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Such a cutie

This is really cute ㅎ

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At the venue before concert + concert goods 1 | 2

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Baby PaGhreyJae & Mom Moghrey
So the baby is “PaGhreyJae” meaning Beautiful male elephant “Jae” from Kim JaeJoong หรือเป็นไทยก็ “พลายงามแจ” นั่นเองค่ะ ขอขอบคุณทุก ๆ ท่าน

I’ve named the baby “PAGHREYJAE” after the Korean artist Kim Jae Joong

Hello Baby!

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Release on 25 May

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Comic book stores first boomed in the 70s and 80s, and they continue to be frequented by teenagers and adults alike even now. Although smartphones and iPads are slowly taking their place, there′s still something about those bookshelves full of comics made available for everyone.

If you thought stars didn′t visit such friendly and down-to-earth places, think again.

Lee Seung Gi and U-Know Yunho recently proved they were big fans of comics on SBS′ Strong Heart and MBC′s Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert, so enews visited the comic shops they frequented to find out more about their tastes in comics.

TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho appeared on the May 10 broadcast of Talk Concert and revealed, "I was once kicked out of a comic shop because I didn′t return my comics [on time]." He also talked about a similar incident on Strong Heart in the past.

The comic shop he was kicked out of turned out to be the same place Lee Seung Gi also used to go to. Lee Seung Gi said in surprise, "I was also kicked out because I didn′t pay my overdue charges either."

The comic shop they were talking about turned out to be a store named ′Son Oh Gong′ in Gangnam. When the two revealed the name of the shop, it managed to make it into the top ranks of keyword search lists online.

Thanks to them, we were able to visit a comic shop for the first time in a long time, and the owners, a middle-aged couple, greeted us when we got there.

The comics Lee Seung Gi and U-Know Yunho read

One of the owners said, "It′s hard to see Lee Seung Gi and U-Know Yunho these days because they moved away." However, she still remembered them because they were such big stars.

She remembered Lee Seung Gi was a fan of the martial arts comic The Ruler of the Land. She also said that he "enjoyed comics in similar genres."

"[Lee] Seung Gi was the same as he is on television," said the owner. "He was very polite, and was like a model student. He would stay for a short while, but he made me feel that he′s a very polite man."

U-Know Yunho was such a big fan of comics that he would always find time in his busy schedule to drop in. The owner said that he "wasn′t like a celebrity at all."

"He′s tall and handsome, but doesn′t seem like a celebrity. (Laugh) He opens up first and he draws you into him as a person. I think I became more attached to him because he was a star, but he didn′t act like it."

Japan TV proves the power of hallyu star U-Know Yunho

After the two mentioned the comic shop on Strong Heart, fans showed explosive reactions. Not only were fans eager to drop in, but a broadcasting company from Japan as well. It was all thanks to U-Know Yunho′s popularity in the country.

"We received a request for an interview from Japanese TV. We were surprised because they spoke such fluent Korean. We refused though."

She said she could see the popularity of the hallyu star U-Know Yunho.

In the case of Lee Seung Gi, the Korean fans made more of a fuss. After the broadcast, some fans came in and even said they would pay Lee Seung Gi′s overdue fees themselves.

"Some fans came in and said they would pay Lee Seung Gi′s overdue fees, but he didn′t have any overdue fees then. He had already paid them. (Laugh)"

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Junsu‘s (XIA) solo album ‘Tarantallegra‘ is receiving an explosive reaction in Japan.

On May 18th, CJES Entertainment revealed, “XIA’s first solo album has taken the #1 spot on Japan’s Itunes. What is even more surprising it that he surpassed Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber to receive the #1 spot, proving XIA’s massive popularity in Japan.”

Pre-orders for ‘Tarantallegra’ grabbed first place at Tower Records Japan as soon as the release date of Junsu’s album was announced earlier this month, and the album completely sold out on the day of its release. Junsu’s solo album also snagged the #1 spot for sales in Japan’s Rakuten and Amazon site.

A music official from Japan stated, “After the explosive amount of pre-order sales, the album is now becoming a scarcity. This is even more surprising because Junsu has not had any activities in Japan lately.”

A representative of CJES Entertainment said, “Japan’s response towards XIA’s first album is really hot. The Japanese public has been looking forward to Junsu’s music and performances, I think it is because of Junsu’s solid fan base in Japan. Another reason why this album is gaining so much popularity is because it’s compelling in that it attempts to be exceptional and sensational at the same time. It’s just a well-made album derived from Junsu’s own skill.”

In related news, ‘Tarantallegra’ is also running short in stock on Korean online sites, and gaining many favorable reviews.

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