 TVXQ KakaoTalk Update

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[AUDIO] SMTOWN "I AM" OST - Dear My Family

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[PHOTOS] 120424 JYJ Facebook Update

Finally!! Junsu's first solo album teaser cut is released!! those make us really curious..!! and.. there's one more thing that you should know.. the first teaser video will be uploaded at 2p.m. on Youtube!!!! Are you guys ready to see that? :)

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[NEWS] 120424 TVXQ to make their Korean comeback during the second half of the year

Brace yourselves Cassiopeia because the kings of K-pop will be making their long-waited comeback in Korea!

Just before the start of the last ‘Live Tour~TONE’ concert in Osaka, TVXQ held an interview stating, “We are preparing for a comeback in the second half of the year.”

 They continued with, “We concentrated on working in Japan for the first half of the year, but we believe our Korean fans are also waiting for us. We are planning to return to Korea soon with a new image. We have not set an exact date yet, but we will comeback during a good period of time and achieve good results. We also plan to hold concerts if possible.”

 After holding 26 concerts for the past three months, TVXQ will go into preparing for the Korean comeback album after their break. Yunho stated with a smile, “After this, the first thing I want to do is rest, because I honestly cannot ignore the tired feeling that creeps up on me throughout the three hour concerts. Today’s concert is the last one, so I’m a little worn out. However, I am also drawing strength from the thought that this is our last concert.”

 Changmin also stated, “First I want to relieve the stress that has built up by having a few drinks with my friends and such. We are doing our best to come back with a new album before the end of this year. In order to make the best album, we will take some time off after this last concert to rest.”

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[NEWS] 120424 JYJ’s Park Yoochun voted “Most Popular Male Actor”

JYJ‘s Park Yoochun has been confirmed to receive the ‘Popularity Award’ for an upcoming award show.

Park Yoochun who played a role in MBC TV‘s ‘Miss Ripley‘ secured the top spot in a popularity poll for male TV actors conducted by the 48th annual PaekSang Arts Awards which is scheduled to take place at Seoul Olympic Park on April 26th.

The poll was conducted from March 23rd to April 23rd, and Yoochun earned 53.8% of all votes. He earned 9.3% more than his fellow JYJ member Kim Jaejoong (44.5%) who played a role in SBS TV‘s ‘Protect the Boss‘ last year.

On the flip side, the female actress to claim the top spot for most popular female actress on TV was none other than Park Shin Hye, who played a leading role on MBC TV’s ‘Heartstrings‘. Park Shin Hye triumphed T-ara‘s Park Jiyeon, who came in second for her role in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High‘.

Jang Geun Suk was voted as the most popular male actor to play a role in a film, while Kang Sora was selected as the most popular female counterpart.

In related news, Park Yoochun is showcasing his natural acting abilities in SBS TV’s ‘Rooftop Prince‘.

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[NEWS] 120424 TVXQ’s first Japanese Tour as 2 member duo group draws in 550,000 fans and $90 million in sales

Although they may have decreased in number, their fame and popularity have not waned. 2-member group TVXQ put on a concert for 45,000 of their fans at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka on April 23rd. This was their final performance of their Japanese Tour that began this past January. Their 26 performance tour covered 9 cities in Japan including Yokohama, Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and more.

This tour was the very first independent concert for TVXQ in Japan, after three members left to create JYJ in 2010, leaving just Changmin and Yunho remaining.

TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment remarked, “550,000 fans in total were present at all 26 performances, which is the largest crowd drawn in by a Korean artist in both Korea and overseas for a concert tour. The sales total for the tour if you combine ticket sales, merchandise, and more is estimated to be around $90,000,000 USD.”

As soon as the performance began, the audience members began waving their glow sticks in the air. TVXQ performed 20 songs in total at the event, beginning with “Rising Sun” which they released in 2006, “B.U.T“, “Superstar“, and more. Yunho even emulated the mannerisms of a popular Japanese comedian, evoking laughter from the numerous Japanese fans in the stands.

Thousands of fans began waiting outside the Kyocera Dome before the doors opened, and one fan remarked, “They are good looking and buff… I can’t even list all the reasons why I like TVXQ.”

There were also some older female fans that were in their 50′s and 60′s. A 62-year old fan from Yamaguchi, Japan said, “TVXQ is loved by fans of all ages, not just by the young people.”

The audience members stood on their feet for the entire 3-hour performance. Whenever the intro to a ballad song began playing, fans from each corner of the venue would shout “I Love You!” in hopes to be heard by the boys, and when they performed their encore song “Somebody to Love“, all 45,000 fans seemed to sing along with the lyrics.

“I’m so happy I got to see Yunho in person,” another fan remarked. “They had a Fukuoka concert in February, but I’m so glad I came to see them again.”

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[TRANS] 120423 Jaejoong Twitter Update

I will enjoy the CUP ramen I received yesterday...!

As such...

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[PHOTOS] 120423 Tohoshinki Tone Live Tour 2012 in Kyocera Dome (Day 3)

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